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Feb 25, 2013 Full Moon in Virgo = job losses?

Today’s post at Stars Over Washington gives details and a view of the horoscope of February 25, 2013’s Full Moon in Virgo, sign of jobs, work, service, and health, with the chart set for the Capitol Building, Washington DC.

And as you know, various services in the US are due for interruption and more job losses are predicted because of ‘sequestration’ cuts which are likely to be implemented beginning March 1st unless Congress lifts itself up and shows more wisdom in financial matters than they’ve demonstrated so far. Such are the Machiavellian tactics of Washington politicians egged on by their wealthy billionaire backers against We the People as they plan austerity for us, more riches bwo tax breaks for them!

On Monday February 25th, congress members skulk back to the Capitol Building after their week-long vacation under the rays of a Virgo Full Moon which perfects on Monday at 3:26 pm est and colors this congressional session.

Implications of the Full Moon’s Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo Water-Earth blend of energies (mud-stuck yet practical, swamped by duties they should have already met) may be interesting to note: ‘analysis and synthesis, nervous and fretful, large-minded but good with details, devoted servants with refined tastes’. This blend denotes a confrontation (Full Moon = culmination, and awareness of relationship dynamics) between intuition and reason with Pisces unable to stand much reality, and Virgo all for making clear-eyed assessments and finding practical solutions (though what Congress is actually ‘devoted’ to seems suspect.)

A caution for this session of Congress which begins with a Virgo Full Moon, is to avoid perfectionism and an overly critical attitude toward others along with a tendency to allow emotions and rationality to clash–for it’s difficult to distinguish between them.

In Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys give interesting Images for Integration to describe the Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo pair of energies: “Small events bring enormous consequences…Faith and reason shake hands.”

Perhaps the best advice for everyone–very much including our political miscreants and radicals about to bring our financial matters to a halt–comes from famed psychologist Roberto Assagioli who was born under the influences of the Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo blend and observed that:

“Without forgiveness life is governed by…an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.”

Hmm…wise advice for Washington DC, isn’t it?

Update 2/27/13: please click on Comments to read an update to this post and do leave your own remarks if you wish! jc

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  1. Well, February 27th is the date I heard when the US government ‘runs out of money’ for operating which may be part of an echo from the jacka*s Republicans’ gov shut-down ploy of 1995/96 as they mutinied against Bill Clinton (now it’s Barack Obama.) The solar eclipse series of that shutdown is the 16 North which manifested in April 1995.

    16N is what I’m calling the “Illumination Eclipse” due to its initial eclipse of the series having Uranus-Neptune vibrations (they were trine) in 1599 when the 16N series began. As you know, Uranus-Neptune is the pair of The Enlightenment (Age of Reason–Uranus science/Neptune inspiration) ) and were in Great Conjunction all through 1993 at and near ’18 Capricorn’ (POLITICAL POWER; “The Union Jack…” .) Rudyar expands the word picture to, “The Union Jack Flies from a British War Ship.”

    The symbol’s negative expression we now see and feel all around us, plus, it relates to the GOP ‘war on women': “smug or strong-armed paternalism” (Jones.) Astrologically, last June’s Venus transit across the Sun relates to paternalism as well.

    So if Washington’s current financial stalemates continue through 2013 (as we may expect they will), I fretfully mention that 16N recurs on November 3, 2013 in Scorpio, sign of Big Business, Control, Secrets and Spies, Leaks, and Betrayal.

    Any thoughts?

    Jude Cowell

    February 27, 2013 at 6:20 pm

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