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Natal-charting Zbigniew Brzezinski

Happy Chinese New Year to all! 2009 is a year of the Ox – a year of obstinacy and stubbornness.

New Year or no, for some time I’ve wanted to splash up foreign policy expert Zbigniew Brzezinski’s natal chart even though his birth time is unknown.

Born March 28, 1928 in Warsaw, Poland, Mr. Brzezinski is now acting as one of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisers, so a look back at a YouTube video of the interview he did with PBS’ Charlie Rose on August 24, 2007 seemed a good idea.

August 24, 2007 was the day Bush issued his National Security Strategy report…his “we are a nation at war” fearmongering declaration which ZB took exception to. And so have I. And that occurrence inspired Charlie Rose to interview him.

The video is the entire show so it’s 56 minutes 44 seconds long with the first half being Brzezinski’s remarks on subjects which are timely today, so I hope you’ll check out the video through the following link.

(The video’s second half is about the epidemic of diabetes which has spread over the globe – and much more insidiously than ‘democracy’ can.)

You’ll find ZB’s natal chart with a few details included with the video:


Now here are details concerning Mr. Brzezinski’s natal Sun Aries-Moon Cancer blend (the Moon remained in Cancer for the 24-hour period):

The Fire-Water combo of Sun Ari-Moon Cancer indicates one who is a visionary and engages others with an indirect self-assertion; sensitive and volatile, Brzezinski possesses deep emotional convictions about what is ‘good for’ humanity.

He’s bold, quick-thinking, and innovative especially with Sun conjunct Uranus – eccentric and self-willed is he, and he has no love of traditions that get in the way of his crusading temperament.

This is an unabashedly self-interested, charismatic leader, a thespian and a charming maverick who doesn’t handle personal criticisms well due to an over-sensitivity which makes him very emotionally self-defensive.

As a fellow Sun Ari-Moon Cancer once said, “An actor’s a guy who, if you ain’t talking about him, ain’t listening.”  (Marlon Brando.)

Sun Ari-Moon Cancer’s Images for Integration:

‘A child in a fit of petulant fury runs away from home…A lightening storm at sea gives way to a peaceful, radiant dawn…The Salvation Army.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Wonder if he ever stomps his foot? !!

Others who share this blend natally include: singer Aretha Franklin, actor William Holden, author Erica Jong,  poet-critic Charles Baudelaire, politician Jerry Brown, Salvation Army founder William Booth, and poet Robert Frost, who once said:

“Americans are like a rich father who wishes he knew how to give his sons the hardships that made him rich.”

(Never fret, Mr. Frost, those times are here thanks to the collusions of Wall Street gentry and Capitol Hill denizens.)

Brzezinski was born into the 1 South Solar Eclipse Series and the degree of his PE – 1Cap21 – has been repeatedly triggerd by transiting Pluto of late. In fact, the solar chart you’ll see if you click the above link shows solar Midheaven at 2Cap42…today as I set up his chart, tr Pluto was at 2Cap08. Hello! New president Obama calling for advice!

The 1S Series is given by Bernadette Brady in ‘Predictive Astrology’ as: being flooded with options and ideas and their enthusiastic expression; there is an element of haste involved yet the new ideas received should have positive outcomes. (Positive for humanity? Hmph.)

This Series last manifested on Feb 5, 2000 at 16AQ01, a very sensitized area of the zodiac; 1S will next occur on Feb 15, 2018 at another sensitive degree  ’27AQ’ which conjuncts US natal Moon (the people.)

Well, do check out the video plus Brzezinski’s natal chart, if you will, and you’ll notice a bucket pattern with Saturn as the handle – which may make his Saturn in Sagittarius the impetus, focus, and motivation of his entire psyche!

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