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Written by Jude Cowell

July 10, 2010 at 12:44 am

Posted in art, astrology, news, Politics

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  1. RJ, thanks for the heads-up. No time this week for Madonna chart-looking and it’s been years since i studied it.

    i’m not surprised about the conjectures though – Madonna’s link to satanism isn’t unknown to me from past years’ conjectures. That someone with her ego would go along with being sacrificed for her daughter’s ascension is debatable to me but there Are higher forces in control – if she traded things dear to her for years of extreme fame and wealth she made a bad deal, imho. But that’s me.

    While we’re on the subject, there are two things i’ve noticed with stars like Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga (things i’ve noticed with others before them incl Madonna) – certain symbols like masks or hair over one eye (Illuminati, like the eye on top of the pyramid of power on US money) and the satanic sign where two middle fingers are closed leaving goat horns showing. (Politicians do this occasionally, too.) Shout-outs to the global coven, one imagines.

    The old tale of selling one’s soul to the devil is made fun of when it’s useful to do so, yet it is No Joke.

    That said, you’ve peaked my interest so perhaps i’ll peek at M’s chart w/ the transits you mention. But finding time to post on it is another issue this busy week!

    So if you like, email to: judecowell at gmail dot com and we can discuss! Jude

    Jude Cowell

    August 16, 2010 at 3:23 pm

  2. Hi Jude, I’ve come across some unsettling pieces of on-line conversation in just the last few days, they’re relative to Madonna’s life and possible untimely loss of it. I’ll just presume that you know a lot of the usual suspects…Arizona Wilder wrote a while ago about the ‘Mother Goddess’ (if I’ve got it right, there are three of them on the planet, she escaped her role as the first, and Madonna is the second) being sacrified at age 52 in order to allow ascension of her 13 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER to the “position”…see where it’s going?…yes, Madonna turns 52 tomorrow (Aug.16), and her first child Lourdes turns 14 on Oct.14th. I know you’re beyond “hmmm” at this point, JC, you have to check M’s chart for the short-term literal time of Aug. 16 thru Oct. 13 this year. I was reading a rather thorough personality analysis of Madge at astrotheme.com/portraits/cp596bap67TK.htm (sorry I don’t know how to create a link on this (my) flip-phone), it gives a larger and for me, eye-opening understanding of her. It also makes me pissed to think of her actually being part of the Dark Forces of our world, willingly or not. I feel great affinity to her, We’re both Earth Dogs (Michael Jackson, too) born in 1958, I came up in a large, Catholic family and lost my Father like she her Mother, at age 5. (I actually met her (closely, btw) in what is a whole ‘nother weird story, one that arises out of my strange stars…) Anyway, there’s a thread or forum? about all of this at the “maddonaemailforum.com” I believe, I also saw something about this being a “timeline match” to Grace Kelly’s death. Well, there it is, someone wrote that if MLVC makes it through this, then God Bless Us All, and if not, then…you got it. ‘Nuff for now, Jude. Get back if you care to, or post something if you see something. peace. RJ


    August 15, 2010 at 11:48 pm

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