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2008’s Solar + Lunar Eclipses in Bush’s natal chart

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2008 Solar and Lunar Ecls on Bush natal chart 

(image: natal chart of George W. Bush–click to enlarge; natal midpoint pictures with Sun and Saturn as focal planets included. Solar Eclipses are highlighted yellow, Lunar = blue.)

2008 brings a total of 4 eclipses–2 Solar (conscious or event level manifestation) and 2 Lunar (unconscious; emotional level) and they’ve been placed here within the natal chart of George W. Bush (July 6, 1946; 7:26 am EDT; New Haven, CT.)

An Eclipse may manifest or not for any given person depending on the house polarity emphasized, on the aspects the Eclipse degree makes to planets/points in the natal chart (or whatever chart you’re considering), and certain other factors (ex: cardinal axis points, past lunation degrees, critical degrees, etc.) Psychological, emotional, and physical developments leading up to an Eclipse may affect how–or if–one responds to any given Eclipse.

Sometimes there is a feeling–an intuition–that the time is “right” for a particular result or there may be a flavor of the unexpected event from ‘out of the blue’…all of which sounds very much like Uranus’ influence, doesn’t it?

As you see, all of 2008’s Eclipses occur in Bush’s 1/7 house axis, the Self/Other axis, aka the Relationship polarity, with the exception of the Lunar Eclipse of Feb 21 falling within his 2nd house. First house of Self represents the physical body, and 7th house = legal affairs, open enemies, and partnerships of various kinds (including marriage.)

Here’s the list of dates and degrees in order of occurrence for 2008’s four Solar (SE) and Lunar Eclipses (LE) with some details, plus, Bush’s Pre-Natal Eclipse Series:

1. SE 10North Series Feb 7:  “18AQ” aka “the Unmasking” Eclipse (mention is found elsewhere on this blog); in Bush’s 7th house (see chart);

2. LE Feb 21: “2Vir” (btw–conj Cheney’s natal Ascendant = physical self); in Bush’s 2nd house (money; values; possessions);

3. SE 10 South Series Aug 1: “10Leo” conj Bush’s natal Mercury and Pluto–which are conjunct (‘the propagandist’); this Eclipse degree is also conj GOP’s natal Mercury; conj Alberto Gonzales’ natal Mercury;  in Bush’s 1st house;

4. LE: Aug 16 “24AQ” in Bush’s 7th house. 

Eclipses are often called “wild cards” in predictive work for one can never be certain how or if they will affect the life at all. Anyone who is familiar with their natal chart (progressed charts, Returns, etc–in a word, Astrology) as I believe Bush may be, will more likely be prepared or able to take advantage of the emphasis and possible stressful energy of an Eclipse.

When an accurate birth time is known, it is the house polarity (department of life) which is non-negotiable and this will be the area in which the Eclipse energy, aspects to planets in other houses, and factors relating to the Eclipse degree will receive the Eclipse energy, negatively or positively.

As with other lunations: Solar Eclipse = New Moon, beginning of a cycle, Sun conjunct Moon; Lunar Eclipse = Full Moon, culmination or fulfillment of a cycle–Sun opposite Moon. This works as a timing device when considering Eclipses and their effects.

In the house polarity where the Eclipse falls, we see an area of life where a hidden problem or issue may surface in the Eclipse’s light–not necessarily on the day of the Eclipse, but during the time period of 6 months.

Eclipse degrees from the past may be evermore sensitized, however, so that some Eclipses trigger deeper changes or more important events than others, and their periods of influence may last indefinitely.

And the Sabian Symbols for Eclipse degrees and their Illumination Points (opposite degrees–these contain Unconscious info, if you dare to peek) are instructive especially on the evolutionary level…assuming one has evolved in a higher sense at all.

Primal-gut methods of dealing with life will often be described by Illumination Point Symbols of the natal chart, and if you’ve never ‘flipped’ your  birth chart (ex: Sun 13 Can, read “Sun 13Cap”, etc) you may wish to do so in order to introduce your conscious mind to your unconscious–in other words: to meet your own shadow! 

All planets and points in a chart may be read in this way for the fullest picture, and add in your separating (waxing) apects for more unconscious info, along with South Node material.

Plus, some Solar Eclipse Series are simply “heavier” than others…take the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (2 New North) which George and Laura Bush share…

‘The Tower; collapse of an existing structure or lifestyle; confusion reigns but long-term effects are of transformation and rebuilding once the dust clears; this reshaping will have far-reaching effects.’ (Brady’s Predictive Astrology. )

Sound familiar? You’ll see the location of this PE on Bush’s natal 12th cusp of Karma and Self-Undoing–and in the real world of physical manifestation, at Ground Zero in NYC.

Interestingly, because their birthdates are close together, this is the PE Series of former President Bill Clinton as well–and it’s the Series of the 2000 presidential election in the US…but it is not the Series in which the attacks of 9/11 occurred.

to be cont’d…

Written by Jude Cowell

January 30, 2008 at 3:13 am

10 Responses

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  1. Kaden, I hope you saw that I wrote a post here mentioning your excellent thread/s…but then was called away by family goings-on and didn’t address the Eclipse factor, please pardon. Hope to get back to my blogs by Monday if not before…thanks again for cluing me in on the Forum! jude


    November 1, 2008 at 2:00 am

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