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John Cleese: Sun Scorpio-Moon Aries

Last evening, the British Academy of Film awarded the 5 remaining members of a certain comedy troop a Lifetime Achievement Award, and reunion is in the air at last. 40 years of odd hilarity!

So having been a Monty Python fan since early days it’s good to see them ‘together’ again on my TV screen, and the reviews of their newly presented material have been good to excellent.

Checking the natal data of John Cleese (rated A, from mother), born Oct 27, 1939, Weston-Super-Mare, England, @ 3:15 am BST, we see Sun in Scorpio, Moon 19Ari11 (’19 Aries’ is the exaltation degree of the Sun.) Scorpio and Aries are both Mars-driven so his is a Martian sort of temperament, I suspect.

Plus, there’s a Sun/Pluto square which describes an explosive, willful personality, one who will strike first if it guarantees victory. An enigma to all, the Sun/Pluto square person can over-react with the best of them while maintaining admirable self-control the rest of the time. But this square does give executive ability for managing large enterprises.

In a well-known person’s Astrology chart we always look for fame and prominence nestled around the Cardinal Points (although some very famous folk do not have a planet there, but a midpoint, asteroid, or chart angles.) Cardinal Points of Prominence are 00:00 degrees of Aries/Libra, and Cancer/Capricorn, as you know.

The famous Mr. Cleese does not disappoint, however, for his natal Jupiter, planet of actors, is @ 00Ari16 Rx, a near-exact plop upon the Aries Point. Jupiter is in 7th house of Partnerships and opposes creative Neptune (5A47) with Neptune, also associated with acting and film, in 1st house of Self.

A Jup/Nep opposition indicates one who may bite off more than they can chew or who tend to over-promise; people may impose with a “but you’re the only one who can____” which ends with resentment for the Jup/Nep person – sometimes one must ‘give up giving’ or becoming alienated from everyone may result.

ASC 12Vir35 gives Mercury as Chart-ruler with Mercury 23Sco12 in 3rd house near Venus 16Sco12. Mercury/Venus conjunctions indicate writing talent. (Ex: Craig Ferguson has a Merc/Venus conj in Gemini.)

Chart-ruler Mercury applies to only one planet, a sextile to Neptune (1A17) so talent indicators abound for this is a ‘fertile imagination’ aspect.

Midheaven, the Goal Point of any chart, has transiting asteroid Midas there now – Mc 7Gem08; transiting Saturn in Virgo is conjunct n Neptune 24Vir28 which is the ‘grim reality’ transit but may also be the ‘dreams come true’ transit depending on whether one has dealt maturely and responsibly with Saturn in the past – by working hard.

Mr. Cleese’s current awards and recognition are based on his past efforts which have stood the test of (Saturnian) time!

Now let’s look at his ‘Images for Integration’ for Sun Sco-Moon Aries:

‘A dedicated scientist pioneers new frontiers of knowledge…A crusader fights for her vision of truth.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

“A crusader..”? ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’, anyone?

Or may I interest you in a grail-shaped beacon? ;p

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