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Solar Eclipse Series: 2008 = 1990

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The Solar Eclipses–one we’re in currently since Feb 6/7, 2008, “18AQ” in the 10North Series, the next one up: Aug 1, 2008, “10Leo” in the 10 South, are repetitions from the year 1990 because a Solar Eclipse cycle reoccurs approximately every 18.6 years.

Since we know that history repeats–although with differences, of course–we may want to consider some social and political events of 1990 because same or similar issues may resurface during 2008–and from the list below you will see that most of them have been simmering right along, bubbling on the hob.

1990 was the second year influenced by the rare and important triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in materialistic, ambitious Capricorn, a pile-up not seen since the 15th century.

The 80s, the decade of greed, had been floating high on Reagan’s rosy “supply side” illusions; thus by 1990, financial scandals began to surface such as junk-bond dealers filing for bankruptcy, and other Wall Street slights-of-hand.

Grim financial realities and confrontations were in the news each day as economic recession reared its ugly horns, and in Britain the IRA bombed the London Stock Exchange. Whether violence helped matters, I don’t know, but I can’t imagine that it helped much of anything.

1990 saw the end of the “cold war” and the USSR began splitting into independent countries, while other political structures crumbled as well–Thatcher in the UK, and Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. Also Boris Yeltsin was elected president of Russia, and Nelson Mandela was released from prison as South Africa’s apartheid ended.

“Mad-cow disease” was a frightening problem in Britain so their homegrown beef was banned,  a link between leukemia and radiation was proven on behalf of the children of nuclear plant workers, and the “Iron Curtain” parted.

The 10S Eclipse of July 26, 1990 (repeats Aug 1, 2008) was opposed by the Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction and triggered Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. This was negated by the US-led coalition’s retaliation on the day of the next Eclipse (Jan 15, 1991, “26Cap” which conjuncts US natal Pluto and the Inaugural Midheaven on Jan 20, noon–in this case, Bush Sr.)

Later I will write on the 1991 Eclipse Series for 2009, but for now: 1990 = 2008, and vice versa, folks.

Hopefully, if and where needed,  some of these past issues may find happy resolutions in this, the enlightened New Millennium.


Article on our current ‘Unmasking Eclipse’ of Feb 6, 2008:


Article on upcoming Aug 1, 2008 Eclipse:

http://judecowell.wordpress.com/solar-eclipse-aug-1-2008-10-south-series/  (has link to post on 2008 Eclipses’ positions in George Bush’s natal chart including 2008′s Lunar Eclipses.)

Here’s a Page on the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981:


And here’s an article on the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the Bush presidency, 2001–or, how the whole trainwreck began: 


Written by Jude Cowell

February 29, 2008 at 1:41 am

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