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Water, Eclipses, and a March for Impeachment

Are you all about Impeachment these days? Cindy Sheehan has been leading a March for Impeachment today in Washington and you’ll find my post on it here:

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/07/march-for-impeachment.html  which includes the Impeachment March’s chart (began at 10:00 am edt.) There was a Mystic Rectangle over Washington as the March began, yet what are its chances of reaching its desired goal ?

Click to find out–for my own goal with Stars Over Washington is to give those who don’t speak ‘astrologese’ some details in English concerning the goings-on in our nation’s capital and elsewhere bwo the stars and planets over Washington DC.

Note: today’s chart may also be viewed for general influences if you have no interest in Impeachment. Ex: it includes a reference to Bush’s colon surgery on Saturday as well.

And I wish to send a heartfelt Shout-Out to all my friends in the UK who are dealing with towns drowning in water, and also to those in Texas, in the Sudan, and elsewhere in the world whose flooding troubles continue. Sadly, homelessness over the globe abounds and we’re all subject to this threat under current influences.

As above, so below:

Solar Eclipses have generally been seen through the centuries as a major culprit when it comes to natural disasters–and deservedly so. Some Eclipse Series are ‘easy’ and some are very difficult especially for areas of the world in which the Eclipse is viewable…areas which are in an Eclipse’s path or shadow.

So which Series is the world laboring under now (at least until the next Solar Eclipse of Sept 11, 2007)?

That would be the 9 New North Series, which first manifested August 21, 1664 at 28Leo50. The current Eclipse occurred Mar 19, 2007 at 28Pisces07–Pisces being a Water sign.

Add to that the Saturn (earth; stability)/Neptune (water; dissolution) opposition which was exact (partile) for the third and final time on June 25, 2007…this difficult opposition is still within orb of influence–and their current cycle (the conjunction) began in 1989 as Bush Sr. took the Oval Office.

Bernadette Brady, in her masterful book,  Predictive Astrology (The Eagle and the Lark), gives details on the 9 New North Series as:

“a very physically expressive Series; accidents; great physical effort; violence; or any sudden physical event. Safety must be guarded during this Series which may be positive or negative.”

The 9 New North Series last occurred in 1989 at “17Pisces”…the spot in the zodiac where quirky, erratic Uranus has been visiting of late…and Uranus is the planet of sudden events, disruption, and lightening (wildfires!) This Series will occur again in the year 2025 in Aries.

Well there’s a bit of info for you and hopefully you may mosey over to SO’W for more details–and if you click-to-enlarge the Impeachment March’s chart there, you will see the Mystic Rectangle highlighted in Pink and some thoughts upon this interestingly-named pattern.

Written by Jude Cowell

July 23, 2007 at 7:11 pm


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