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Politics bring(s)

Politics bring(s) the same old things
crooks and frauds with diamond rings
minions kept upon tight strings
testosterone araging.

jc 6.11.08 3:01 pm edt


~and from earlier today:

The prince paupers his people
their lands are taken away
so few speak truth to power
what more is there to say?

jc 12:55 pm edt

~!~ no decision yet on which two celebrities will be this blog’s Celeb Chart Queen and Celeb Chart King…wheels turning slowly but the Summer Solstice is approaching…any suggestions? ;p

owning the US government

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the US since the days of Andrew Jackson.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt


And they’re squeezing it dry 2008 as transiting asteroid King Midas hooks up with the Great Neptune/Pluto Conjunction in the ‘Generation of Materialism’ birth chart (1892) of the Robber Baron class infesting industry, energy, and finance (7-8 Gemini) and we now have ringside seats for observing the rotten outcome from these hubristic social tinkerers.

Here’s a rhyme for Barack Obama’s campaign and VP vetting woes:

Past CEO of Fanny Mae Obama’s vetting done
it’s best to move along your way for races must be won!

jc 6.11.08 (Johnson’s resignation accepted)

Uh oh! another silly poem has occurred, this one for John McCain who’s So Not like George Bush, he’d have us believe, and yet he reminds me of SomeOne ruthless and reformist in a police state kind of way…this verse may not be groanworthy enough for the discerning but at least it’s briefer than the Bush tenure…

McCain McCain our oft’ refrain
what wars will you promote?
don’t plan attacks
to knife our backs
while reading My Pet Goat.

jc 6.11.08

Obama win stokes world’s admiration for America

As I’ve flitted about the interweb this morning reading world opinions on yesterday’s historic win for…gasp!…a black man, it seems America has impressed most of our fellow earth dwellers with her powers of reinvention.

Except in Pakistan. There a man was found to plop the terrorist fly smack dab into the middle of the Obama ointment because of an answer given months ago to the question of the US acting alone within Pakistani borders if the intell warranted it.

Sullied Sovereignty! It’s such a thorny question and situation since it’s not as if the billions paid to Musharraf and friends has resulted in much action against the terroists living within Pakistan’s mountainous regions. Is someone supposing the billions might be cut off if there’s an Obama in the White House?

That Obama has “threatened” Pakistan even before becoming president so he’ll be “more dangerous than Bush” seems to be a tactical view designed to help McCain in November in similar fashion to threatening bin Laden tapes being released just before US elections. Will people fall for this manipulative jingoist claptrap again?

Osama bin Laden (if indeed he had anything to do with the timing of the tape releases–lets’ ask HoSec), retained the ones he needed to justify his jihadist campaign so that America would be sure to stay in the Middle East. Does Rove have to do EVERYthing around GOP headquarters? Sheesh, give the hair-challenged fellow a rest, why doncha?

Bush’s Second Verse: McCain Refrain

Keeping the “war on terror” going will seemingly justify at least some of the Bush Doctrine and Cheney’s shotgun-1% Gang mentality while continuing to fuel the tank of the new world government coffers as they march the world toward the abyss of totalitarian regimism.

And the pleas of the American people, while hithertofore disregarded on Capitol Hill after November 2006 and disenfranchised by a secret government ruled by the secret hand, are now apparently in play with Obama’s candidacy. Tiresomely, that McCain has Karl Rove and his minions behind him to undermine our wishes once again is a political given.

The American people have always much preferred Peace and have had to be lied into war several times through the years by larger-agenda’d presidents. Will Obama toe that line as well?

How could he not with the secret backing he’ll need to move into the Oval Office? And if a landslide vote can do it for him, he’ll be in danger if he fails to buckle under the pressure to change his enitre value system on behalf of the globalist plan for world domination.

Sadly, we’ve trusted our government in the past and this is what it’s come to. Lies and dirty dealings from the GOP–with Dem Party enabling–will continue to be on OUR agenda with McCain in the White House for sure, with Obama there…maybe not so much. And can you listen to McCain drone for four years?

Yet hope really does spring eternal in the human heart. It’s finding a beating heart in Washington that’s the problem.


Mr.A.Cat has sent me a fresh political limerick in honor of Obama’s win in Montana, so if you’re ready for a groan you’ll find it published here:



Bubbly Bubbles for Obama!


Wonder if it’s premature to send this bottle of bubbly bubbles to Barack Obama for today’s historic attainment?

image: Celebrate! by jude cowell; drawn for 2000′s New Millennium, but today being sent out with congrats and best wishes to the Obama campaign folks along with a small rhyme from this cautious Capricorn who hearts America and frets on behalf of the common good:


Be careful what you wish for

you may just get it all

remember what your Mama said

pride comes before a fall.

jc 6.3.08

impurrfect political poem published

Sorry but it’s true:  http://limslimericks.blogspot.com/2008/05/prez-campaign-rag.html

See the depths of what prez campaign fatigue can lead to? Even my cats are complaining (photo of Wiley included in above-linked post. He’s a longhaired beauty but oh so wumped out!)

Homeland Security Dept created Nov 25, 2002

Have you ever seen or considered the natal chart of DHS?


DHS was created within the 4 North Series of Solar Eclipses, a Series whose keyphrases are:

“restrictions; inhibitions; separations; disruptions; illusions; misjudging of strength and/or of situations. (Brady’s ‘Predictve Astrology.’)

This Series began on May 25, 1389 (OS) with Sun/Moon 12Gem08 which you will recognize as the US Desc in the so-called Sibly chart (5:10 pm LMT.)

In recent years it has manifested in 1912, 1930, 1948, 1966, 1984, and next: 2020. This means that similar issues may be at play within HoSec’s structure and purpose from these periods of time and you notice that there are significant years in the mix – and one of them is 1984.

Draw your own conclusions, but the above keyphrases for 4North is “illusions” which prophet Orwell understood so well in relation to governmental manipulations against the people.

This Moon/Saturn entity has deceptive, obfuscating, confused (yet creative and mystical in a *Masonic kind of way) Pisces rising of the victim/savior axis…so what were we expecting?

Homeland = “Moon” and Security = “Saturn” with the Germanic influence showing in the 1930 Eclipse on April 28, 1930 to be exact (8 Taurus.)

Hopefully i wil have more time to discuss these issues later on…thanks for putting up with me!

Barack in July

As the Rev Wright conflagle has progressed I’ve been put in mind of the Unmasking Eclipse of early Feb 2008 as a man’s deeper motives are revealed…doesn’t say by whom, but someone’s true character was-is-will be uncovered during this time.

Generally, Eclipse seasons with their more direct influences, if any, are in effect until the next Eclipse (appr 6 months later), but degrees may be sensitized for centuries whether current occupants of the globe are aware of it or not. And when ‘critical’ or crisis degrees are sensitized, well you can have quite a kettle of fish on your menu.

Saturn is back for Barack:

‘Barack in July’ refers to the time period that transiting Saturn, that lesson-and-task-bringer–aka Old Man Time–catches up to our power principle signified by Pluto (but Mars’ energy/desire nature have a lot to do with it as well), so that if there’s anything in our pasts that we now have reason to regret, Saturn’s visit to natal Pluto is the perfect time to do so. The regret will be forced upon us by stony Saturn bringing it to our doorsteps. 

The conquered bird’s head is offered by your housecat to impress upon you the reality of the situation.

Only a very focused direction of energy is likely to raise us up from such difficulties…and even then, the outcome is uncertain. Now I don’t imply that he can’t or won’t get through the hailstorm, but it will have its difficulties and the possibility of enemies making hay out of it long after the attention the issues deserve.

Are Obama’s tootsies being held to the fire of secret biases? Or is the reverend enjoying the national spotlight a little too much? Both men are only human yet are acting for the Collective, what Dane Rudhyar calls the Transpersonal Life in his book on the Sabian Symbols, The Astrological Mandala.

Now I shall pre-apologize for the about-to-follow rhymery–I’m thinkin’ of Orating Obama tonight…:


Barack Obama is your name

run for prez? you’re quite insane

if you get there I’ll come after

quicker than you’ll pass a CAFTA

Diss me and I’ll diss you too

church or state it’s up to you

politicians have their ways

pastors pray for healing grace.


jc 4.30.08  12:00 am edt (at least, we may hope they do)

Bush faults Congress for US fuel and food woes

Two things–one is Bush’s second press conference of the year from a White House garden this morning in which he performed his usual “it’s Congress, not me” routine in a very–may I say it–testy way as fighting Mars (now in bounds of the earthly plane and giving back under provocation) was rising 24Can36. 

Stung by criticism, Leo the Lion did roar from the White House this morning but with a pesky Lame Duck quacking from behind the podium.

You may wish to read my Stars Over Washington entry published as he spoke:


Today’s Sun Taurus/Moon Aquarius blend is worth considering for its tencious and proud qualities, and for two quotes from men who share this blend natally:

“When you’re down and out, something always turns up–and it’s usually the noses of your friends.” –Orson Wells

“May the Force be with you,”  –George Lucas, of ‘Stars Wars’ fame

Well, it’s true that the Force of secret government and the syndicate are with Bush, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to infest the Oval Office lo these many years (so for their purposes, he must be doing something right), and it’s apparent that America’s friends are getting fewer by the minute since Dubya took over.

Bush said that “it’s the isms that bother me–isolationism and protectism” yet he gave ‘corporatism,’ ‘fascism’ and ‘totalitarianism’ free passes on his botheration list.  He always does, of course, even with his natal Ascendant at the “A Bolshevik Propagandist” degree (8Leo)–and with the definition of fascism being a blending of state + corporate power. 

Goes to prove the old adage that what someone says they are is probably exactly what they aren’t, esp in Politics. Trustworthy men don’t have to resort to “trust me” assurances.

Besides, we wouldn’t want America to gain protection for the few jobs we have left, now would we? Not after so much has been done by our “representatives” to undermine our economy and to tear our social fabric into shreds.

Yes, the Amercian people can rightfully blame Congress and corporations for it all–in part. But the buck stops, Mr. Bush–it stops with your name on it. You ignored America’s growing problems for so long, methinks you revel in them now, you NWO promoter, you!

There’s only one Image for Integration for today’s Sun/Moon blend…see what you think:

“A country squire holds the summer fete in his garden; all monies raised are divided equally between three charities in the village–the Friendly Farmer’s Trust, the Local Artists’ Guild, and the Quakers’ Orphanage.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

! ! !

The second thing is that today is the next-to-the-last day of National Poetry Month, and I have absolutely no plans to do anything appropriate about it, do you?

Well, if you’re planless like me, you could spontaneously mosey over to Lim’s Limericks and read a few groanworthy political rhymes if you wish: http://limslimericks.blogspot.com

No, I haven’t allowed the Political Poetry muse to land much of late, but you may also view kittycat photos there, so what are you waiting for? For George Bush to get a clue?




Lunations reveal electability: Al Gore

At Patty’s *request here are the results on Al Gore’s Natal and Progressed lunations to determine if he has that “electable” quality and to nose into whether he is in a phase of life that would aid a presidential term for Albert:

Natal lunar phase (distance between Sun and Moon): Disseminating 262:18;

Secondary Progressed for April 2008: Disseminating 268:24.

So Gore falls into the second hemicycle, the ANTITHETICAL phase (180 degr+) both natally and currently which places him character-wise as self-willed and busy as a bee fulfilling his personal desires.

This is supported by teaching and lecturing which he has asserted he prefers over running for office or serving as president. Board-sitting must take up a gracious amount of time as well but worth it when you’re hangin’ out with the win-win crowd.

Besides, Disseminating types ARE teachers and communicators–which suited him well enough as a young writer and reporter.

You’ve noticed that Gore has recently had his Secondary Phasal Return when Secondary Moon and Sun repeat their angle at birth (262 degr 18 mins.)

 My own Phasal Return is coming up in a few months, and I hardly know what to expect–I can guess, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing so here goes nuthin,’ muffin.

Trilateral Commission, mining, ecology promos, accepting awards…all the things that that bundle of cells needs in order to gel into the man (who may just turn his raptor’s gaze toward a new direction at any moment)…they call him, Al Gore; and when the cards hit the table and the last puppy is curled up in the box, Al Gore would rather be realizing personal goals, whatever they may be.

And with his natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 1st house of Self, I’d stay out of his way, down to the last distressed whale in trouble. For when the sirens broadcast globally, you may look up but it will be too late. War from Space…brought to you by your local tentacle of the centralized mammoth head of the dragon that roars at the rudder of our ill-fated Arsenal of Democracy.

You know it’s easy for anyone to promise overmuch right now with the ongoing Mars/Jupiter opposition overhead and underbelly, but we all must try. Well, the federal government seems to have given in and up on prudence and moderation, doesn’t it?

So to mask the stench of sulphur rising from the above politics and assaulting our innocent nostrils, I penned a rhyme earlier today and it has helped me forget the bitter taste of my defeat on the www…i surrender gracefully if rhymefully and with *all apologies for this poem is very self-indulgent of me esp with desiring Mars opposite expansive Jupiter:


~:~Sunday’s www in a frustration nation~:~

The internet is acting coy
forget the worldwide web

i’d read of George and Condi too
while fearing John and Jeb

if only pages loaded soon
before warm sun did set

while candidates for prez intone
upon yon TV set

There’s Meet the Press and Stephanop
Chris Matthews and Bob Schieffer

then popery in New York C
incants on mama’s wafer

it’s all tres moderne so severe
as history reveals

elections rigged and money piled
who lies and cheats and steals?

A racketeering world of woe
the common man a dupe

while rich men dine high on the hog
the rest of us slurp soup

yet still the page will not aload
as time goes ticking by

no blogs from Turtle Lane can post
from someone such as i.


jude  4.20.08

(would’ve publ’d hours ago but no go…but that’s okay because they can have all the hog as far as i’m concerned–actually there’s been no pork consumed here btw since 1978, so thanks but no thanks to shanks. jc)

Cat writes political limerick: Karl Rove’s fluff

Cat in a Very Green Chair

Even the fluff of Karl Rove won’t protect him from the snarly Mr.A.Cat’s rhyminess.

A former agent in service to our nation, the elusive Mr.A. has penned a limerick in the litterbox of political verse for you to read–a limerick which concerns Mr. Rove and his sassy ways…


Who knew cats could be so political? Did you?

Yet the kitty cat in the chair, pictured above, looks fairly harmless, don’t you agree? Rather settled in, I might add.

“Cat in a Very Green Chair”  by jude cowell (c) 2008 click to enlarge image or see more art:


Plus, you may discover an Art Image you like for Downloading purposes here:


Tour an online Art Gallery today!

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