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Should Iraq vote disqualify from presidency? + Nader announces!

Why Hillary Clinton’s Iraq Vote Does Matter
By Stephen Zunes
Hillary Clinton’s decision to vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq in fact is of critical importance and should disqualify her – along with Senator John McCain, who also voted in favor of the war resolution – from ever becoming president.
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19411.htm  #
My thoughts: that all Capitol Hill politicians who allowed Cheney-Rove to browbeat them with the pseudo-patriotism stick to jingo Congress into war aren’t qualified to serve “going forward” either.
Most of them didn’t need the browbeating to do the wrong thing–there were war profits involved and past sins to cover.
To paraphrase Einstein, you can’t find solutions using the same thinking that caused the problem. Can this be part of what Barack Obama means by change? If so, it’s been overdue since March 2003 and before.
Plus, kicking the  many war profiteers out of Washington would have the extra benefit of creating more jobs in America. Hey–I’ve already lived in DC twice, so it ain’t me, babe–it must be the two people reading this blog!
How about establishing a Common Good Party?
Ralph Nader announced his candidacy this morning on Meet the Press (10:04 am est) with his natal ASC at Mc 00AQ38, and during his Venus Return 8AQ00. Of course, nothing in politics happens accidentally, it’s all by design, so with moneybags Jupiter in Capricorn (Saturn = Dems) in Nader’s behind-the-scenes 12th house, this may be a ploy to take steam away from Obama (money infusion from secret sources, probably Democrat or pseudo-Democrat.)
Okay, don’t quote me, I’ve had only an hour or so to look at Nader’s natal and progressed charts (he’s in the Balsamic phase Secondarily speaking–the endings-partings stage of life–not a good time to start something, and if you do, it won’t have legs.)
Now you know that Nader’s ASC 00AQ04 is conj the Jan 20 US Inaugural Sun (and in 2009 Mercury Rx, too) which indicates his several runs for the White House…and perhaps his suitability, at least as far as the common good goes (which ain’t far these days.)
Since his birthday is coming Feb 27, I’ll take a peek at his Solar Return in a while just to see what’s going on concerning his ego needs (Sun) while remembering that he has been accused through the years of being an egoist.
Ralph Nader Feb 27, 1934 4:52 am est Winsted, CT (Rodden Rating: A); 1st house Sun 8Pis08, 7th house Moon 15Leo19.
Leo Moons have a deep need for recognition, approval, and applause; 1st house Sun gives strong willpower and ambition for success; AQ rising gives a desire to make contributions to the common good, is modest and independent, and is friendly in an impersonal way.
(apologies if this entry posts with paragraphs all mooshed together–I can’t get it to quit that when I post alerts from Information Clearing House! Any ideas?)
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