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Where ACORN gets its funding

ACORNs small from tall oaks grow with many branches doncha know:


Obama-McCain debate: high road vs low

If you reduce tonight’s presidential debate to high road vs low road, Senator Obama’s unruffled demeanor looked calm and collected as usual next to McCain’s huffing and puffing.

Looking petty was a danger for Mr. McCain and he lived down to the expectation.

My previous post must stand astrologically and the timing I used is quite close to reality – the show came on at 9:00 pm edt and the candidates began just after Bob Shieffer’s intro and they ended at 10:31 pm edt.

August 16′s (market paranoia) Lunar Eclipse began the evening at Midheaven 24AQ06, and progressive Uranus 19Pis27 Rx ended the debate near Midheaven 17Pis45. Interesting that the Sabian Symbol for ’18Pis’ is: “In A Huge Tent A Famous Revivalist Conducts His Meeting With A Spectacular Performance.”

Well, the spectacular part may be Barack Obama’s resisting the opportunity given him by the moderator to ‘go after’ Sarah Palin with the question about running mates and their qualifications. McCain, however, had some criticisms for Joe Biden, but that’s typical for those-who-run-behind.

One critique was that Biden voted against the first Gulf War. Perhaps voting against any war wouldn’t suit John McCain, but why the vote was supposedly a bad idea he didn’t say other than a mention of protecting the oil supply.

Well, yes. There is that. War to protect oil…hmmm…we export war, they export oil…yes, it Could work.

McCain also said that Biden “voted wrong” on some national security issues but it was more of a throw-away mumble so I’ll have to watch again and see if I can pick up what he meant.

And I’ll be searching the chart for Joe the Plumber who kept showing up and they had quite a tiff over whether Joe’s taxes are going up or not for when he buys the business he’s been working in for years. I’m not sure who cares the most about Joe’s situation based on this debate – but is Joe represented by Pluto, who rules pipes and tunnels? If so, he set during the debate from 7th house into 6th.

Obama’s conversation with Joe at, I assume, a campaign stop, was that “5 years ago, when you were in a position to buy the business, you needed a tax break then.” But McCain seems to think Joe’s current problems are Barack Obama’s fault now. It’s all a horrid nightmare but I’m fairly certain that it was Bush who was playing president 5 years ago.

Ben Stein is on ‘Tavis Smiley’ now saying that Obama’s long-term plans (for the economy) are excellent but that he didn’t have a short-term plan. Until the dust settles, I’m not sure who could.

Stein is “puzzled” that Obama didn’t repudiate John Lewis’ unfortunate remarks in a more forceful way.

Tavis is saying that the spin will be that McCain was whining about his feelings being hurt (by being ‘compared’ to George Wallis by Lewis, which I’m not sure is precisely what Lewis said.) 

He was whining, and as Obama said, the American people don’t care in this campaign if our feelings get hurt (paraphrased.) Now the Irish side of my family would call it whinging, know what I mean? Obama didn’t repudiate John Lewis (that would be daft) but he conceded the inappropriateness of Lewis’ remarks.

So altogether, McCain scored a few points but seemed to flail and whinge in a petty way, Obama was calm yet he did get annoyed about the ACORN accusations.

And, as stated in a post below, (at 10:31 pm actually - I pre-used 10:30 pm), Uranus ended at Midheaven with Saturn at Ic – but Uranus remained in 10th house of Career and Public Standing, while Saturn left the building by way of The Drain (Ic) – and I’m not sure if Joe the Plumber can help stop the leak.

Now If I can just figure out which candidate is Uranus and which is Saturn I might be on to something. Okay, so I think I know, but what do you think?

Obama-McCain 10.15.08 Mercury Direct Station

In New York Wednesday, Oct 15, 2008, Mercury, planet of communications such as speeches, negotiations, and debates turns Direct at 4:05:47 pm edt. At 9:00 pm edt and 10:30 pm edt, Mercury remains at the same degree and minute of Libra: 7:34…aka a Station.

And since Mercury is also the planet of thinking processes, there may be those who will make up their minds as to which candidate they’ll be voting for, independents and fence-sitters alike.

Now at 9:00 pm edt rising is 18Gem17; by 10:30 pm Cancer is rising 9:13. Also at 10:30 pm (and I’m assuming the debate may last an hour and a half) the Saturn-Uranus opposition is on the Mc-Ic axis of Career and Public Standing…Uranus conj Mc, Saturn conj Ic. That each candidate can be said to represent the establishment (Saturn) and since both say that they represent change (Uranus), my guess is that whoever shows himself to best advantage in this debate is…the Uranian.

Seriously, I suspect Obama will ‘show’ better yet there’s another method: which is more elevated, Jupiter (Republican) or Saturn (Democrat)? With that technique, Jupiter 14Cap44 begins in 8th house at 9:00 pm, and ends at 10:30 pm in 7th house; Saturn begins in 4th house and crosses the IC just prior to 10:30 pm, which is a Moon Hour.

Now there are other factors to consider: chart-ruler is Stationary Direct Mercury yet Mercury makes no applying aspects to other planets – are minds already made up? There is an applying sesquisquare (a semi-square within a square - 135 degr) from Mercury to 9:00 pm’s MC (0A33) which may be no more than ‘dynamic energy release in career matters and toward the public.’ This we would expect.

Barack Obama is more mercurial (and Uranian – he busted things up for Hillary!) than Saturnian McCain even though age-wise Obama’s just barely in the Mars range being in his mid-40s. But he’s known for his orating abilities while McCain is not, so I’ll have to “give” Mercury to Obama for this evening’s chart, so its Direct status is a good sign for the undecideds.

Now at 9:00 pm, a Mercury Hour, the midpoint of Saturn and Uranus is rising…

Saturn-Uranus = ASC: the loner’s position is established; standing alone in the world; being placed in difficult circumstances; difficulties caused by others; sharing emotional suffering with others; bereavement. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Not nice, but there it is. Bush has pretty much managed to isolate our country even while pretending to scold people who want what he labels “protectionism.” It’s America who stands alone. However you look at it, this picture describes our nation a bit too well these days. (Yet of course as always with midpoint pictures, it can be ‘all, some, or none.’)

Also at 9:00 pm overhead are Sarah Palin’s Aquarian planets. I have no plans to discuss her in detail though so I’ll leave it to someone else if they have time and stomach for it. Suffice it to say that transiting Neptune is therefore at Midheaven as well, so the usual associations of Neptune will apply in the Aspiration department: ideals, dreams, spirituality, deceptions, veils, confusion, lies, subterfuge, fraud, the masses, mass media, photography and film…and again, it’s ‘all, some, or none.’

As mentioned, Uranus ends at MC at 10:30 pm which means that at some point during the debate, the midpoint of Uranus-Neptune tops the chart which gives what I’ve always thought is an intriguing picture…

Uranus-Neptune = MC: guidance is sought from other realms or never-before-tapped sources; a peculiar disposition and strange interests; lack of stamina; a nervous breakdown; dissolution; unconsciousness; inner vision.

(This picture sometimes occurs in ‘mysterious death’ charts – just thought I’d mention it. There’s a ‘mysticism’ and an ‘enlightenment’ vibe to the Uranus-Neptune pair.)

Of course, the audience might drift off from boredom, but since this debate (and I really dislike using that word esp since we never actually have them anymore – just what passes for them) is supposed to include more discussion of practical ideas concerning our wilted economy, so surely it’ll be more revved up than that.

Job loss and the creation of them would be my idea of the first place to start.

It drives me crazier than a bedbug to think that if jobs had not been outsourced, downsized, and just basically LOST and uncreated these last few years, a lot more Americans would’ve continuing paying their mortgages and then some. Guess the CEOs and their corporate bosses didn’t care about that – or they knew  perfectly well how things would pan out, but America’s collapse really IS the plan, as I keep grousing here and elsewhere, as do others.

Well, it would be easy to go on and on about the Oct 15 debate chart for Wednesday eve but it’s time for TV’s Craig Ferguson and The Late Late Show – and a larf would be lovely about now. Even Craig’s reruns are funnier than most people’s first-runs. He has Election Fever, y’know, but it’s advanced into Election Infection.

Perhaps I can add more tomorrow before evening rolls around but here are the Sabian Symbols for Mercury – it seems to me that both ’7Libra’ and ’8Libra’ are instructive since we’re looking at a planetary station and both seem to apply.

So ’7″ is emphasized now with Mercury’s Direct Station, but ’8′ is where we’re reaching…

’7Lib’: ” A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From the Hawks.” GUARDIANSHIP.

’8Lib’: “A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home.” HOPE.

Should Obama-McCain tout Keynesian economics?

How to Save the US Economy

By Richard C. Cook

Everything being suggested by the Obama/McCain campaigns is based on the
failed Keynesian formula:




You can’t solve problems using the same thinking that caused the problems, to paraphrase Albert Einstein and Barack Obama but isn’t that what Obama has done concerning the engineered financial crisis?

Isn’t Keynesianism part of what was used to get the world into this mess? If so, shouldn’t McCain and Obama be tut-tutting Keynesianism rather than than touting it?

Tut-tut don’t tout!

Palin Power!

Republicans have allowed the report on TrooperGate to be released with the key finding that Sarah Palin abused her office: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/223539.php

Joe Six-Pack found

A friend sent me a link today for the Rednecks4Obama site which I had managed to miss until.

Are these folks part of the Joe Six-Pack crowd that Sarah Palin is a-huntin’ for? If so, the NASCAR may be nearing the finish line without her:


Written by Jude Cowell

October 9, 2008 at 8:36 pm

Chiffonery Art and a Panacea on a Rainy Day

Don’t know about you but last night’s ‘townhall’ meeting between Barack Obama and John McCain wumped me out with Politics so I’ve turned to Art on this rainy day in Georgia to clear my head.

Now Panacea’s Pink Fringe is finally as pink as it can be:


Or, if you’re a fond of rainy days and don’t mind a fairy or two,  you may wish to visit Rainy Tree: Two Fairies:


Astrology of the Obama-McCain townhall debate 10.7.08

If the three Sparkies who read this blog are interested, they may click to read a fresh post on this Tuesday’s Obama-McCain presidential townhall debate in Nashville, TN which is now published at Stars Over Washington:


Got TV? Then you know you want to watch in fascination Tuesday evening as Midas rises in Nashville Oct 7, 2008, at 8:00 pm cdt, and February 2008′s Solar Eclipse (the ‘Unmasking Eclipse’) culminates at Midheaven for the whole world to see – perhaps a greedy Midas or two will be revealed and reviled!

Since the post doesn’t have the debate’s chart you can’t see that the 8th cusp is in Capricorn (2:23) but you will read mention of McCain’s current transit of Saturn-to-natal-Neptune. Most people and pundits are agreeing that America’s financial crisis isn’t helpful for the McCain candidacy, and Capricorn is ruled by old man Saturn who is on his transiting way to US natal Neptune in Aug-Sept, 2009. 

Asteroid Cupido, one of the significators of Corporatism, will be at 9Vir11 Tuesday night – conjunct George Bush’s natal Mars - so mention of McCain’s links with Bush are on people’s minds if not on Obama’s tongue. Perhaps audience questions will reflect this concern of more-of-Bush-policies with a McCain presidency. (A vote for McCain is a vote for Karl Rove and George Bush!)

Tuesday’s Moon is in Capricorn, too, so the people (Moon) are in a serious mood and are ambitious for improvements…Moon is in 8th house with wealth-spreading Jupiter 13Cap56 opposite US and Bush natal Suns, a time when resources dry up.

But as we saw in the last few weeks, Bush has a financial lifeline which we-the-people don’t have so he’ll weather the crisis dandily, thanks.

At Midheaven is a Fixed Star, Sualocin, of the constellation Delphinus, the Dolphin. This is a playful, helpful star which Bernadette Brady told me has an ‘artful dodger’ flavor. Celestially it resides next to the constellation Aquila the Eagle in the northern hemisphere, in an area of the heavens called The Waters.

Sualocin indicates one who is confident of mastery – a master in his own field.

The constellation Delphinus is centuries old and has many myths associated with it in various cultures: the Greeks saw it as the Sacred Fish; early Christians related it to Christ (the Fish), and in Arabia it has been called, the Riding Camel, ship of the desert. (Brady’s ‘Book of Fixed Stars.’)

Then there’s Tuesday’s chart-ruling planet of communications and speeches, Mercury, which is Rx in fair-minded Libra so we’ll have to see how the orations go as Midas rises and sadsack McCain, who says he’s most effective in townhall formats, attempts to limp over the finish line to fulfill his lifelong dream while inhibiting Saturn sits directly upon McCain’s planet of dreams, hopes, wishes, and ideals…Neptune.

However, since Astrology describes multiplicitous levels of existence, Saturn can, with some effort, bring accomplishment to long-term efforts as well as long-lasting rewards – if Mr. Accountability’s precepts have been observed and respected in the past.

So will McCain’s top-of-the-heap dreams of power and control come true at last? 

It may come down, after all is said, debated, and done, to wealthy stealthy Pluto, now unaspected and working unencumbered behind the scenes on behalf of the presidential candidate of his choice.

Because undemocratic as it is, whomever we-the-people vote for, we really vote for him.

~:~ an important note: please click Comments for this post to read astrologer Sasha’s details on the debate chart. My notes are actually based on an hour into the debate as it turns out…thanks, Sasha. I’m beginning to wonder what I’d do without ya – both you and Monica!! ;p

VP debate 10.2.08: the horoscope chart

Tonight’s Biden vs Palin debate, the 8:00 pm CDT chart for St. Louis, Mo:


Written by Jude Cowell

October 3, 2008 at 12:53 am

VP debate 10.2.08: meet me in St. Louis

Not much time this morning to blurb on tonight’s one and only VP debate but after taking a week off from my day job, the salt mine is waiting for me to get back to it so this must be briefer than I’d prefer. Hope it isn’t too slapdash to make some sort of sense!

Here I’m using a shorthand method, one of my favored ‘tricks’ and I have no idea if anyone else uses it, and I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned using it but after a few years of the practice I can say that it always relates to the matter at hand. Let’s see if I can explain…first, do have handy a book such as Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’ or whichever info you prefer concerning Eclipses.

Taking Joe Biden’s natal chart and setting up a Composite Davison chart with tonight’s debate chart (Oct 2, 2008; 9:00 pm, St. Louis, MO + Joe Biden = ’20Tau00′) gives a combined (or averaged) date of Oct 27, 1975, and the Pre-natal Eclipse of that date is the 3 South Series whose influence is:

constitutional crisis; possible natural disasters, and a striving for large group endeavors positively or negatively; this may include mass migrations such as after hurricanes or war displacements; mass movements of some kind are indicated. So subjects along these lines may be brought up in the debate by Sen Biden.

With Sarah Palin’s natal chart in Composite Davison relationship to tonight’s debate (using ’4:40 pm’ for her birth time giving 19Leo+ as natal ASC), the C/Dav date is June 8, 1986; Eclipse degree = ’19Ari07′; you see that this is the Exaltation degree of the Sun – for this and other reasons I believe the ‘lowered expectations’ trick of Karl Rove will bear low-hanging political fruit in this debate for those who are susceptible to her charms.

Palin will stand up for herself although her grasp of facts will still be middling at best, yet it may not matter - most of the people who like her will like her still when the dust clears, and she will use emotional communication power to persuade.

And if Biden can keep his anger and contempt – of stable Taurus for fools-rush-in Aries – under control, it should be good for him as well – he will use his keen powers of observation and long experience to persuade.

So for Palin the Pre-natal Eclipse for June 8, 1986 is in the 6 North Series which has a r’elationship to authority figures’ flavor – commitments will occur due to another person’s illness or unreliability.

That John McCain will not be completing a presidential term seems most likely and I assume that Biden realizes that he may be debating the next president of the United States this evening unless a populist landslide – so large it cannot be ignored or dirty-tricked away – carries the Democratic ticket into the White House. You’d think the financial crisis and war loss and spending would help, wouldn’t you? That’s where Rovian dirty tricks and sexy Sarah come in.

The VP debate chart shows 1Gem24 rising at 9:00 pm CDT in St. Louis, and 9AQ31 at Midheaven, chart-ruler Mercury is retrograde and applying first in trine to NN (the public – millions are watching as will I), trine Chiron 1A56 with Chiron 16AQ18 Rx in 10th house as is NN 17AQ01, then Mercury, planet of debates and oration, squares Jupiter 13Cap30 which has just entered 8th house of debts, credit, and legacies – where Pluto 28Sag39 is located as well and conj Republican Party’s natal ASC – then Mercury conjuncts Sun 10Lib14 8A00.

Biden (Sun) will finally be seen to ‘win’ on most levels though Palin will make her mark with Mercury Rx as prepared as she can be…there will be fuzzy thinking about the debate mainly because of the emotional component mixed with Palin’s sexual attraction which many people find persuasive (!)

ASC “2Gem”: “Santa Claus Filling Stockings Furtively”, the What or the debate itself; MC, the Aspiration Point of the debate…”11AQ”: “A Popularity That Proves Ephemeral.” But whose popularity? Palin’s is my guess.

Yes, Mercury is quite busy tonight even in its Rx state and is conjunct US Sec Progressed Mars 18Lib+…’19Lib” = “A Gang of Robbers in Hiding.” This rightfully should relate to the occupation, Congress, Wall Street, the Fed, and to a certain Treasury secretary – esp with moneybags Jupiter now to-the-degree opposite US n Sun (and Bush’s n Sun), a time when resources and credit dry up. Since I’ve mentioned this before here and on Stars Over Washington, I’ll not repeat.

Obviously America’s financial entanglings will be mentioned and you don’t need Astrology to figure that out; plus, the Iraq war will be on the menu with ’1Sag’ Descending, the ‘Where point’ of the chart…’1Sag”: “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire.”

Another thing to look at is the candidates’ natal placements – which are first to rise in the VP debate chart? In order of ascendance:

Biden: Uranus 2Gem46, Desc 3:11, Saturn 6:22. This gives him a Saturn/Uranus = ASC: the loner’s position is established; experiencing difficulties caused by others; being placed in difficult circumstances; emotional suffering. I think it’s significant that the Saturn/Uranus pair are associated with the Middle East, esp with Israel and Palestine and, of course, there’s the Saturn-Uranus opposition overhead and soon to be exact.

That Biden describes himself as a Zionist cannot be overlooked. (I placed the video on Stars Over Washington a few weeks ago if you haven’t seen it – sorry I don’t have time to find its link for you!) Biden’s natal Pluto 7Leo14 has just crossed the Foundation Point of the debate chart, the Ic, at 9:00 pm.

Now with Sarah Palin’s natal placements, first to rise this evening 9:00 pm will be Chiron/ASC if you use her 4:40 pm birth chart…she’s seen as inadequate. Her Chiron/Uranus midpoint soon rises which is the ‘chaos-creator/maverick’ pair, useful in politics for reforming on a grand scale.

Next up – and again using 4:40 pm birth time – is NN/MC (‘being recognized’ – Tyl) so we see NN/MC = ASC: harmony; associations based on an inner understanding.

I believe this relates to her political and religious associations – we may hear code words flying tonight although obvert messages may be used by Palin, too, esp since she’s been criticized of late about ‘witch exorcisms’ and her church affiliations.

At 20Gem02 is Palin’s n Venus/Uranus so her ‘sexiness’ will ‘rise’ (not for me – perhaps for you!)  and will bring a certain eccentricity with it because Venus/Uranus can also have an ‘erratic with money’ vibe, as well as being the divorce duo.

So all you fellas and gals imagining yourselves in love with Sarah Palin and hoping she’ll divorce her husband for ya are doomed to be disappointed whether you fall for her as president – er, vice president – or not. 

But tonight’s VP debate promises to be a ‘playing the powerful hunch’ affair full of daring and persuasive words delivered both openly and surreptitiously to the collective unconscious…assuming that a retrograde Mercury doesn’t interfere.

~:~ just realized that my reliance on my astrology software for the correct time for the debate may have been misplaced (again.) Mea culpa – will have to check it on my return later this afternoon…grump. Too rushed, too fatigued – and all apologies if so. However, C/Dav Eclipse info remains the same as given above.


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