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‘Citizen’ Obama case to Supreme Court Friday

Now most of us are big fans of irony, but the idea of the US Supreme Court having something to say about the citizenship and suitability of the election of Barack Obama as president is ironic when you consider that the justices on our highest court are the boogers who installed Bush-Cheney in the White House…

…which brought on 9/11, which provided cover for invading Iraq and the desired toppling Saddam Hussein by the Bush Family, and which has continued an illegal occupation that has helped bankrupt the United States of America – a nation once thought to be ‘too big to fail.’


If you read the Chicago Tribune article, you’ll find that the chances of this case being heard by the bench are said to be limited, and there are some controversies surrounding Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate.

So it seems that SCOTUS may be holding Obama’s elbow politely as he enters the White House in January while with George Bush they had to heave him through the back door!

Why, this shouldn’t require heavy lifting at all – simply refuse to hear the case(s) and bam! Obama in the White House.

Paulson turns gaze to US housing market

Yes, Treasury secretary and bailout czar, Hank Paulson, has turned his raptor’s gaze toward a new plan for bolstering the US housing market – but his plan is subject to “change.”

Paulson, now in China talking to the largest US creditor, the Chinese government, is showing more straw-clutching ability than anyone ever knew he had, and China is anxious over his ever-morphing plans and schemes which are reportedly geared toward helping the US and thus the world economy.



If you haven’t, you may wish to check out a previous post on Hank Paulson’s natal chart here:


Why ‘9/11′ rhetoric for Mumbai attacks?

Yes, we saw it coming, didn’t we? And the ‘like 9/11′ rhetoric was soon in the air immediately after Nov 26’s attacks on Mumbai, India.

Dec 3’s ‘The Nation’ has an insightful article on why it’s inappropriate to lump the two terroist attacks into one ball of ‘War on Terror’ justifications with attendant propaganda:


And I suppose the cry of ‘false flag op’ must be on some minds…such as my own, perhaps?

Well, no matter the truth – the perps, the sponsors, the complicit, the objective – it’s all meant to further rile up the world and create more chaos – compliments of the social tinkerers who should be the ones in the dock. If not them, then it’s people who fight them with extremist strategies – I just can’t agree with their use of violent tactics, if that’s the case.

But neither do I agree with one-world-government types who would crush their own grandmothers under heel if it made them a buck or won them a throne they could control or cast down.

So someone please inform me: is the ‘world court’ at the Hague a joke? Or is the ‘war on terror’ a joke they’re in on?

If all the terror-promoting is leading up to ultimate control by the United Nations and its standing army, then certain conspiracy theorists were right all along. But by then, the pipers will all have been paid, the die will be cast, and national sovereignty will be a thing of the past.

Astrology-charting Bill Richardson

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, today Barack Obama announced his appointment for Commerce Secretary: New Mexico governor Bill Richardson.

Born Nov 15, 1947, Gov. Richardson shares with many people born in 1947  the determined Mars-Saturn-Pluto trio in Leo.

Read my notes and view an image of Richardson’s natal chart on my Political Astrology blog:


Now here are a few details concerning Richardson’s Water-Fire Sun Scorpio/Moon Sagittarius personality blend which tells a little of the consciousness (Sun – adult) and the unconsciousness (Moon- inner child) as they are integrated within the psyche:

This passionate combination is uncompromising and committed, loyal, forceful, and persuasive. Here is a stern judge with a zeal for truth. Intellectually discerning, this blend is intuitive and self-dramatizing, and is something of a philosopher who’s fascinated by life’s paradoxes.

This personality is at its best when given a broad canvas upon which to work, and his search for fundamental truths and answers to complex social problems shows a probing, investigative turn of mind.

However, things that belong to a different value system are baffling and seldom explored.

A good educator with the ability to communicate the broader picture, Sun Sco/Moon Sag is equally happy in politics, theater (aren’t they about the same?), and business, or a combination of all.

There is a deep instinct for self-preservation mixed with strong powers of deduction which help steer the course of life. Yet he can frustrate those close to him for when sizing up new people and situations, his deep insights are not fully revealed.

Even so, he is good within group dynamics, and his feeling for the regenerative potentials of society makes him a natural psychologist with an analytical mind that sees the larger implications of the facts.

Negatively, this combo can give Richardson a fanatical side that suddenly becomes obstinate with a tendency to moralize because he expects the world to conform to his views. (Harvey.)

Noel Tyl adds that the heavy emotional energies of Scorpio are given a lift by the Sag Moon – “…philosophy and idealism separate from emotional gambits. Honor and ethical service mark the path or focus in ones work. Principle is very important.” (‘Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology’, Tyl.)

And Charles and Suzy Harvey add these *Images for Integration:

“A child gazes up at the night sky, captivated by the mystery of dark space. An alien appears, and reveals a glimpse of the child’s future as a famous astro-physicist….Picasso’s ‘Guernica.’ ”

This Sun-Moon blend is shared natally by quite a varied crew of notables:

Pablo Picasso; evangelist Billy Graham; astrologer, psychologist, and statistician Michel Gauquelin; astronomer Carl Sagan; inventor and artist Louis Daguerre; actors Charles Bronson and Danny DeVito; Met star Joan Sutherland; and broadcaster/interviewer Larry King.

So far, the identity of the ‘alien’ remains a mystery.


*’Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzy Harvey.

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