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Archive for March 8th, 2009

Ronald Reagan, tax raiser

Poor old Republicans!

David Brooks gave them a tiny spotlight this morning on ABC’s ‘This Week’ with George Stephanopoulos – video included:


That the tiny spotlight might lead to their facing reality (instead of waving the glowy Reagan flag of how they wish he’d been) is a dim possibility for the proud and arrogant Republican Party.

Yet it is difficult to avert a downward spiral when you refuse honest  measurement or admit the true path of your trajectory.

And the wacky 3-D glasses of party partisanship further distort issues.

Well, if the GOP needs it, several manufacturers bottle ginkgo biloba for memory loss, even of the most virulent politically expedient variety.

If I were one of the GOP, I’d take a minimum of 3 bottles’ worth of ginko biloba before even thinking of reading the next Reagan biography make-over or dream-infested  manifesto of Reaganomics.

But that’s only what I would do – especially since it’s difficult to believe that Ronald Reagan or his ghost can help them now.


You may wish to see sidebar of Pages for the horoscope chart of the ‘Reaganomics Eclipse.’

Asteroids and Planets of March 2009

You can’t do better than Julie Demboski’s assessment - her concise overview – of planetary positions and related asteroid positions for the rest of March 2009:


The one language we all speak is Mathematics so with our universe being based on numbers, don’t sell Astrology short on its ability to  translate cosmic concepts into English – or the language of your choice – particularly since the cosmic/macro perspective may be balanced with micro perspectives down to the last DNA molecule and then some.

A horoscope chart is map or ‘x-ray’ of the cellular level of whatever entity one wishes to study, whether person, event, nation, relationship – anything that has a beginning has an Astrology chart (when the Great Cosmic Clock began ticking) showing where our solar system’s planets and other bodies were/are at that time and place, and their numerical relationships to one another.

Birth marks the entity indelibly within its genetic code with a signature and atmosphere of the moment of ‘its’ influx to the space-time continuum when Astrology may be used as a tool to ‘pick up’ its transmission/s if anyone so desires to have a peek at a chart of  ‘its/her/his/our’ blossoming into beingness.

Thus the lenses of Astrology – the microscope of Harmonics and other methods – and the telescope which sees the Wider, Grander Picture may be used alternately depending on what information is needed.

What’s priceless is having enough free time for the project/s: that may be the larger question around here.

Oh! and the reason many people can call Music ‘the universal language’ is because Music is also based on numbers…octaves (8), quarter notes, etc.

The Great Mathematician has created it so for our benefit.


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