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Archive for December 8th, 2008

Beethoven, Mozart, and the Illuminati

Many well known historical figures were members of various secret societies such as the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and others.

Beethoven and Mozart are two such figures, and Slate Magazine has an article concerning the subject of the Illuminati’s influence on Beethoven:


Plus, you may wish to view my notes and the natal chart of Herr Mozart which I posted in 2006, which was a year-long celebration of his 250th birthday (Jan 27, 1756 NS):


The post was written as I listened to the Metropolitan Opera’s worldwide radio broadcast of The Magic Flute performed in his honor.

The Magic Flute may have been the trigger for Mozart’s untimely death because he revealed secrets of the brotherhood within the opera. Poisoned porkchops may have been the delivery system that offed the musical genius who said too much from the stage about big secrets.

Perhaps that’s why he called it ‘Magic.’

Mozart’s natal and death charts are fascinating, but when will I ever find time to write more upon them? Oh well – click the link to see what I’ve managed so far.

And here is a pencil portrait which I drew years ago of the Maestro, if you’d care to have a quick peek:


Can you tell that Mozart is my favorite?

Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony is my favorite of his, but in general my ears have trouble with the loudness of his compositions, taciturn genius though he is…no dispute on that score!

Washington Times vs Shinseki appointment

Barack Obama’s appointment of Gen. Eric Shinseki as head of the Veterans Administration has garnered kudos – except for a piece published in the Washington Times:


Isn’t the Washington Times owned by Sun Myung Moon, the Korean spiritual leader whom the US Congress enthroned as the ‘prince of peace’?

Hard for Americans to believe, but view the video here:


Note: if I disremembered that it’s Moon who owns the Times, please pardon. You should view the above-linked video anyway – if you often or sometimes wonder about the US Congress’ allegiance issues, it’s a real eye-opener!

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