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Wedding Day Astrology stats so far

It occurred to me just now to check the stats for the three Wedding Day Astrology fests I’ve been publishing the last couple of days to see which ‘couple’ has the most peeks for their relationship.

You might say, well, you published the Clintons’ first, next day the Obamas’, then today the McCains’–nosing right under the tent flap of love–totally uninvited to ceremony or reception, no RSVP to respondez to.

Don’t care.

Here are the current stats for peeks under love’s tent flap by YOU as of 8:52 pm est:

Clintons 92;

McCains 42;

Obamas 29.

Socially speaking in an experimental way, perhaps the results are no surprise. But I’ll do a reprise Friday pm just to see if the status of nuptial nosiness has changed at all.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if November’s prez winner won here as well? No correlation implied, of course!

Political Rhyme of a Presidency for Sale

Early this morning the muse of political rhymery landed rather clunkily upon my brow and I’ve published the results here:


Warning: if you wear your political indoctrinations on your sleeve–or are floating within an Obama dream–you may wish to skip this triple-versed smidge of campaign cynicism.

Warning: above warning may be Void in France–they love him over there, said http://www.npr.org this morning.

Which prez candidate owns a Fist of God?

Just now published a new Page (see Sidebar) on Hillary Clinton’s natal chart with its image.

Have you heard of a ‘Fist of God’ pattern before? Well, Hillary’s chart has one and it’s highlighted so that you can see for yourself. This is the 8:00 pm cst chart so have a peek, if you may.

~Now if I can only get over my doubts on Barack Obama’s 1:06 pm chart being his correct birth time I may publish it was well–this time set for Honolulu gives him a Scorpio rising chart–so where’ his eagle’s stare?!

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