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July 10, 2010 at 12:44 am

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Crumbling Ruins and Underwater Palaces

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Originally posted on symbolreader:

My imagination has always been stirred by crumbling ruins and underwater palaces. Their symbolism is directly connected with the astrological Neptune, a planet which governs dissolution by water, getting lost in imagination, fantasy and reverie and being enchanted by inner visions. It evokes the transience of all things material and a general feeling of world-weariness. The twelfth house of the Zodiac, which is ruled by Neptune, is a primordial ocean, the birthplace of the archetypes of the collective unconscious. Out of its primordial waters all form is manifested, as it precedes Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, which brings manifestation on the physical plane. Without this non-material and unseen realm of images nothing could ever be born.

Neptune is often called a planet of illusions because if it features prominently in a natal chart, a person may be prone to excessive fantasizing and escapism. On the other hand, I…

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Written by Jude Cowell

November 15, 2014 at 1:24 pm

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Neptune, Redemption and the Nature of Archetypes

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Jude Cowell:

Elusive Neptune…

Originally posted on symbolreader:

Bassin de Neptune, Versaiiles

Bassin de Neptune, Versaiiles

“The longing for redemption is an ancient, strange and many-headed daimon, which dwells within even the most earthbound and prosaic of souls. Sometimes eloquent and sometimes mute, this daimon aspires toward some dimly sensed union with an all-seeing, all-loving, ineffable Other, in whose encircling embrace may be found ultimate solace for the harsh limits of mortality and the frightening isolation of individuality which lie embedded somewhere, albeit unconscious, in every life. Even if we do not call the Other by any divine name, but instead direct our devotion and our yearning toward unrecognized surrogates such as humanity en masse, family, nature, art, love, or admiration for a particular person or thing. The hallmarks of the longing for redemption are, first, that it is a longing; that it is compulsive and absolute, and often collides violently with individual values; and third, that its goal is not…

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Written by Jude Cowell

November 15, 2014 at 1:20 pm

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Scrying on the Moon

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Originally posted on Wind Song Myths:

~twilight of the goddess, call to song to aery dancing, lady fair your fiery trance rewinds our souls; enjoy these offerings of fancy: all art is yours ~

By sibylline light
images I recognize,
creviced captures of my life.
I know her judgment to be my own.

“Nourished by Moon rivers
mythical cavern blooms
unseen by sunlight
glow green.”
Thus she sets the scene;
becomes the prophecy.

“Purest white simplicity
curved to suggest fragility
faith fed maiden ready for
given in bondage to womanly woes,
hard rows to hoe
for tight human hug through
crying of night.

Fate of mortal soldiers, sacrificed to lust.
Seeking relief, beg for the boon of drama
high adventure
sneaking into sad hotels
for a fix or a tumble.
deadly play,
danger, a real chance.

Barefoot in the snow
icy roads
winds so strong
I could not make you hear.
I thought you…

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Written by Jude Cowell

October 30, 2014 at 7:56 pm

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Is the British Royal Family Descended from King Arthur?

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Originally posted on CHILDREN OF ARTHUR:

As the royal wedding approaches, it’s interesting to dig into the royal family’s claims of descent from King Arthur. Here is some information about those claims from my chapter “Arthur and the English Royal Family” in King Arthur’s Children:

Among those who have tried to claim descent from King Arthur, the most prominent and most determined have been the monarchs of England. As we have already seen, little chance exists that any of King Arthur’s children outlived him, and the only grandchildren he had were murdered by Constantine. These two grandsons could have been old enough to have had children of their own before they died, but this theory is only a surmise since no record, chronicle, or romance states they had heirs. Therefore, it is highly doubtful that King Arthur had any descendants who lived beyond the sixth century. Yet the royal family of England has claimed, at…

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Written by Jude Cowell

October 14, 2014 at 10:15 pm

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Addison’s “Cato” and the American Revolution

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Jude Cowell:

Modern day “republicanism” isn’t near what it once was. Would #GeorgeWashington be proud of Capitol Hill antics? Or would he have the posers tarred n feathered?

Originally posted on Stories from American History:

The 1712 play, “Cato, a Tragedy” by Joseph Addison, had a pervasive influence on the generation that fought in the American Revolution. Based on the story of Cato the Younger, the enormously popular play glorified Stoic virtue and devotion to republican principles.

During the darkest time of the Revolution, at Valley Forge, Washington assembled his officers to see a performance of “Cato.”

Washington paraphrased a line from the play when he wrote to Benedict Arnold, “It is not in the power of any man to command success, but you have done more – you have deserved it.”

Abigail Adams described George Washington with a paraphrase from the play: “Cato is stern, and awful as a god.”

Two of the most famous lines from the American Revolution are Nathan Hale’s last words on the gallows, “I regret only that I have but one life to give for my country,” and Patrick…

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Written by Jude Cowell

October 6, 2014 at 4:16 am

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Joan Rivers: Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius

Today as I watch a re-broadcast of the celebration of Joan Rivers on TV this astrologer had to have a look at her natal horoscope which may be viewed here:  http://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?wgid=wgeJwljssKwjAQRb9GsDCFvFqrIRtdCBVcKCIuI41tqE2kSQ35exNczeVwuWeCHrUgvJ-ExNx04qK_anbQWmngBQ3UgLeUAiI7hGBgAXrZAYL9bO34jmZF0PqkTe9SONjF-FjA-ZHp7VrAhoaqBoYMbWABVkFJWJV2EJfd08hJiexJ7b810056JZqE2sWodLKdP338pCcnPwjpAx9cFCXmsxP4fvwBv1052A (apologies–the WordPress add-a-link tab isn’t working for me today.)

Born in Brooklyn, New York on June 8, 1933 (2:00 AM), Ms. Rivers had the communication and fast-thinking skills of a Sun Gemini opposing Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of actors and comedians. Not that Geminis can’t be funny, too!  Her just-past Full Moon birth indicates that relationships and hyper-awareness were very basic themes in her life.

As you see from the year 1933, Joan Rivers was born during the war torn Mars-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Virgo (sign of The Critic and she was that both onstage and on the Red Carpet, pioneering the “who are you wearing?” schtick.) These planets are the ‘Marseillaise Trio’ with its take-no-prisoners energies. For Joan the Trio appears in the 6th house of Dedicated Work and with her chart-ruler Mars (planet of impulse, energy, and action–Ascendant 3Ari53) Joan is famous for her decades of hard work in Comedy and her highly energized, even manic, performances.

Another factor indicating her high energy level and long career is a trine between natal Sun (ego, pride, physical constitution) and authoritative Saturn (work, concentration) showing longevity of life (June 8, 1933–September 4, 2014, age 81) and her decades-long career. Plus, natal Midheaven (Goal/Career/Public Status) is in Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

Her daughter Melissa (b. January 20, 1968 in NY) has said that her mother in private wasn’t funny with people she didn’t know–such as at dinner parties. She was “shy and nervous” and of course anyone who’s familiar with the Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini knows how very nervous they can be. In addition, Joan’s Mercury and Venus are conjoined @29Gem, a critical or crisis degree. Mercury-Venus gives writing talent and pleasant contacts with the public. Perhaps some of the hectic or manic energy Joan Rivers often displayed along with the ‘quick comeback’ ability of Gemini may be found within the critical 29th degree that is doubly emphasized in her natal horoscope.

After all, a 29th degree may be said to be impatient to reach the next sign which for Joan is Moon-ruled Cancer–in fact, 00Can00, a World Point of Prominence, Fame, and Success–and the Moon rules such realms as publicity and the public.

Now this is merely a brief astro-portrait of Joan Rivers and you may of course find much more information hidden in her natal chart so feel free to leave your insights with this post. Disagree if you must, add more info if it suits! 

To close, I add that to me, one of the best things to say about anyone who has passed away is, she will be missed. May the brilliant Joan Rivers R.I.P.



Written by Jude Cowell

September 7, 2014 at 8:24 pm

Harry Houdini: horoscope and a new TV show

Escape artist extraordinaire Harry Houdini is featured on History Channel at 9 pm edt  this evening in a two-part presentation as played by actor Adrien Brody with part two broadcast on Tuesday evening (September 2.)

Born in Budapest on April 5, 1874 at 4:00 am LMT (astrodatabank gives this data a B rating) as Ehrich Weiss, we find a man with Sun in mid-Aries (15Ari09, the degree where transit Uranus has been electrifying of late–TV technology via Uranus now will spotlight his ego and personality–Sun.) His natal Moon @19Sco24 (considered anciently as an ‘evil degree’–and where authoritarian Saturn has been traversing)  is the only ‘planet’ out-of-bounds in the chart suggesting a faulty relationship with Mother–odd since he was devoted to her. He even put wife Bess “on a pedestal” to the extent that some believe their 32-year marriage may never have been consumated! However, an OOBs Moon is only the case if we accept the April 6th 2:24 am chart as correct–the version you see below for April 5th has no OOBs planets at all which is one factor that suggests its correctness.

April 5, 1874 4:00 am LMT Budapest:

Now Uranus to natal Sun denotes a time of finding a new identity, going off on one’s own, new ways of expressing creativity (like a TV production?!), and/or intense restlessness. Saturn to natal Moon marks a period when any accomplishments must be truly merited and digestive complaints my occur. As you know, Houdini was punched hard in the abdomen as he rested his broken ankle by an amateur boxer and this led to his death in Detroit on October 31, 1926 at 1:26 pm–Halloween! Spiritualism and seances were popular during his life and most people are aware of his secret message to Bess from his death bed that he would try to ‘contact’ her after his demise.

(No, he never got through to her. This does not surprise me since ‘The dead are unconscious and know nothing’, says the Bible and this I believe!)

Now there is a discrepancy concerning Houdini’s birth data for Marc Edmund Jones gives Houdini’s details as: April 6, 1874 (Sagittarian Moon) at 2:24 am in Appleton, Wisconsin though my suspicion is that astrodatabank has it right–Appleton was the first place the family landed after immigrating to American from Hungry to avoid anti-semitism. In the MEJ version, Houdini’s Ascendant is in late Capricorn (27:00); in the version I’m using, 26AQ59 rises with Midheaven (Career; Public Status) 

Plus, the Aquarius Ascendant degree conjoins America’s natal Moon (the public), and Houdini certainly was a very popular magician and escape artist in his day. His horoscope shows a splash pattern of planets and a splash he definitely made with his stage act!

You may wish to check out Houdini’s bio details and natal horoscope at astrodatabank’s Wiki pages:


And here is his natal chart with my scribbles added to show a few basic details. Not shown is Houdini’s death chart which has malefic planets on Angles as death charts tend to do: transit Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Midheaven, and Halloween 1926 Neptune conjunct his natal Descendant.

As you see, chart-rulers Saturn and Uranus oppose one another across the self-willed Leo/AQ axis;  the two ‘enemy planets’ make no applying aspects in the chart, however, both square (blockages, obstacles–like a pair of handcuffs) testy Mars so here is a T-Square pattern of violence, danger, injury, and/or accident. As you know, Houdini liked to place himself in dangerous positions onstage and made his income from this “thrill-seeking” behavior which expresses through Mars in 2nd house of Earning Ability:


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September 1, 2014 at 5:59 pm

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