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Can EU cope with national bankruptcies?

An article in Der Spiegel asks, Can the Euro Zone Cope with a National Bankruptcy? and contains information concerning the economic woes of Greece and the possiblility that they may spread to other countries in the PIIGS group – Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and Spain (Greece being the ‘G’, of course.)

Before the euro was forcefully instituted in 1999, economist Milton Friedman predicted its demise in 10 years because it would not survive its first crisis. That time has apparently arrived on schedule (almost as if Friedman was ‘in on’ the timing of economic collapse 2008, si? Or using Astrology’s financial cycles for timing as did J. P. Morgan!)

Of course, if you’re like me and think that the economic collapse has been engineered by a global power elite with world domination plans, Greece’s economic troubles are no surprise. To set up a common currency like the euro among disparate nations which have no common economic policy seemed daft to me pre-1999 but they shoved it through it anyway. Well, I must not know what I’m talking about, thought I – no economist or financial expert here (in spite of having a natal Jupiter/Saturn trine!)

Now I never gloat over other people’s miseries, but I do think the NWO script is involved in the economic problems of Greece and of the other PIGGS which are the southern EU nations (aka, ‘Club Med’ which were weaker economies from the beginning vs the northern EU nations which may be called upon to bail out their over-indebted brothers.)

Well, perhaps it’s a race from now on as to which area of the world economy will be ‘collapsed’ or crashed first: North America or Europe. The article states that the euro is now less stable than the US dollar, British pound, or Japanese yen and I’m racking my peabrain to remember what was being promoted pre-1999 concerning the ‘brilliance’ of forcing the euro upon the populations of Europe.

I do remember that Ireland was a hold-out yet now the Emerald Isle is in the euro-soup, too, and it seemed to me then that a future global collapse was being made possible – as we now see from the dizzy vantage point of teetering upon the “abyss.”

Whatever was promoted then, the euro’s much-touted brilliance is fading fast in 2010. Therefore, my best hopes remain as always with the good people of Europe just as they remain with the American people – all of whom deserve a lot better than our so-called ‘leaders’ are currently delivering as they work, not on our behalves, but on behalf of implementating a New World Order which apparently necessitates their gleeful sacrifice of our families, futures, and fortunes.

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  1. Nice post Jude. Sadly, it is going to get worse. There is no way that the Euro will survive this economic crisis, and we are seeing the spread of sovereign debt crisis spread throughout the eurozone.

    What is clear about all of this is that the Cardinal Crisis transits of July, August and September 2010 is leading into more crisis throughout the 2010s, with devastating consequences and serious geopolitical damage done throughout most of the planet.

    If this is the so-called “new world order” – there is no “order” to it from what I can see.


    February 24, 2010 at 3:19 am

    • Agreed, Theo, yet i think the planners and scanners have known ahead of time that societal chaos is to their advantage and works completely against ours. i’m expecting a unifying event. Are you?


      Jude Cowell

      February 24, 2010 at 3:57 am

      • I agree with that Jude; however, I know the “planners” have not taken into account all the chaos that is to come, and they certainly are not aware of the very unpredictable nature of their “plans” into the far future, which is very destructive.

        These types never count on those things that are beyond their own “vision” although they “believe” that societal chaos will be one result, they continue to impress me with their ignorance and shortsightedness of the long-term damage and geopolitical consequences.

        The same happened in the 1930s, when they “thought” they could control Hitler, and the nations of Italy and Japan, then, the global conflict they envisioned turned into the Great Disaster of the Second World War and the Holocaust.


        February 25, 2010 at 12:15 am

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