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Senator Blanche Lincoln – Sun Lib-Moon AQ

Chairman of the Senate Agricultural Committee, Senator Blanche Lincoln was born in Helena, Arkansas on September 30, 1960, birth hour unknown, but since the Moon remained in Aquarius for the entire 24-hour period, we may confidently peek at Lincoln’s Sun Lib/Moon AQ personality blend for a few details – because her “vote is not for sale!”

Air-Air is an intelligent, gracious combination – most reasonable, civilized, and clear-headed; double-Air is never at a loss for words and loves a good debate. (Unfortunately for the senator, America has lost the art of debate – the good news is that we’re only grossly affected by the lack every four years.)

Double Air prefers to soar above in mental realms where idealism abounds; a career in Politics is a good fit for Air-Air. Lincoln likes to step back (another way of saying, detach), take a broader view, and has much faith in the power of ideas. Yet there is a tendency to labor under the illusion that there are such things in this dualistic world as perfect impartiality and total objectivity; a cheerful manner may be in evidence.

Sun Lib/Moon AQ indicates a spirit of cooperation, communication talents, and a friendly manner. A lively sociability and a love of truth and beauty apply, as well as receptivity to others mixed with a wide streak of independence. The supposition here is that all problems can be resolved by reasoned discussion (which may be why she’s a Democrat – I don’t know why she is, I’m just saying it’s traditionally difficult to get Dems to stop talking and move their booties into action.)

Sen. Lincoln’s Sun Lib/Moon AQ knows how people like to be treated and she ‘comes alive’ in social settings; True Love takes priority in relationships so in spite of her intellectual approach to life she may retain a tendency to romanticize people and build Utopian castles in the air.

This blend of energies gives her a natural sense of justice, an openness to new ideas, a social conscience (if years on Capitol Hill haven’t squooshed it out of her), and a forgiving approach toward other people’s foibles.

Yet insisting on rationality at all costs can be a negative while over-emphasizing a laissez-faire attitude may prevent definite answers from being found and choices being made. Impracticality causes ineffectuality.

Sun Lib/Moon AQ’s ‘Images for Integration’: “A group of literary radicals stage a ‘love-in’ to protest against government military policy…In an elegant opera house, a trendy jazz musician performs a rag time with a symphony orchestra.”

Sun Lib/Moon AQ is shared natally an illustrious crew of talents:

George Gershwin, Charles Ives, Aaron Judah, R. D. Laing, John LeCarre, Timothy Leary, and John Lennon, who helpfully penned and sang:

If there’s anything that you want,
if there’s anything I can do,
Just call on me,
And I’ll send it along
with love from me to you.

Hmmm…wonder if Senator Lincoln plays the ukele?


‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzy Harvey; Noel Tyl adds: “Socio-romantic attractiveness supports innovative social service.”

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