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Archive for April 14th, 2008

Orwell explains: mass media deception

Here’s a fresh post on George Orwell’s explanation of mass media deception along with a few of Orwell’s natal chart details:


Seems you need conscious and unconscious working on behalf of propaganda for it to trick us the best.

Now has someone in Washington been studying or what?!!

Wedding Day Astrology: new stats just in!

Well, the McCains win by a mile: 675 views as of 9:00 pm edt this Sunday evening.

Clintons have 160 peeks, Obamas only 46, and George and Laura are creeping up in the bushes on Barack and Michelle with 24 views. The Bush Wedding Day info was published most recently to be fair, his lame duck status notwithstanding.

You know, Republican strategist Mary Matalin said this morning on Meet the Press that people are tired of “Bush bashing.”

Yeah? I’d have say she used one word too many….leave off the “bashing” and she’d be right on the money.

Written by Jude Cowell

April 14, 2008 at 1:14 am

April 22: on the downside of a Full Moon

Today I added a Page to the sidebar as: “April 22: sunrise in Pittsburgh, it’s voting season” if you’d care for a peek at the chart for the big primary day.

Sun in stubborn Taurus, Moon in intense Scorpio..the Bull and Eagle shall tangle April 22– and this begins with April 20’s Full Moon at 00Sco, Sun 00Tau. (This means a Solar Return for Adolph Hitler, but I’d rather have TV’s Craig Ferguson’s Bing Hitler, thanks. Craig is a US citizen now, y’know, and welcome!)

I say ‘downside of a Full Moon’ only because anything that requires publicity should be held, if possible, a few hours before or perhaps one day prior to the light of a Full Moon, but we can’t always be choosey.

And since Saturn will perform a powerful Direct Station during the first week of May, perhaps the Dem nom will be decided around then or soon after, and the D Party can move forward as will its significator, Saturn.

There’s a high-flyin’ Kite pattern in the chart as you will see (highlighted in pink), a T-square pointing to Venus and Pallas (‘strategy’..aka ‘the daughter’…Chelsea?! in blue), and a Cardinal Grand Trine between Sun, Saturn, and Pluto (in green.) Powerful forces along with Dem bigwigs are helping the Sun in a closed-circuit trine pattern.

Plus, fated Phaethon is rising and heroic Apollo makes a cameo, so be sure to check out the Page if you have a moment for Politics bwo astrological comments and observations.

And if you come to different conclusions, please let me know with a reasonably polite comment which would be much appreciated by this harried and reluctant astrologer.

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