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Astrology of OWS Call to Action! NYC Oct 15, 2011

“A Youth Holding a Lighted Candle” is the Sabian Symbol for Mercury, planet of youth, communication, trade and commerce, today as the Occupy Wall Street movement rallies in Times Square at 5:00 pm edt, a Call to Action.

Until 10:14 am edt today, the Moon is in late degrees of money sign Taurus, with Sun in Libra. Then it’s a Sun Libra/Moon in Gemini day for the now-global movement to protest Wall Street banking greed and corruption.

So! Today’s upper class, business-oriented, Air-Earth Sun Libra/Moon Taurus combo soon morphs into an Airy, communicative Sun Libra/Moon Gemini combination bringing events more of a diplomatic, conciliatory, and neighborly vibe of natural teachers seeking justice!

First, here are the Sun Lib/Moon Taurus’s ‘Images for Integration’, one of which seems more applicable to OWS:

“A lecture on ancient Greek architecture and town planning…Newlyweds go on a gourmet tour of Italy for their honeymoon.” (How about ‘Greek’ debt? jc)

After 10:14 am edt, Sun Libra/Moon Gemini tells a different yet apt tale…

“Birds circle in perfect formation on the breeze of a bright autumn day…Having delivered a fair judgment, the chairman of a conciliation and arbitration board chats amiably with the previously opposing factions.”

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

The ‘birds’ may be surveillance satellites, of course, and the rest seems to describe the 99% movement’s Assemblies for making group decisions, imho.

For more astro-notes on today’s Occupy Wall Street Call to Action in Times Square–a protest movement now spreading across the globe!–please click the above link where a YOD pattern and ‘a youth’ turn up together in the same post, and President Obama enjoys a Lunar Return just as the 5:00 pm rally begins!


Before you vote, you may wish to check out Alex D’Atria’s column comparing policies of neocons George Bush and Mitt Romney as seen though the excellent lens of Astrology.

Homeowners may find mercy from MERS

A big bank invention of the early 1990s meant to make property titles easier while getting around local titling fees, MERS may be of help to some troubled homeowners by making it the pittard upon which to hoist a few mortgage institutions!

The MERS dilemma sounds like a mighty big mess to me but if making use of it keeps families in their homes rather than putting them out on the streets, let’s have a huge helping of MERS for America’s sake and for the common good.

Swine Flu a Franken-Flu?

Some interesting thoughts on Swine Flu may be found at The August Review in an article which notes that the current outbreak of Swine Flu has a genetic makeup of elements from human, swine, and bird strains from North America, Europe, and Asia.

Has someone been Frankensteining?

Written by Jude Cowell

April 29, 2009 at 2:38 pm

Double Flyby plus Venus-Jupiter – and add the Crescent Moon

Space Weather News for Nov 28, 2008

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: Space shuttle Endeavour undocked from the International Space Station this morning, and the two spacecraft are now orbiting Earth in tandem. Endeavour is scheduled to land in Florida on Sunday, Nov. 30. Between now and then, many sky watchers (especially those in Europe) will be able to see the shuttle and the space station cutting across the night sky together–a rare and beautiful “double flyby.” Get predictions for your hometown from the Simple Satellite Tracker: http://spaceweather.com/flybys .

SPECTACULAR CONJUNCTION: When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and look southwest. You’ll see something very pretty: Venus and Jupiter beaming together through the twilight. The two closely-spaced planets are about to be joined by the slender crescent Moon for a spectacular three-way conjunction that arguably ranks as the best sky show of 2008. Check http://spaceweather.com for sky maps, photos–and be sure to keep an eye on the sky in the evenings ahead.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  Yet astrologically speaking, Dec 1′s triple conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon 22Cap35 is more complex than a moonlight stroll in a starry meadow.

I’m using ’10:43 am’ because Moon and Venus meet at 22:35, with Jupiter 22:18…Moon has translated her glowing moonbeams from Jupiter to Lady Venus. An enchanted sprinkle? A secret meeting perhaps?

Could be all of the above and then some.

At the White House (locating the chart here specifically and as a stand-in for America) the three often-benefic bodies have just arisen on Dec 1, 2008 at 10:43 am est, thus lying hidden within the Behind-the-Scenes 12th house.

Pluto 00Cap10, a World Point, is ahead of them in the celestial order of this day although all grace the Saturn-ruled sign of the mer-goat, Capricorn. The mystical side of Cap is seldom mentioned here but has been noted elsewhere a time or two.

Sun 9Sag50 (conj Antares, ‘obsessed with success’ – one of the Royal Stars of Persia), Mars 11Sag03 (degree of Pluto-Chiron’s Great Conjunction Dec 30, 1999), and Mercury 13Sag09 (conj US natal ASC, ‘Sibly’) are in 10th house of ‘The World’ (Tarot card 21); Career; Public Status. Midheaven’s degree is 22Sco00, and 00AQ13 rises, the degree of US Inaugural Sun on Jan 20 in DC…and for 2009, Inaugural Mercury Rx, too.

’22′ is the number of Mastery and with Mc 22Sco:00 sextile all three – Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in Cap - a YOD pattern is possible for (anyone having) a planet at 21 – 23 Gemini in the apex position.

Glaringly, this includes America’s natal Mars (energy; action principle; direction), so a few midpoint pictures are formed which we may wish to consider; Reinhold Ebertin shall direct us…

Moon-Mc =  n Mars: devotion to a cause, body and soul; actions based on feelings; industriousness; spirit of endeavor; a man desiring to possess a woman’t soul ( I say, get yer own);

Venus-Mc = n Mars: strong desires; sex;

Jupiter-Mc = n Mars: clarity of purpose or objectives; successful cooperation; engagement; a desire to create one’s own good fortune; abundant creative powers.

Inauguration 2009′s 00AQ+ Sun and Mercury Rx are rising thus linking the triple conjunction to president-elect Barack Obama, with Sun as rep for ‘the leader.’ (And I still don’t know quite what to think of Mercury Rx on Jan 20, 2009!) Plus, 00AQ+ brings Obama’snatal Jupiter to the Ascendant with his late-Capricorn Saturn, planet of authority and control, rising just after Venus-Moon-Jupiter.

Ascendant 00AQ13 has not one, not two, but three planetary combos rising…All involve progressive if quirky rebel Uranus, erratic and electric planet of genius and originality…and you know the Saturn-Uranus opposition is still within orb, here across the 2/8 axis of Resources, and possibly signifying the ‘haves vs have-nots’ stand-off we’re under, but also traditionally linked with Israel, Palestine, and the region of the Middle East); both planets are connected to the scientific, futuristic sign of Aquarius…

Sun-Uranus = Asc: sudden experiences; easily excited persons; new associations.

Mercury-Uranus = Asc: organising ability; prudence or deliberation; circumspection; a sudden contact of thoughts with others (cell phones?); the application of practical principles in the creation of the environment;

Mars-Uranus = Asc: an upsetting event; accident; violence; an excitable  person inclined to commit violence; arrest.

Next is a rather squirrelly picture involving North Node, a joining point showing future direction or ‘the path’ or ‘destiny’…

Neptune-Asc = North Node: suffering from falsehood, fraud or malice through one’s association with disharmonious people (like Wall Street and Fed bandits? or pocket-lining politicians? more “bailouts” of the rich and dishonest?); an accessory to a malicious scheme (ahhh..now that echoes like the buzzing of wasps and hornets infesting Mumbai and elsewhere as they make their explosive point with cruelty – or: the world bank and investor crowd of thieves and crooks who have the money-lender scales tipped their way and Fort Knox wiped clean.)

We know the sociopaths and psychos are on the loose like wolves lying in wait (and proud of it!); meanwhile, a slightly different arm of the syndicate runs the political side of things – but they tend to split into factions – esp the D-Party whose edges are fraying as I type. Doltbrains. Egoism reigns!

Other midptpics with testy, testosterone-pumped Mars, the god of war who likes to blow things up while taking as many down with him as he goes… 

Pluto-Mc = Mars: great striving for the attainment of power; career crisis; the urge to dominate others; the misfortune to be forced into an uncongenial profession or occupation (‘occupation’ – of a country? profession – terroist? creative accountant who knows too much?);

Sun-Mercury = Mars: the will to fight life’s battles; thinking critically; agitated thoughts; excitement, upset, argument, or quarrel.

Midheaven has three planetary combos upon it so we know these duos of combined energies have a place to manifest…the Angular 10th house…

Moon-Saturn = Mc: sense of duty; self-control; feeling lonely or deserted; being ill or sad (don’t know about you but when I’m ill, I’m sad. And sad feelings can make people ill.)

Venus-Saturn = Mc: irritability; inhibitions; reserve; jealousy; separations in relationships; seeking solitude.

Jupiter-Saturn = Mc: fluctuating success; changes; losses; the philosopher; desiring solitude; love of seclusion; loneliness.

Obviously, Venus-Jupiter = Moon: charm, good nature, cordiality, and affection; the bride or mother.

So. As usual with our Lesson-Book-of-the-Universe planet, both good and bad are on our menus.

Last but not least, an Unaspected Pluto is tied into the energies of the chart bwo a midpoint picture (as it relates to Moon-Venus-Jupiter conj over Washington – or everywhere really), so we see the most expanded ego point of the chart (Sun-Jup) pointing to the god of Hades, lord of the Underworld…so distant and unaffected…

Sun-Jupiter = Pluto: acquiring wealth (at whose expense?); expectation of good fortune; pursuing happiness and fortune.

As you know, lone reader, I tend to use Pluto as a rep for the richest of the world’s denizens, those power elitist string-pullers who may be referred to only in hushed tones as…the secret hand. Distant royal cousins? Brethren in a super-secret alliance to ensnare the world’s masses? Both?

Thing is, they too will take as many down with them as they go. Innocents included.

That’s what really keeps me in a snit of miffdom about the propagandisticlly-named ‘WOT’…that, and the fact that the common good of humankind is no more than a joke to them, suitable for after-dinner banter and brandy…

In the library. With a candelabra.


Sunday Night Update: tomorrow, Monday, Dec 1, 2008, the president-elect is to announce his cabinet picks including, one presumes, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. The scheduled time I’m finding for his announcement is ’10:40 am ET’…three minutes into the Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunction! Wha-a-aaa?

Lincoln on military glory – MLK on the weakness of violence

“Military glory — the attractive rainbow that rises in showers of blood.” -Abraham
Lincoln – (1809-1865) 16th US President
“The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral,
begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil,
it multiplies it… Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do
not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate… Returning
violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night
already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out hate; only love can do
that.” — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – (1929-1968), US civil rights leader

~And both Lincoln and King knew what they were talking about, didn’t they?  jc~

Quotes are compliments of the Information Clearing House Newsletter. Click here to read this newsletter online: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info

Bailout plan for American workers

An Emergency Bailout Plan That Americans Will Love

By Jonathan Tasini

24.5 percent of all Americans earn poverty wages 
($9.60 or less) - 10percent of all Americans - 
15 million Americans-earn $6.79 or less - 33.3
percent of African American works and 39.3 of 
Hispanic workers earn poverty


Written by Jude Cowell

October 1, 2008 at 2:17 am

Got the Wall Street willies?

Seems Wall Street is almost dead and I’m not feelin’ so well myself…howbowchu?


Is the August 16 Lunar Eclipse’s paranoia making itself felt? Emotions play a large part in meltdowns, so stop it, Y’all. Calm down. You know the good folk of England are suffering now as well, and in New York tomorrow, time is running out for Lehman Bros, among others.

The fact that so many institutions and systems are global makes the fall – worldwide. Not such a brilliant plan unless you Want the crash to be worldwide. And it is. Congratulations, world bankers.

Well, in the olden days of ritzy Robber Barons, JP Morgan rode to America’s rescue. Yet all the power elite can blab now is: Obama’s tax relief plans would use taxation to “redistribute wealth.”

Isn’t that what America needs? this blogger asked innocently enough.

Yet if a pittance of the Robber Baron class’ wealth were shared with the middle class (forget the poor for now) we’d all be out spending and the country would be in better financial condition instead of the mess the financial “experts” have plunked us into. That it was purposeful I don’t doubt (all for the NWO), but even they may miss us when we’re gone as they laze about Dubai high rise balconies and lounge around on their Paraguay patios, umbrella drinks in hand.

Nah. They won’t miss us. They’ve ‘got theirs’ by hook and by crook. And there seems to be no JP the Second riding in on a white horse to share the moola and keep our nation from drowning underneath the waves which the monied class helped create with usury interest rates on loans that never pay off, and by buying off the US Congress to pass legislation balanced totally in their favor and against the common good.

You know, if several of our well-heeled, oft-touted, and much-toasted billionaires – the ones who made their wealth on our backs – would conglomerate a few of their big bucks together, some honest bailing out could make a real difference about now.

But what are the odds that old JP will rise up and ride again to the rescue?

His modern progeny don’t seem to be interested in anything but forcing and finagling a new economic system, and with the help of Pluto (soon to be in Capricorn again) the deconstructing of all systems is right on track for all but the common good.


Read my Page on JP Morgan’s natal chart and transits where I blabbed more about the current financial crisis than I remembered until just now when I read it again myself…it was written at the time of the Bear Stearns farce and is still the current Lunar Eclipse season  (the next one is on Feb 9, 2009 at 21Leo):


You’ll find details on the Lunar Eclipse of August 16 and its market paranoia in the sidebar, too.

And you know what I always say (actually you don’t but I’m about to tell ya) – playing stock market with the criminals of the Wall Street gentry is nothing but gambling, it’s just as stacked in favor of the house as Vegas is, and you know where it all eventually leads. To the alms house.

And let’s remember that all through 2009 we’ll have the Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune, the Speculating pair, which will occur upon the US natal Moon in Aquarius. Their last conjunction was at 27Cap09 (Jan 9, 1997), conjunct US n Pluto; and on Jan 19, 1984, they met at World Point, 00Cap01 – where Pluto soon will return during the last week of November, ’08.

This gives a midpoint picture of no comfort whatsoever, but you may as well know…

Jup/Neptune = Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; far-reaching speculations; a great loss; major adjustment of life circumstances; self-projection out of hand (Ebertin; Tyl.)

And in 2009: Jup/Neptune = US n Moon: dreaminess; an emotional swoon; going with the wind (or is that, Gone With the Wind?); losing oneself in plans; involved in speculation; instability; wastefulness.

The point is, this triggering of a past hook-up of ‘the Speculators,’ indicates similar issues from 1984 cropping up in 2009.

1984 was a year of two Solar Eclipses: 4 North (29Tau) and 4 South (1Sag)…I must bark more about these Eclipses as time permits…and please remind me if I forget!

McCain birthday 2005

Here you’ll find a link to a YouTube video of stills from John McCain and George Bush happily sharing McCain birthday cake on Aug 29, 2005 while Neptune washed New Orleans’ Saturnian levees away and Katrina victims drowned:

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2008/08/mccains-hard-hearted-cake-gone-stale.html#links along with my grumps on the subject of a McCain White House tenure.

This is a priceless montage of what a future McCain White House will be reminding us of if the neocons get their Beltway again in November.

John McCain. Common gooder he ain’t.

Ron Paul vs Bob Barr on Fannie-Freddie question

Austin Cassidy’s Independent Political Report has this:


That Ron Paul believes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be allowed to fail seems a predictable stance from this former candidate but I want to find out more of what Dr. Paul thinks would result from the crash and how it would affect all the mortgages and families involved.

Perhaps the newly created homeless from such a failure can move in with the Paul family…?

My innate mistrust of the Fed says that their “help” with Fannie/Freddie is more a power play for their own purposes especially considering that they and other financial ‘experts’ had to have known that the subprime meltdown with its homelessness would result from squirrelly lending practices which Wall Street pretended were such a good (short-term) idea.

That these financial mavens have played fast and loose with the common man’s home, livelihood, and credit rating these last BUSH and CLINTON years amounts to fraud, imho. But I was raised by a father born in 1908, a man who never cheated another person out of a penny in his entire life. No fancy degrees for him from Harvard or Yale, just honesty and integrity.

My dad could’ve taught these whippersnappers a thing or two about how to treat their fellow men but somehow these varmints (and their political enablers) insist that they’re morally above the common man. Yet many of us know just how wrong they are as they wallow in their hubris – hubris which invites and assures the divine retribution of nemesis to one’s doorstep.

Listen and you can hear a future George Bush with boots kicked back on the porch of the Bush Family compound in Paraguay as he chortles over his ill-gotten gains and all the wool he pulled over the eyes of the common man.

The upcoming US Secondary Progressed Full Moon in December indicates going as far as we can go and pull back must be the result. The Republican Party had the same progressed lunation pre-November elections 2006 and we hear in the news about the GOP’s need to rebuild and improve their image if they hope to shine brightly again.

That the R Party is waning is no loss in my political book, but the waning of America – and with the US Mars now Rx by progression for the next 80 years (which supports the ‘gone as far’ factor and a stressed out, over-used military) – is  a different situation altogether.

No, Third World status isn’t the worst thing in life if materialism can take a more honest position within the national psyche…down there with the power elite’s true condition before their Maker – no better than anyone else and culpable for much larger crimes than the common man could ever imagine, let alone willingly perpetrate.

Okay, I’ll hush my populisms for now. It IS Frisky Friday after all!

~see my Page-in-progress on the US Progressed Full Moon in Virgo:


The Fed’s Jupiter Return: Dec 2008

As their two-day meeting ended today, the Fed left a key interest rate unchanged at 2%, the rate banks charge each other overnight…and in Europe today, the dollar moved higher in trading.

Whether you prefer a sunrise (solar) chart or a Sun-to-Midheaven chart for the Federal Reserve’s natal horoscope (Dec 23, 1913), the entity’s natal Jupiter 23Cap13 will return to natal position in Dec 2008.

I’m looking at the solar/sunrise chart (7:28:58 am est, Capitol Bldg, Washington DC)  and the date of return is Dec 23, the day prior to America’s Secondary Progressed Full Moon (4Vir/Pis10) on Dec 24, 2008….see sidebar: ‘US Progressed Full Moon in Virgo.’

With natal Sun 1Cap06, “the Fed” (which is a private enterprise rather than governmental as many Americans mistakenly believe) is having an ongoing transit of Pluto-to -Sun, a time when actions become more aggressive, and self-transformation is forced–esp if previous responsibilities have been ignored.

Problems must be solved in a self-reliant way during this transit and the Fed’s usual detachment from society adds to the atmosphere of remoteness. And to make matters more complex, natal Pluto 00Can06 Rx is being opposed simultaneously by transiting Pluto.

Pluto opposite Pluto describes a time when great powers are locked in a non-compromise struggle for existence…similar to what we’ve seen in the world since the New Millennium began. That Plutonian riches are involved is no big surprise, is it?

So what of Jupiter, that other planet of money, growth, and expansion?

Natally, the Fed’s Jupiter opposes Mars 19Can42 Rx and deceptive Neptune 27Can32 Rx so you see that in 1913, Neptune was opposing US natal Pluto in Capricorn, a time when natural resources and political and economic power are eroded by the ideals and ideas of societal trends (1913)..power structures were under threat, and so the Fed was created to help deal with economic issues of the early 20th century.

We may also consider a midpoint picture between the above planets…

Mars/Neptune = Jupiter: a fortunate turn or break after suffering losses; disappointment under otherwise fortunate conditions; enjoying the cloud’s silver lining; a break in the nick of time. (Tyl; Ebertin.) 

During our recent Rx period of Mercury, ruler of negotiations, contracts, agreements, communications, and trade, Mercury has been visiting the Fed’s natal Saturn 13Gem23 Rx, so it’s a time of: hard work; analysis; advice sought by others; organization and preparation becoming large issues; travel and contacts involving serious matters.

However, because the Fed has a Mercury/Saturn opposition, Mercury now is opposite natal Mercury, a time when coping is difficult due to diverse opinions which are in complete conflict with each other–people keep changing their minds and questions remain unanswered as long as the transit is in effect.

Thankfully, this transit is passing out of orb this week.

And here are the Sabian Symbols for natal Jupiter, both 23 and 24 Capricorn, using the Jones and the Rudhyar versions of the Symbols…

“23Cap”…”Two Awards for Bravery in War”…RECOGNITION…

pos: social stewardship which demands a continual self-dedication;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: strutting self-exploitation (MEJ’s “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.)

Rudhyar: “A Soldier Receiving Two Awards for Bravery in War”…keynote: The reward offered by society for the fulfillment of individual responsibility. RECOMPENSE: a compensation for a well-done performance–a balancing of accounts. (‘An Astrological Mandala.’)

“24Cap”…”A Woman Entering a Convent”…CONSECRATION…

pos: the irresistible power of a true inner vision;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: abject surrender to weakness.

Rudhyar (same word picture): keynote: Total commitment to a transcendent goal…the final goal is the attainment of TRANSCENDENT SECURITY. #

Well, that sounds dandy, ‘balancing of accounts’ and all–as long as the Fed upholds the responsibilities it has taken on since its inception and doesn’t hide in its ivory tower, but helps our nation transcend its economic pressures rather than putting some high-minded, elitist goal above the common good.


UPDATE 7.15.08: The Fed is now in process of attaining more power due to Fanni Mae and Fredie Mac weaknesses and the IndyMac Bank (headquaters in Pasadena, CA) failed Friday, July 11, and was taken over by the Fed. Monday morning (7.14) saw a run on the bank as customers lined up around the block to remove their FDIC-insured $100,000 from their accounts with 50% of the rest to be made available to them later on.

The first customer began the line at 4:00 am pdt:

ASC 26Gem53, with “28Gem” rising…the Bankruptcy degree in the Sabian Symbols. MC 7Pis52 has 2008′s Uranus/Neptune midpoint upon it –Uranus/Neptune is the New World Order pair which conj’d in 1992 – 1993 (“18Cap” = POLITICAL POWER: ‘smug or strong-armed paternalism’) so there is a picture created:

Uranus/Neptune = MC: guidance is sought from untapped sources; lack of stamina; nervous breakdown; dissolution.

There is a T-square formed in the 4:00 am chart as well with Moon 9Sag29 (conj zodiacal position of Fixed Star, Antares, ‘the need to avoid obsession’–Brady’s ‘Fixed Stars’); Mars 7Vir40, is barely beyond his July 10 conj with restrictive Saturn 5Vir49 and both are at the Foundation Point of the chart (IC):

Saturn/MC = Moon: depression; sadness. (“Depression” !)

Mars/MC = Moon: changing status through emotional ‘feel’; impulsiveness; premature action; a lack of deliberation; strong emotional excitability. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

The 7Pis52 Midheaven puts America’s natal Ceres (security issues) and US natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint at the top of the chart for all to see with Pluto/Chiron’s sense of disenfranchisement, oppression, class warfare, and corporatism at the WHY Point (MC) of the event – the lining up of hundreds of hardworking Americans who now must worry that their life savings are in jeopardy by bank failure and shakey governmental backing.

First to rise: Mercury 5Can59 conj US natal Jupiter at the “Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests” degree, “6Can”), but somehow I doubt it’s the bank customers who are best described by this degree. It’s the bank’s officers, the US Treasury, and the Fed Board, more like – and perhaps rich politicians.

As far as the horoscope of Black Tuesday (Oct 29, 1929), 2008′s Saturn in Virgo has been visiting 1929′s Neptune, a time of grim reality rearing its Hydra head - and the economists I’m reading and hearing this week are predicting several more bank faliures during the next 12 months due to the (oh so preventable) subprime loan debacle. Someone got their big profits in that scam, didn’t they?

Chop off one of Hydra’s heads and 3 more grow in its place – rather like fighting terroists who dissolve into the night to fight another day. Guerilla warfare.

To this reluctant astrologer, all this says that the ‘July 14, 2008, 4:00 am pdt, Pasadena’ chart will be one to keep a squinty eye upon and if all goes well I plan to be doing just that until someone pulls the plug.

Now let’s hope we all navigate August in good part since the Solar Eclipse of August 1 is in the same Series as the Pre-natal Eclipse of the NYSE!

~:~See Pages column for more information on the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of August, 2008.


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