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Leon Panetta June 28, 1938

Born in Monterey, California to a restaurant family, you don’t need a correct birth time for Leon Panetta to see that he is a double Cancer with Sun and Moon in the sign of family, comfort food, and Security issues.

You may wish to read more of my Astrology notes on Panetta’s natal chart here including his Sun Cancer-Moon Cancer persoanlity blend:


A Washington insider from way back, Mr. Panetta served under Bill Clinton most memorably as Chief of Staff although he was Director of the Office for Civil Rights for a time during the Nixon administration.

Checking 1938 for his Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE), we find that he was born into the 12 South Series which last manifested June 30, 1992 (9Can) and next occurs July 11, 2010 (19Can.)

Key issues for the 12S Series are:

successful outcomes to long-term worries or illness; things seem worse but then clear with successful results (paraphrasing Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)

Panetta’s PE occurred May 29, 1938 at 7Gem31 – where Midas has been transiting last year and this. Asteroid Midas retrogrades a lot so ‘he’ tends to hang out in one spot of the zodiac  for quite a while, counting all his hoarded gold and cornering the market.

(See post on the backwardation of gold – it’s all bought up as of Dec 2, 2008…no gold for you. But soup-lines we got with more on the way.)

If you follow the above link you’ll find Panetta’s major midpoint picture (which applies no matter his hour of birth) with Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus in the mix – and radical reformer Uranus is conjunct his natal Midas (17Tau) – I neglected to note this in the above-linked post.

Now the 12S Eclipse Series is the also the PE of:

Harry Truman, the Statue of Liberty (Aug 8, 1884), Nixon’s resignation (Aug 8, 1974), Miley Cyrus, and the United States of America.

That’s some crew, isn’t it? America does seem to resonate quite closely with Miley – and with Richard Nixon’s resignation. Oh – and we’re fond of the Statue of Liberty, too – once we got accustomed to having her about the place.

If you wish to read more details about Leon Panetta, have at it:


Dec 12 2008’s Super Moon and Grand Cross

In Retrospect Update 3.14.11: after finally viewing ‘Inside Job’ about Financial Collapse 2008 last evening and what led up to it, I thought to Google the date of the topic below, the Super Moon of December 12, 2008. What I found is a list of headlines from Democracy Now! which may interest you in tandem with the Mutable Grand Cross which held the Super Moon ensnared in Dec 2008.

For context, it was on October 4, 2008 that G. W. Bush signed a $700 billion bailout bill on behalf of Big Banks. Afterwards, global stock markets continued to fall, the tide of layoffs reached tsunami levels, and foreclosures rippled faster and faster through previously peaceful residential canyons like a furious storm.

As you know, the Moon in a Mundane or Political horoscope signifies The People (the populace; the masses; the public mood; publicity) so with that in mind, please check out the events of December 12, 2008. I hope you weren’t losing your job or your home on that date – or on any other. Jude

My original, unrevised post begins here:

December 12, 2008’s Full Moon is perigee, or at its closest approach to earth, and appears unusually bright and large – a ‘Super Moon.’

As you know, the orbits of heavenly bodies are elliptical thus resulting in times of perigee and apogee.

Here’s a link to a good resource with photos and charts that explain and reveal this Super Moon in more detail:


Astrologically, let’s consider more details on the Grand Cross which the Full Moon is involved in with the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

A Mutable Grand Cross (Gem/Sag; Vir/Pis) consists of two oppositions (180 degr) which square (90 degr) one another. This is a dynamic pattern, yet the unstable, changeable Mutable quality is problematic – there is a karmic lesson which must be resolved.

Sun ’22Sag’ is conjunct and highlighting asteroid, Astraea, whose keywords are: ‘law and justice’ but whose name also relates to the starry firmament, and is often linked to Astrology or astrologers.

Friction, strain, and pressure:

Under this Grand Cross (aka Grand Square) we may find ourselves indecisive and unable to concentrate; over-adaptive adjustments may be made to external situations which are not in our best interests.

Restlessness and mental alertness are heightened which may be useful in creative and communications-related projects. And a sharper social awareness is possible under its Mutable influence.

Since oppositions always indicate partnership-relationship issues, this pattern’s tensions result in uncertainties and worries which can create unreliability in unions.

The ‘karmic lessons’ may be in this area as well as in communications, thinking (Gem) and Philosophy and What One Truly Seeks (Sag.) In natal charts, the  House polarities where the pattern falls shows where lessons are begging to be resolved.

Because of the Mutable energies involved, apprehensions and nervous strains can deplete vitality so Still Your Mind…running in mental circles should be avoided if possible, plus, you may wish to avoid folks who have respiratory infections. It’s also possible to experience the return of a cold or flu that had seemed to be conquered, so bundle up, baby, and try to rest as much as possible!

With concentration and focus in short supply for now, plans tend to be initiated inconsistently and unmethodically, so if you’re planning a new project, it would be wise to postpone its beginning until a more stable and propitious time.

Otherwise and externally, it’s a Full Moon of splendor which culminates something begun at the last New Moon at Thanksgiving in America, and which manifested at ‘6Sag’…Sabian Symbol: “A Game of Cricket.”

Today’s Sun Sag-Moon Gem is the Eternal Youth combo of the witty literary genius who’s versatile and restless…this blend has a way with words and is shared natally by:

Akbar the Great of Persia, Anna Freud, Francisco Franco, New Age prophet Benjamin Creme, founder of the Green Party Petra Kelly, playwright Noel Coward, actor Billy Connolly, occult writer Lewis Spence, Edith Piaf, Jeff Bridges, and C.S. Lewis.

Image for Integration: ‘Robin Hood as a young boy plays truant from school to go to his archery lesson, but ends up teaching his card tricks to his master.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, with concentration diffcult, are you, Lone Reader, playing truant today? Good!


Grand Cross info primarily from Bil Tierney’s excellent book, ‘Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.’

A View from Abroad: Obama’s Hurdles

A President Obama faces many hurdles as we in America know – we’re the ones suffering from the last several years of Republican “leadership.” So you might find this article with a European view of his challenges of interest:


Some notes concerning Wednesday, November 12, 2008:

Meanwhile in the heavens, asteroid Hopi is lined up with the transiting North Node (the Head of the Dragon, the path or destiny) at 13AQ. This will be in effect on November 12 when Venus and Pluto conjunct although Venus will still be out-of-bounds and able to act on her own without interference – and possibly – in an outstanding way.) Venus represents values, relationships, art, culture, and money (usually smaller amounts, with larger amounts being in Jupiter’s realm and untold riches in Pluto’s.)

Venus-Pluto contacts may indicate karmic emotional involvements, intense passion, possible rape or sexual indulgence, dramatic and transformative art and music; plus, their connection can have a tinge of bankruptcy to it. Their conjunction takes place at 12:54 am est at 29Sag32 in Washington, and occurs in the 4th house when the chart is set for the White House.

At Midheaven 5Gem08 is asteroid and trickster, Pan 5:16 Rx. Midas is up there, too, 8Gem07 Rx, and the Mars/Pluto midpoint 13Sag18 is conjunct US natal ASC (Sibly or Rudhyar charts), 3rd house Sun 20Sco13, 9th house Moon 6Tau02 (in the Venus/Pluto conj chart.)

Mars/Pluto = ASC: showing the hero image; the fighter who dares the impossible; aggression; daring and temerity; the desire to face danger; an accident. (Tyl; Ebertin.) Any, all, or none may apply.

And Venus to Pluto in 4th house may relate to the ongoing mortgage crisis and to a large amount of money changing hands…being ‘gifted’ perhaps. Issues of blackmail and ransom money cannot be ruled out.

At the Venus/Pluto conj, Sun 165 degrees 49 mins Moon, so they are in a quindecile aspect of obsession-compulsion – security is sought through recognition; there can be a lack of objectivity, along with self-centeredness which is oblivious to the rest of the world. (‘Quindecile’ by Ricki Reeves.)

Hope for Hopi?

In Astrology, Hopi’s keywords are ‘ambush’ and ‘prejudice’ and of course, it sounds like HOPE, a word we’ve heard a lot lately – and much needed. The asteroid’s heliocentric North Node is 18/19Cancer, and Pluto’s NN is 19/20 Cancer.

~:~This may be why, as I’ve wondered aloud previously, ’19Can’ turns up in many of the charts I’ve studied related to violent events or murder. Pluto and Hopi’s NNs may answer my question (whether Castor and Pollux are involved in the case or not.) And Saturn’s heliocentric NN is 23/24Can.

As you know, the Hopi tribe of southeastern North America is famous for carving Kachina dolls, with the word ‘Kachina’ meaning ‘God.’

Kachina dolls are used in traditional Hopi ceremonies which they continue to hold on behalf of the entire human race. So Thanks, Peaceful People! (‘Hopi’ is short for Hopituh Shi-nu-mu which means ‘Peaceful People’ or ‘Peaceful Little Ones.’ They are, as you may imagine, anti-war, as is this blogger.)

Hopi beliefs are tied in with the Pleiades constellation (‘the seven sisters’) and they consider themselves to be direct descendants from the Pleiadians. Petraglyphs are found across the southeast and relate to the mystic Hopis’ astronomical focus with discs of light appearing on many of them. The Hopi have an intricate ceremonial calendar and are possibly related to the Aztecs of Mexico…star-gazers all!

To view my drawing, ‘The Pleiades Sisters’ click: http://www.lulu.com/content/2280099

To read more on the very interesting Hopis and Kachina dolls, here are two links of interest:



This post brought to you by a spirit of audacious Hope (that you’ll glean something of value from it!)

Sarah Palin’s asteroids of power

Thunderstorms on the way here but I wanted quickly to give you a heads-up that my post on Sarah Palin’s natal chart has been freshened with additions of her natal midpoint pictures, and with her natal asteroids of power: Hidalgo, Toro, and Atlantis.



In Case You Missed: if you’re in the mood for some big surprises concerning America and the ‘new world order’ please check under the ‘articles’ category for ‘Planet Earth As Weapon and Target’ by Leuren Moret. 

This article could just knock your socks off if you’re wearing any.

Hermetics and Freemasonry

Being almost as unversed in Freemasonic principles as I can possibly be, one of the best resources I’ve found for Masonic information is Greg Stewart’s blog, Masonic Traveler.

Tonight as Sara Palin speaks behind me on my TV, I got to wondering what Greg was up to on his blog these days and found an interesting post there on Freemasonry being based on Hermetic teachings, and citing The Seven Principles as found in The Kybalion (published 1908, Paul Foster Case.)

Most astrologers know of Hermes Trismegistus, ancient scribe of the gods of ancient Egypt.

Hermes, as we familiarly call him these days, is thought to have been a contemporary of Abraham, and is now often used in Astrology charts to signify a trickster element, or as something of a magician. (Tris-‘megitus’ – magistus – magi – magician.) And in mundane charts I often use it to signify those with occult interests, for obvious reasons.

As Greg mentions, all western esoteric teachings are believed to have come from Hermes’ writings and teachings, so Hermes is impossible to discount if one is a novice of Astrology, modern or ancient.

So if you’d like a Freemason’s view of these teachings and principles, check out Greg’s writing on the subject which he will be expanding upon as he may.


And if you’re not an Astrology novice and have haplessly happened upon this post, remember that many of America’s Founders were of the Freesmasonry persuasion!

Moon triggers McCain VP pick timing!

Moonlighter by jude cowell '08

Moonlighter by jude cowell

Known for her excellent timing ability, the Moon this morning is traversing Leo, and she has met up with an asteroid whose keywords include:

*corporatism and corporations; the family; marriage; close relationships; organizations; sociability; harmony.

As noted a few minutes ago, Gov Palin’s husband works for British Petroleum.

Asteroid’s name is Cupido, which has obvious links to love-struck Cupid, so it’s harmony on the GOP ticket!

This morning Moon and Cupido met up in the 21 – 22 Leo degree range tropically speaking. ’22 Leo’ is the ‘own worst enemy’ degree (Anthony Louis, citing tradition) and indicates one who is not free to act in their own best interests.

I’ve also seen ’22Leo’ referred to as the ‘foot in mouth’ degree which may not affect the McCain-Palin campaign in the altogether, but it will be interesting to hear how the speechifying goes today at the McCain rally.

Could Freudian slips be in the wings for McCain or Palin? The Dems gaffed them this week at the DNC (and consciously, imo!)

Let’s see if I can do some early math:

McCain promotes war for oil + VP’s husband profits from oil = another team of oil folk in the White House!


*(‘New Insights into Astrology’, Nona Gwynn Press.)


image: drawing of a Moonlighter from Western Australia, portrait from my Dreamyfish Art collection of fishies.

Peek some more at:


Greek god Apollo: McCain or Obama?

Since I had noticed in chart studies this week that asteroid Apollo was active due to ‘his’ nearness to Sun and transit Saturn (columns, architecture), I was interested in HuffPost blogger Bob Cesca’s photos of Republican photographs with columns as backdrops suggesting Greek gods from on high…


You’ve probably heard by now of the RNC’s ‘DNC Rapid Response Headquarters’ set up about one mile from the Pepsi Center in Denver, and their website which I don’t care about passing on to America.

Well, when the R strategists got a gander at the stadium where Barack Obama will accept the Dem nom Thursday night and the fact that it was staged with Greek COLUMNS, they naturally assumed the Ds meant to reference Greece and Greek gods as being Obama-like (the other way round, but you know what I mean.)

Well, America did, for the most part, swipe their democracy concept, but it’s the ‘god’ part the Rs are hoping to emphasize, not classical political thought orits continuance under a Democratic White House. Must be part of their ‘style no substance/he’s not ready/celebrity status only’ ploy against Senator Obama.

If you follow the link to Cesca’s photo collection, you’ll soon see that Republicans fancy themselves as Greek gods, too, with as much right to pose in front of Greek columns as any popular Dem candidate ever claimed.

Now astrologically, Sun-linked Apollo has been traveling in tandem these last few days with Saturn, significator of the D-Party, and highlighted by the Virgo Sun. Anciently, Apollo was one of the pantheon of sun gods, the major one for the Greeks, and now serves as an indicator of the hero’s journey in a chart.

There’s an interesting mix here with natal planets being triggered by orbiting Apollo this week conjoined with John McCain’s Sun 6Vir02 (his Solar Return is Aug 29, Katrina Day, with Mercury Return Aug 30) and Barack Obama’s natal Pluto 6Vir59 – sorry, McBush, but Pluto’s power and coping ability trump Sun’s ego.

So if either of you fits the Apollo archetype in this modern day and age, it’s Barack Obama, now nominated by acclamation as Democratic candidate for President of the United States.

Guess you’ll want to find another emblem to use in your own staged presentation…maybe some body bag photo-ops would be more suitable for a hawkish neocon such as yourself.

And all this may be described, along with much else, as being part of the soon-to-come Saturn (past) opposition to Uranus (future.) For as honorable and stalwart as McCain’s Vietnam service was (and is), His hero’s journey was Then, and THIS, is Now.

George Orwell blogs 70 years later!

Have you found it yet? The Orwell Prize folk have put up a WordPress blog of George Orwell’s diary entries beginning Aug 9, 1938 – so that each entry will be 70 years to the day he wrote them.

The ‘posts’ will be as-is, errors and all, and promises to be an interesting read – virtually a 70-year-old blog by Eric Arthur Blair, aka George Orwell.

So Aug 9, 1938’s diary notation morphs into Aug 9, 2008’s blog post! Find it here:


As Orwell said:

“Whoever controls the past controls the future and whoever controls the present controls the past.”

Well, so far I’ve learned that he had a dog named Marx, and that various snakes tended to be caught in the garden, but the subject matter may change with the start of his ‘political’ diaries on Sept 7, 1938…which will become Sept 7, 2008. Nifty idea. 

These ‘political’ diaries are subdivided into ‘Morocco,’ ‘Pre-war,’ and ‘Wartime’ so if you’re a fan of Animal Farm, 1984, or Orwell’s other writings, you may wish to peek into his diaries now appearing in modern blog format!

Wonder if any of this late-blooming techiness shows in transits to his natal chart?

We ordinarily think of Uranus for progressive technological methods and inventions so perhaps Uranus’ visit to Orwell’s natal Jupiter 22Pis44 is enough to spur on and electrify this project.

Plus, natal Amor (‘intimacy’) is conjunct n Jupiter and aren’t diaries supposed to be intimate portraits of what’s going on in the writer’s life?  (Unless you had a snoopy older brother like mine, that is! That’s why I devised an alphabet of my own – drove him nuts trying to crack the code har har.)

But wait! Pluto, planet of the masses, and of transformation, has recently traversed the 23 – 24 Sag zone of the zodiac, and therefore was conjunct GO’s natal Uranus – just in time for the preparation stages of the diaries-into-blog project.

Now Astrodatabank gives Orwell’s birth info as DD for Dirty Data, although one assumes that by now many expert astrologers have worked with his commonly used natal chart enough to know whether it ‘works’ or not.

My smidge of research into his life and times indicates that it is near, if not exact, to the correct birth hour. There ARE only 24 hours in a day, after all.

June 25, 1903; 11:30 am LMT; Motihari, India, with 25Vir11 rising (health problems off and on – mostly on – throughout his life, died age 46, advanced TB) and Virgo is the sign of health. This puts 25Gem03 at Midheaven, the Career Point – and Gemini is one of the signs of the writer. (Virgo writes longer stuff, Gemini mainly articles, essays, or short books.)

If his natal chart is basically correct, he was born during the dark of the Moon, the Balsamic phase, which makes him a prophet. (You’ll get no disagreement here on that score so don’t even go there.)

That transiting Jupiter, now Rx at 13Cap+ will be rejoining his natal Chiron 21Cap03 Rx is also an indicator of the new promotion of his diary entries due to his natal Chiron *sextile Jupiter – now linked through the above-mentioned Uranus-to-Jupiter in Pisces, sign of the collective unconscious – and by the fact that natal Chiron-Jupiter sextiles often provide their ‘owners’ with forums for social expression (Nolle) – even decades later, it appears.

So express and forum away, George Orwell, we’d like to read your daily innermost thoughts from 70 years ago. Well, at least, I would…how about you, lone reader?


Here are some previous posts with an Orwellian hue:

‘Orwell and the WTC Attack 9.11.01′ has Orwell’s natal chart with 9/11’s chart around it + details:


‘Orwell explains mass-media deception’ and he does it perfectly, too – from Nineteen Eighty-Four:


‘It’s only words: George Orwell and Thomas Paine’ – some quotes from two very smart fellows:



*sextile = an angular aspect of 60 degrees, give or take one or two degrees, and which indicates opportunity.

Georgia vs South Ossetia: 100-year conflict

UPDATE Aug 12: listening now to NPR’s MarketPlace and they’re talking about Russia’s motives concerning Georgia – that Putin wants to control other resources besides oil and gas – he also wants control of GRAINS. See notes on Ceres and Demeter at the end of this post!

~original post starts here~ ~

Like most bellybutton-gazing Americans I’m way behind on the history of the region now ignited.

So far, the best background info I’ve found is Russia Today’s August 11 article, ‘Georgia vs South Ossetia: roots of a 100-year conflict’ here:


NPR is reporting at noon that Russia has opened a second front. Saakashvili is saying that ethnic cleansing is going on, Wake Up, World. McCain is urging Bush to dispatch Condi Rice to the region ~like Bush couldn’t think of it himself in this macabre political farce in which innocent people pay with their lives.~ And the DOW is up, btw.)

Bush is flying back to the US now from what was “likely his last trip to Asia while in office.” That Bush would think to open his gob about anyone else using force to impose ‘peace’ has to be a clue that this is political theater, dahlink – hiding the real deal made behind the scenes. 

Perhaps it’s more instructive to listen to what they DO and not to what they say.

So last evening (just for curiosity’s sake) I consulted my set of The Century Cyclopedia, 1898 edition, and looked up ‘Abkhazia’ in the Book of Proper Names finding this entry from 110 years years ago:

“Abkhasia: A region, not an administrative division, on the southern slope of the Caucasus, having an area of about 3,000 miles. It was permanently subjugated by Russia in 1864. Population: about 80,000.”

No entry for Ossetia, South or North in 1898.

The entry for ‘Georgia’ says that the area is “almost identical to the ancient Iberia” and that it was conquered by Alexander the Great (who may be understandably rolling over in his tomb with the current goings-on) but that Georgia “soon after his death became an independent kingdom. It was at its height about 1200, and had a flourishing literature. It was sub-divided in the beginning of the fifteenth century, and was annexed by Russia in *1801. The Georgians are a very handsome race, of the purest Caucasian type.”

Well, that’s a time capsule from 1898 for you, antique racial comments and all!


*1801: asteroid Ceres was discovered Jan 1, 1801 – notably the date that Ireland was united with Great Britain thus creating a useable natal chart for the UK. Ceres, Roman goddess of the grain and Earth Mother, is now considered in Mundane Astrology to be a significator of national security, ecology, food resources, and of course, as The Mother archetype, of nurturing and safety.

Ceres’ Greek counterpart is Demeter whose origin is Indo-European. Demeter has been associated more with the Earth Mother, and Ceres primarily with grain. The ‘Cerealia’ on April 19 was the chief festival of Ceres. (‘New Insights into Astrology,’ Nona Gwynn Press.)

On loathing John McCain

Although you’ll find some cross-pollination of links from one blog to another (to this one!) you may wish to check out a new post at Stars Over Washington. It concerns the opinions of people who have known John McCain for years, people of the good state of Arizona, McCain’s ‘home’ turf.

Now it’s agreed that if politicians weren’t opportunists, they wouldn’t get very far, but some of them take it to a new level – a new depth, I’d say. From greed to sleeze to deserted wives and all in between, McCain’s done it all. Shall John McBush be allowed to operate from the bowels of the White House come 2009?

So where was John McCain on April 12, 1988 and what was he engineering?, you ask. Whom did he sabotage on that particular day? And what does asteroid Nemesis have to do with it?

Click below to read Amy Silverman’s article and find out:


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