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George the Magic White Boy

Having an irrepressible kitty cat like Lim who does like his rhymery and his Politics, it makes smart  kitty sense that Lim would eventually respond to the Magic Negro parody of Barack Obama with his own ditty – also sung to the tune of ‘Puff the Magic Dragon.’

This may be Lim’s way of bidding adieu to our 43th resident, George Bush:


(‘resident’ is no typo, fyi.)

And don’t fret – Republicans, including radio’s Rush Limbaugh, have played the Obama parody ad nauseum using the ‘he’s black, too’ justification because it was created by a black man, David Ehrenstein.

So? Well, Lim is a Leo the Lion kitty…Bush has Leo rising and Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in Leo in his 1st house of Self. He even has Leo the Lion’s slightly crossed eyes and a heart full of pride.

So by GOP logic,  it’s okay for Lim to parody another Leo, right?

Dueling Parodies! Makes me wonder if ‘Rush the Magic Gasbag’ can be far behind! Lim may be scratching it into his litterbox as I type…better go check…’scuse me…

There’s a difference between Palin and Dan Quayle

Well, it’s been hours now, and McCain’s pick of Alaska Governor Sara Palin on Friday is apparently no joke after all.

Robert J. Elisberg has written an insightful article on Sara Palin’s qualifications for national office and on John McCain’s choice of ‘The Worst Vice-Presidential Nominee in U.S. History’:


As Elisberg notes, Dan Quayle was a sitting senator when tapped. And Gov. Palin voted against polar bears and supports oil drilling in ANWR.

But fascinating as Sara Palin as VP may seem, there’s one thing I’ve always noted to myself (since nothing in politics happens by accident):

when they divert all eyes toward one direction, we should pay more attention to where they’re NOT pointing. For that may just be where the real shell game is being played.


Here’s a limerick scratched in the litter box of Mr.A.Cat from July 2006, ‘Alaska’:


Mr.A. doesn’t think well of corrupt political thespians so it’s a wonder he follows Politics at all!

Cat limericks Obama’s overseas tour

At last! Mr. A. Cat has gotten through to us at Lim’s Limericks with a freshly scratched limerick which seems to apply to Barack Obama’s recent overseas tour of presidentiness:


~~Cat photo of Princess Grace included~cred to Maya H.~~

Obama win stokes world’s admiration for America

As I’ve flitted about the interweb this morning reading world opinions on yesterday’s historic win for…gasp!…a black man, it seems America has impressed most of our fellow earth dwellers with her powers of reinvention.

Except in Pakistan. There a man was found to plop the terrorist fly smack dab into the middle of the Obama ointment because of an answer given months ago to the question of the US acting alone within Pakistani borders if the intell warranted it.

Sullied Sovereignty! It’s such a thorny question and situation since it’s not as if the billions paid to Musharraf and friends has resulted in much action against the terroists living within Pakistan’s mountainous regions. Is someone supposing the billions might be cut off if there’s an Obama in the White House?

That Obama has “threatened” Pakistan even before becoming president so he’ll be “more dangerous than Bush” seems to be a tactical view designed to help McCain in November in similar fashion to threatening bin Laden tapes being released just before US elections. Will people fall for this manipulative jingoist claptrap again?

Osama bin Laden (if indeed he had anything to do with the timing of the tape releases–lets’ ask HoSec), retained the ones he needed to justify his jihadist campaign so that America would be sure to stay in the Middle East. Does Rove have to do EVERYthing around GOP headquarters? Sheesh, give the hair-challenged fellow a rest, why doncha?

Bush’s Second Verse: McCain Refrain

Keeping the “war on terror” going will seemingly justify at least some of the Bush Doctrine and Cheney’s shotgun-1% Gang mentality while continuing to fuel the tank of the new world government coffers as they march the world toward the abyss of totalitarian regimism.

And the pleas of the American people, while hithertofore disregarded on Capitol Hill after November 2006 and disenfranchised by a secret government ruled by the secret hand, are now apparently in play with Obama’s candidacy. Tiresomely, that McCain has Karl Rove and his minions behind him to undermine our wishes once again is a political given.

The American people have always much preferred Peace and have had to be lied into war several times through the years by larger-agenda’d presidents. Will Obama toe that line as well?

How could he not with the secret backing he’ll need to move into the Oval Office? And if a landslide vote can do it for him, he’ll be in danger if he fails to buckle under the pressure to change his enitre value system on behalf of the globalist plan for world domination.

Sadly, we’ve trusted our government in the past and this is what it’s come to. Lies and dirty dealings from the GOP–with Dem Party enabling–will continue to be on OUR agenda with McCain in the White House for sure, with Obama there…maybe not so much. And can you listen to McCain drone for four years?

Yet hope really does spring eternal in the human heart. It’s finding a beating heart in Washington that’s the problem.


Mr.A.Cat has sent me a fresh political limerick in honor of Obama’s win in Montana, so if you’re ready for a groan you’ll find it published here:



impurrfect political poem published

Sorry but it’s true:  http://limslimericks.blogspot.com/2008/05/prez-campaign-rag.html

See the depths of what prez campaign fatigue can lead to? Even my cats are complaining (photo of Wiley included in above-linked post. He’s a longhaired beauty but oh so wumped out!)

cat writes limerick: Bush final SOTU

Princess Grace has reluctantly allowed me to post her short little limerick concerning tonight’s SOTU address: http://limslimericks.blogspot.com/2008/01/sotu-boo-hoo-12808.html

And you may see a black’n’white photo there of the lovely feline herself!

Michael Bloomberg: peep-eye!

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/06/michael-bloomberg.html links to today’s post on Michael Bloomberg’s natal chart with a few personality details, if you’re interested in the mayor.

He’s being coy about announcing his deep desire to be head-cheese-in-chief but he’d love a gulp, thanks!

Much Art continues to be created around here…hope you have time to drop by http://stores.lulu.com/judecowell/

for Downloadable Art Goodness for there you’ll find a new portrait of Nina Thomas, and the Neptune-inspired drawing, Diluvian Flux which still tidals along for you.

Plus, there’s a Spycat Rendevous revealed at http://limslimericks.blogspot.com

and you don’t see those very often…seems the walls have ears and cameras too!

Now keep your wits about you this Friday as Saturn and Neptune oppose one another for the third and final time this go-round…Saturn’s starkly truthful realism vs Neptune’s nebulous and idealistic inspirations…in a word, and with many thanks to Stephen Colbert, ‘truthiness’…so much a part of today’s propaganda and so obviously full of it.

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