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When Roubini speaks people listen

U.S. Should Enact $400 Billion Stimulus, Roubini Says

By John Brinsley

Roubini, who predicted the current financial crisis in 2006, said the
economy risks falling into “a self-fulfilling animal spirit recession that
is more severe than otherwise” because of the collapse of credit markets and
weak consumer and corporate spending.


“Animal spirit recession”? That sounds like primal fear to me.

Now Stop It! Hoarding is the worst thing to do right now and I know yo Mama told ya that just because a bank’s chairman of the board hoards us off a cliff doesn’t mean you should, too.

545 Scoundrels on Capitol Hill

Here’s a link to an article by Charley Reese concerning the US House of Representatives (original publish date unknown.)

You’ll notice he refers to speaker of the House as Tip O’Neill but his sentiments still ring loud and true circa 2008 – even more so – which you can very well tell from the article’s title, ‘The 545 People Responsible For All Of U.S. Woes’:


You know the massive and so-called ‘Bailout Bill’ and the fearfully touted ‘credit crunch’ we’ve been hit with these last weeks, months, years? Well, ‘Nothing in Politics happens by mistake – if it happens, you can be sure it was meant to happen.’

I believe words to that effect were spoken by FDR, but if I’m wrong, please correct.

You know I had never heard of or read Charley Reese’s article in October 2005 when I began blogging at Stars Over Washington, but its motto is:

‘Astrological comments on America, on Washington DC, and on the politicians who infest them.’

Well, more than ever it’s: INFEST THEM.

So if you doubted before that we have a major infestation in our capital eating away at our nation’s infrastructures, perhaps the Bailout Bill – or any number of outrages during the last 8 years and before – have changed your mind about the termites of Capitol Hill.

Fascist Coup in Progress: don’t look away, America

One of my favorite reporters, Larisa Alexandrovna, has an article at Huffington Post exposing the financial crisis, or market ‘meltdown’ if you prefer, as the fascist take-over that it is:


We-the-People may have only until Friday, Sept 26, to make our displeasure known concerning the ‘corporatism + state = fascism’ turn our nation has been led into before Congress acts on these plans that will forever transform America. Bush’s changes to date have set the stage, and the coup is almost complete.

You know, this plan of the global elite may actually explain the void-of-course Moon of Jan 20, 2009.

At noon on that day, when the expected Inaugural Oath should be taken, the Moon’s VOC status would indicate plans which one had no intention of fulfilling (or: events proceeding without interference - but that’s not necessarily what I’m thinking here based on the conditions mentioned in Alexandrovna’s article. But it could be some combination of both.)

So if you, like many others, have a “bad feeling” about what Washington pocket-liners are about to perpetrate upon us, please read the above-linked article and do what you can. Crimes have been committed by the powerful, and above all – 

Don’t look away! Czar Paulson is knocking at the door.


Bloomberg has an article on how Hank Paulson designed this plan for unchecked power with courts being barred from reviewing their actions…aka, fascism:


Sept 21 Update 3:55 am edt: look what I found: confirmation that Hank Paulson works for the devil – and posted on April 1, 2008 (written March 31):


Financial crisis: a list of who’s to blame

This is a fairly comprehensive list of culprits:


Is your name on the list?

Washington and the world’s financial ‘wizards’ are in process of announcing a “new world economic order” – and just when many people had honed their scoffing at the idea of a New World Order, too…how inconvenient to be so wrong.

And who can forget those halcyon days (four years ago) when the pope called for a New World Order?


McCain-Palin perfect ticket for Iran

Having just read a thoughtful, insightful article, ‘Ahmadinejad Wants McCain and Palin in the White House,’ by Sam Sedaei at Huffington Post, I give its link here in hopes that anyone considering putting McCain-Palin and their warmongering rhetoric into the Oval Office will pause long enough to read this article from one who knows whereof he speaks:


Bush-Cheney in 2004 made Iran’s mullahs So Happy – will you make them jump for joy in 2008?

You know America helped Iran establish its nuclear program over 30 years ago when our puppet, the Shah, was ruling Iran, a country that hasn’t attacked another nation in 100 years!

Too bad America can’t say anything like the same, and Bush-Cheney-McCain-Palin are spoiling for fights before breakfast.

Tina Fey does Sarah Palin to perfection!

Last evening ‘Saturday Night Live’ which opened with Tina Fey’s impression of Sarah Palin next to Amy Poehler’s excellent ‘Hillary Clinton,’ was as brilliant and hilarious as expected.

This got me curious about one of our top comedy writers and comediennes, Tina Fey, so if you look in the sidebar under ‘Wedding Day Astrology: Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond’ you’ll find a Page concerning their 2001 wedding and partnership.

The Page includes a link to my notes on Tina Fey’s natal chart as well which contains, as we might expect, indications of the professional writer!

Harvest Full Moon of Sep 15, 2008


The Page concerning Monday’s Full Moon is spreading out and now includes the Moon’s symbol as given byAdriano Carelli, the midpoint picture created by thisFull Moon with Pluto, and a link to Stars Over Washington which has info on 17th century utopian, Thomas Campanella, who penned ‘The City of the Sun’ while imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition (which Monty Python insisted nobody expects.)

The Sun’s degree on Sep 15 (’23Virgo’) is same as Campanella’s natal Sun which makes the Harvest Full Moon something of a Solar Return for Tomasso Campanella.

See sidebar, ‘Full Moon 22Pis54 9.15.08.’

Astro-indicators of the Fannie/Freddie bail out?

Yes! and you don’t have to look far either.

At 12:17 am edt in Washington, DC, Sep 8, moneybags Jupiter turned Direct. Actually the Great Benefic had been on his Station degree all last week as we heard of the Fed’s and the Bush administration’s last ditch effort to save America’s onions and seize gone-astray mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Now the deed is done as of Sunday, Sep 7, and we know that money flows more easily when richy rich Jupiter is moving forward. The billions of dollars this plan is likely to place on US taxpayers ($25 Billion or more) is considered a necessary risk.

Well, we know that the Republicans in control of Washington these last several years are no stranger to swelling the national deficit, don’t we?

Barack Obama is blaming the way laws are structured and he’s right – slight-of-hand laws made it possible for the mortgage titans, who borrowed based on their preferred status, to over-leverage themselves. Their ratings remained AAA all the while that balance sheets were getting thinner and thinner.

Seems their books contain some squirrelly math, too – quelle surprise. oui? Senator Chris Dodd is asking for more details from Hank Paulson whose previous request for the ‘bazooka strategy’ was taken, it seems, at face value.

And all this is occurring, lest we forget, under the auspices of the Bush administration. Now John McCain is wanting his chance to shine. Will you ask for more of these GOP shell games?

So, with their portfolios now frozen, naughty Fannie and Freddie will no longer be allowed to lobby on Capitol Hill – part of the take-over deal. Now that’s a bit of good news “going forward.” 

But the weird CEO news is that Fannie’s Daniel Mudd will be taking home severance pay of approximately $9 million! And Freddie’s Richard Syron? appr $13 million! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

And this is with squirrelly books to their credit and on their watch!

Then there’s China insisting that the US step up to its obligations so they wouldn’t get caught holding an empty bag, and this is what Paulson and our monetary experts came up with. Where would they be without us to socialize these mortgage titans for them and for China?

Meanwhile, markets have reacted positively today, and the word ‘privatize’ is being bandied about but we’ll see how things go. We’ll see if Jupiter now moving Direct frees up the flow of money for borrowers and regular homeowners and not just for the already-rollin’-in-dough.

Well, I’ll hush now and give you a link to NPR’s coverage on the matter:


~note: I’m going to post some Sabian Symbol info at Stars Over Washington if you wish to check there in a few minutes…Adriano Carelli’s Symbol for ’13Cap’ will be included…”A Tartarian archer drawing an incendiary arrow”:


Rolling back the Enlightenment

The Age of Enlightenment (1724 – 1752) led initially by Voltaire and Diderot, marks a time when philosophers popularized the ideas of the ‘new science’ and when classical music was created around the time the period kicked into high gear in 1741.

We who live now are Children of the Enlightenment, primarily due to our tendency to question authority and inherited traditions, testing them as we go. The Enlightened philosophers didn’t simply champion the ‘new science’ - they led the march toward the use of new scientific ideas as a means of helping, improving, and liberating society.

Is this part of the decontruction we’re now facing with transformative Pluto in Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business, the structures of which seem to be due for break-down and rebuilding?

FDR’s New Deal may be considered a Child of the Enlightenment, too, and we know how certain politicians are allergic to its care of society (less money for their overflowing coffers, I assume.)

Are current radical political and economic reformers part of an anti-Enlightenment script which threatens world society as it totters on the verge of plummeting back into a dark dark cave of duh-dom?

Yeeks, the weekend is here!! So why am I thinking of this crap now?

Because I read George Washington’s Blog and this particularly thought-provoking article:



note: the chart for Monday’s ‘Full Moon 22Pis54 9.15.08′ is now on my Pages list with but a scant amount of details…to be cont’d…

Noam Chomsky on Ossetia-Russia-Georgia


Noam Chomsky

In August 2008 during the Russia-Georgia-Ossetia war. George Bush,
Condoleezza Rica and other dignitaries solemnly invoked the sanctity of the
United Nations, warning that Russia could be excluded from international
institutions “by taking actions in Georgia that are inconsistent with” their
principles. The sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations must be
rigorously honored, they intoned – “all nations,” that is, apart from those
that the US chooses to attack: Iraq, Serbia, perhaps Iran, and a list of
others too long and familiar to mention.


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