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Ellen and Portia

Just a brief heads-up that a ‘Wedding Day Astrology’ Page is now published concerning last evening’s marriage of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi…see sidebar column, if you wish.

Two asteroids I neglected to mention so I will add them here: Juno ‘the wife’ is conjunct Ellen’s natal Ascendant 14Sag+ now, and Hera ‘the legal or official wife’ is traveling in tandem with lady Venus 13Vir+ – so the two asteroids are in aspect as well as making obviously descriptive transits to Ellen’s natal chart as they legalized their union!

My best wishes for much happiness go out to the joyous couple!


Here’s the article on the wedding with smoochy photo from BBC News:


Fay on way

Tropical storm Fay has killed 4 people already and is on her way toward the Florida Straits and the Gulf of Mexico, and is set to sweep through Cuba first, they said on my TV.

Fay – or ‘Faye’ in my family! – is a faerie-esque name that I’ve always liked and have even used it for one of my archetypal drawings, Faye’s Magic Lamp. Not much magic in stormy Fay, however, and I wish all well who may find themselves in her path.

It does seem that bad weather follows eclipses and August has been replete with Solar and Lunar lunations, hasn’t it? And August, forever my least favorite month, isn’t over yet.

So here’s a small something for the 17+ers (which may be two out of three readers, as I realize daily – otherwise who keeps searching for the word, ‘weed’?)…anyway, you may have seen this drawing’s image on this very blog, but here’s the original publishment of Faye’s Magic Lamp:


And how about a link to a brief Cosmic Art SlideShow for the Moon Art-inclined?


There! now you’re all hooked up, but no weed included, you naughty monkeys…well, except for:


Bush-McCain: sharing Neptune/NN ‘hidden squares’

Bush-McCain natal charts

Bush-McCain natal charts

Often we read, hear, or use ourselves, the ‘McSame’ label for Senator McCain and many things I read show comparisons between the old president and the wanna-be, John McCain.

Sometimes we (I!) even venture into ‘McBush’ territory indicating similarities between these two men who are 10 years apart in age.

Rather than make a big deal astrologically about it, I put my snoop hat upon my noggin to see if there could be a basic explanation in their natal charts (both of which are rated AA by AstroDataBank so we’re on reasonably firm footing here) for the ‘sameness’ of their personae – we first look to the natal Ascendant for personae enlightenment, so what gives? One has a Leo ASC, the other Libra rising.

Is there something in their psyches or mindsets that cause our feelings about them – that perhaps the pea doesn’t fall far from the pod?

Something not so much in their political views or their promo of a globalist agenda, although that is, of course, what brings them to the collective’s attention…their powerful career aspirations…but more in their psychological or emotional make-ups and which might be handily discernable as only Astrology can do?

Enter Astrology’s ‘hidden square,’ an aspect in the 256 degree range. Using a fairly tight orb of 2 degrees (4 degr total with 2 degr in either direction) and voila! there’s a rather surprising correspondence between George Bush and John McCain, as it turns out.

Nebulous, image shifting, frequently fraudulent Neptune is in ‘hidden square’ aspect with North Node (contact with the public) within both their natal horoscopes – to the minute! Neptune 254 degrees 39 minutes NN,  to be exact – for two politicians born 10 years apart.

Now I shall give you details on Neptune SQ NN, for although coy Neptune often delights in hiding and obfuscating, let’s tear the veil off this mystic puppy, shall we? Here we go…

Mystical tendencies conflict with social institutions of the culture; society may regard them as subversive influences who undermine the social fabric and/or traditional religious structures; they may be seen as impractical dreamers whose visionary pursuits keep them out of touch with the flow of events in their environments thus causing them to react in confused or inept ways; they may feel ‘alone in a crowd’ and/or misunderstood. (Sakoian, ‘The Astrologer’s Handbook.’)

Awww…little misunderstood, mystical puppies. Puh! Poopy puppies! There I said it.

Now watching Dave Letterman’s frequent spoofing of McCain and his advanced age, and the “Great Moments in Political Speeches” segment with its stuttering, odd remarks onstage from Bush (things along the lines of, “uhhhhh…uhhh-h…..” or, “-you’re having tacos for dinner?”) in contrast with examples of well-known and well-delivered lines from JFK, Bill Clinton, Truman, and FDR, are what keep me watching Letterman’s show more than anything else.

It’s no surprise that a TV comedian should glom onto Neptune/NN (projections from the public; Neptune = film, silverscreens, and public images) in ‘hidden square’ relationship and it’s just deserts for two political thespians who are not at all as they seem, and are more mystically inclined than they’d ever like the public to know.

No matter who or what they secretly pledge allegiance to, we can be quite certain they each consider it to be high above a US Constitution which they seem intent on dissolving rather than protecting, upholding, or defending…and ‘dissolution’ is another of Neptune’s favorite words relating to its most basic function…the urge to wash away.


~:~ For all poopy puppy lovers: there’s more ‘hidden square’ action in America’s Scorpio rising chart:


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