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Twitter the Economy with Obama 3.26.09

Update 3.26.09 12:54 pm edt:

The open forum for economic questions just ended (12:52 pm edt) with Pres. Obama roaming the room with a microphone and answering questions from Twitter, then from the assembled audience.

Here’s a link to the video screen in case it can be replayed if you missed it live:


And yes, he answered the popular question about legalizing marijuana to increase tax revenues…his answer was, No.

What else could he say, dude?

Oh yeah – that he’s not sure what the question says about the ‘online audience’ (giggles ensue.)

As to critics of his budget’s amounts for education, healthcare, etc, he said  again that “we can’t short-change the investments that will allow us to grow in the future.”

Now if only the critics of the political kind would hush up. They’re not helping the economy or the American people, and I’m not certain they’re helping themselves politically either! 

To me their critiques sound like their usual ‘ all for the rich-against the common man’ mantra…how very tiresome . And quite passe.

All in all, Pres. Obama’s online townhall was a groovy way to use today’s New Moon ‘7Ari’…”A Man Successfully Expressing Himself in Two Realms at Once’…well, he did, didn’t he? The event began a few minutes after the New Moon was exact in Washington.

And with New Moons the beginning of new cycles, we may expect more Live Stream events coming from a newer, fresher, techno-savvy White House.

Original post begins here:

You’ve certainly heard by now, I’m sure, but around 11:30 am (edt, I assume) tomorrow, Pres. Barack Obama will be ‘at a keyboard’ (March 26, 2009) to answer questions submitted by Twitterers concerning the economy.

I even fluffed up my drab feathers and visited Twitter myself after joining about a year ago but using the site very little until this evening. Guess I’ll have to check out the president’s ‘online townhall’ forum in the morning and see how it goes.

After reviewing dozens of the submitted questions, it would seem that many Americans are ready for marijuana to be legalized and taxed in an effort to increase US tax coffers!

Now how sacrificial is that? Plus, it may give new meaning to the phrase, ‘burning question.’  ;p

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