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Astrology of the Blue Moon Eclipse 12.31.09

Here is my fresh post on the Dec 31, 2009 Blue Moon Eclipse if you wish to view it.

One thing I intended to include in the post was inadvertently left out so I mention it here: the degree symbol for Saturn @ ‘5 Libra’ because Saturn and Venus are in Mutual Reception (posited in one another’s natural signs – here, Libra/Capricorn) and especially because of a Cardinal T-Square with Saturn as the apex planet, and Saturn appears in 3 midpoint pictures with Sun/Moon, Moon/Venus, and Moon/Pluto.

Details for apex Saturn (planet of authority, control, restrictions) in a Cardinal T-Square are given in the post but here I’m adding a few details from Adriano Carelli’s symbol for ‘5Lib’ found in his book, ‘The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac’ (publisher AFA, 1982, if you can find one); not all of Carelli’s symbols have word pictures but ‘5 Lib’ does:

“An albatross with glaring red beak and claws”…

“A winged, impulsive, enthusiastic nature full of lofty aspirations but impatient to see its dreams realized and chaffing at obstacles.”

This tallies perfectly with the apex Saturn in Cardinal T-Square details, as you’ll find if you click the above link – as does the rest:

“Hence a tendency to impose one’s will violently without an adequate psychological approach, overlooking and skipping the logical proofs of one’s conviction and neglecting the cogent force of one’s arguments. This exuberance may give rise to physical dangers; the native (Saturn) will have to check his gestures as well as his actions if he is to avoid harm from iron and fire…”

This is “an essentially fiery and martial being, born to fly and bound to reach his goal with one great heave of his wings. () He is born to wage a titanic struggle with himself – whom he constantly sees reflected in the oceanic mirror of conscience – and against opponents of his ideals…The small skirmishes of every day life do not concern him at all. ()…this influence may induce stoutness or other bodily ailments hampering walk.”

So if you notice a NWO promoter limping about as he fulfills his regulatory role on some level (more details in post linked above), you can say, there’s Mr. Saturn, the albatross with the glaring red beak and claws. Wonder what high-handedness he’s ready to force upon the populace now?

It won’t make you feel any better about the direction America is being forced to take as helmed by the global power elite, but you can say it all the same…and thereby recognize our demons when you spy them.

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  1. This is an oak moon, a blue moon that falls full right before the new year comes in, and it is the 13th moon of the year, which is 31(the date of the moon, reversed) which I think is interesting. 13 is a lucky number if you are a Celt. For me, I take it as a fortunate omen. My natal sign is Capricorn. We will also be ushering in the Chinese year of the Golden tiger which is also me. I’ve also been told that this is a wishing moon(especially for love ,if you blow bubbles at the moon) and that it’s powers are threefold because it is blue. I’m hanging all my crystals out to soak up some of that juicy energy!


    December 29, 2009 at 12:28 am

    • ’13’ is lucky for Celts? i did not know that and am definitely on the Celtish side myself so that’s gtk – and bubbles sound great, i love bubbles (not the financial Jupiter/Neptune kind.)

      It’s good to hear from a fellow Cap, and I thank you for commenting and adding pertinent info on this year-closing lunation! Jude


      December 29, 2009 at 12:36 am

  2. Well what about the Blue Moon on 12/31, lunar eclipse end of a decade and numerological significance of 12/31/09 as a 9, an ending?


    December 25, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    • Thanks for mentioning, Pat, there are as always many factors I neglected to mention in my hurried post!

      Happy Blue Moon to you & yours! Jude


      December 29, 2009 at 12:32 am

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