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Isn’t It Rich? New Democrat Coalition in Bed w Wall St

When it comes to financial reform in America, derivatives will be in no danger of regulation or oversight if the New Democrat Coalition members in Congress join Republicans to block or vote against legislation on behalf of their Sugar Daddies on Wall Street.

Wonder who gets to fluff their silky pillows on the bedside by the panoramic Pent House window? It’s prime real estate because I think that’s the spot where the remote control nestles, too…and it’s powerful enough to reach from NYC to DC.

Wary of the Ides of March?

Everone has heard the admonition to Beware the Ides of March from ancient Roman days.

And perhaps apt comparisons between the Roman Empire and the current imperialistic American Empire make the Ides of March a date to be cautious of, I suppose. President Obama is on my TV now (C-SPAN) speaking in Cleveland, Ohio about health insurance reform and he’s getting loud applause and cheers from the audience. There’s no assassin in the wings, one assumes, to further tie the American Empire to that of ancient Rome!

Yet character assassination is a typical and constant political tactic gleefully used in America, isn’t it? Tiresome, especially because the American people need focused attention on real issues as never before.

Well, in 44 AD the March 15 assassination of Julius Caesar, who had moved to make himself ‘emperor for life’ (kind of like the deal our SCOTUS Justices enjoy) went forward successfully in spite of the warning which was, apparently, arrogantly disregarded.

Whether President Obama will seek a second term remains to be seen especially considering his remarks on the subject but that’s for future consideration. We do know there are people who hope he won’t even though he’s barely gotten started with term #1.

Even so, do chillax and check out the info on the Ides of March (based on the Roman calendar!) during the current ‘dark of the Moon’ in preparation for the New Moon, exact at 4:00 pm edt this afternoon @ ’26 Pisces’…”A New Moon Divides That Its Influences.”

Here’s Marc Edmund Jones’ interpretation for ’26Pisces': “FINESSE…

positive manifestation: a thoroughgoing capitalization on life’s transitions and an effective development of every emerging potentiality of self;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a completely disruptive vacillation.”

Hmmm…sounds to my ear like the President may be successful with his health insurance reform initiative after all in spite of the Republican Party’s disruptive vacillation.

As to Senator Chris Dodd’s reputed unveiling today of the financial reform bill that he and Senator Bob Corker have been slogging over for months, I’d say that the dark of a New Moon is not a good time to reveal something new. In fact, it’s often a time when sneaky things are afoot yet I hope something is finally done to police the financial industry’s ‘creative’ bookkeeping and bring the greedy titans of Wall Street down to earth with the rest of us.

Sept 2008 crisis: did Bernanke blackmail Congress?

Here is an article arguing that during the financial crisis, the take-over gem that was debuted in 2008, Fedhead Ben Bernanke and his cronies blackmailed the US Congress into TARPing us…as if they needed a boost to cheat the citizenry!

Yet they all have their scripts on Capitol Hill, that’s for certain. ‘Capitol Hill Theater’ as I tend to call it – matinee tickets available; first come, last served, if you’re a mere taxpayer.

So to answer the question this post’s title asks: Yes. He did.

Although my suspicion is that many members of Congress were in on it from the start – Bush helmed the looting for 8 years, after all, and Pres. Obama is continuing the royal deception.

When Clinton was president, his colleagues legislated some of what made it all possible; Obama’s econo-team are much the same perpetrators, as you know.


Now this is only one factor, but off and on since last year, the transiting midpoint of Saturn-Pluto has been sitting atop Mr. Obama’s natal Neptune, the veiling planet of self-deception, deceit, and the masses.

When Saturn and Pluto combine their energies we have: violence, mass murder, making record efforts of the highest possible order (!! the NWO? jc); toughness, fanatical adherence to one’s principles; silent activity, renunciation, scientists, reactionaries, magicians, adepts, and more. (‘The Combination of Stellar Influences.’)

Reinhold Ebertin goes on to give the midpoint picture formed as:

Saturn/Pluto = Neptune: falsehood, lies, fraud; the desire to harm others secretly; immorality; instability; shattered nerves; danger through water, poison, or gas.

Fraud and instability are abundant in the collective now, aren’t it? From Madoff to Washington and back to Wall Street which hasn’t, the president says, learned its lesson since 2008. Well, who’s making them?

If you dare, please read the article linked above for the disgusting details which now herald a late, great America.

Written by Jude Cowell

September 16, 2009 at 3:34 pm

Who wrote the software that blew up Wall Street?

Michael Osinski says he wrote the software that turned mortgages into bonds – and he’s confessing here:


Written by Jude Cowell

April 5, 2009 at 9:49 pm

Bailout 2008 mirrors 1929 – 1931

Having just published a link to an enlightening list of quotes and headlines from 1929 to 1931 and their likeness to words and deeds of the economic crisis of 2008, you may be interested in checking it out if you’re feeling financial today:


The post contains some interesting Astrology notes from July 1931, but is written in English, so not to fret if you don’t speak astrologese.

Or you may skip my post entirely and go directly to the list of  quotes and headlines if you wish:


This list from Great Depression times makes for an interesting script that was followed by government, bankers, and mainstream media, yet with more than a little rehash 2008 going on – it’s sort of a ‘revival of a classic’ now playing at the Wall Street Theater.

So, have we? Have we learned anything?

Double Flyby plus Venus-Jupiter – and add the Crescent Moon

Space Weather News for Nov 28, 2008

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: Space shuttle Endeavour undocked from the International Space Station this morning, and the two spacecraft are now orbiting Earth in tandem. Endeavour is scheduled to land in Florida on Sunday, Nov. 30. Between now and then, many sky watchers (especially those in Europe) will be able to see the shuttle and the space station cutting across the night sky together–a rare and beautiful “double flyby.” Get predictions for your hometown from the Simple Satellite Tracker: http://spaceweather.com/flybys .

SPECTACULAR CONJUNCTION: When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and look southwest. You’ll see something very pretty: Venus and Jupiter beaming together through the twilight. The two closely-spaced planets are about to be joined by the slender crescent Moon for a spectacular three-way conjunction that arguably ranks as the best sky show of 2008. Check http://spaceweather.com for sky maps, photos–and be sure to keep an eye on the sky in the evenings ahead.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  Yet astrologically speaking, Dec 1’s triple conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon 22Cap35 is more complex than a moonlight stroll in a starry meadow.

I’m using ’10:43 am’ because Moon and Venus meet at 22:35, with Jupiter 22:18…Moon has translated her glowing moonbeams from Jupiter to Lady Venus. An enchanted sprinkle? A secret meeting perhaps?

Could be all of the above and then some.

At the White House (locating the chart here specifically and as a stand-in for America) the three often-benefic bodies have just arisen on Dec 1, 2008 at 10:43 am est, thus lying hidden within the Behind-the-Scenes 12th house.

Pluto 00Cap10, a World Point, is ahead of them in the celestial order of this day although all grace the Saturn-ruled sign of the mer-goat, Capricorn. The mystical side of Cap is seldom mentioned here but has been noted elsewhere a time or two.

Sun 9Sag50 (conj Antares, ‘obsessed with success’ – one of the Royal Stars of Persia), Mars 11Sag03 (degree of Pluto-Chiron’s Great Conjunction Dec 30, 1999), and Mercury 13Sag09 (conj US natal ASC, ‘Sibly’) are in 10th house of ‘The World’ (Tarot card 21); Career; Public Status. Midheaven’s degree is 22Sco00, and 00AQ13 rises, the degree of US Inaugural Sun on Jan 20 in DC…and for 2009, Inaugural Mercury Rx, too.

’22’ is the number of Mastery and with Mc 22Sco:00 sextile all three – Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in Cap – a YOD pattern is possible for (anyone having) a planet at 21 – 23 Gemini in the apex position.

Glaringly, this includes America’s natal Mars (energy; action principle; direction), so a few midpoint pictures are formed which we may wish to consider; Reinhold Ebertin shall direct us…

Moon-Mc =  n Mars: devotion to a cause, body and soul; actions based on feelings; industriousness; spirit of endeavor; a man desiring to possess a woman’t soul ( I say, get yer own);

Venus-Mc = n Mars: strong desires; sex;

Jupiter-Mc = n Mars: clarity of purpose or objectives; successful cooperation; engagement; a desire to create one’s own good fortune; abundant creative powers.

Inauguration 2009’s 00AQ+ Sun and Mercury Rx are rising thus linking the triple conjunction to president-elect Barack Obama, with Sun as rep for ‘the leader.’ (And I still don’t know quite what to think of Mercury Rx on Jan 20, 2009!) Plus, 00AQ+ brings Obama’snatal Jupiter to the Ascendant with his late-Capricorn Saturn, planet of authority and control, rising just after Venus-Moon-Jupiter.

Ascendant 00AQ13 has not one, not two, but three planetary combos rising…All involve progressive if quirky rebel Uranus, erratic and electric planet of genius and originality…and you know the Saturn-Uranus opposition is still within orb, here across the 2/8 axis of Resources, and possibly signifying the ‘haves vs have-nots’ stand-off we’re under, but also traditionally linked with Israel, Palestine, and the region of the Middle East); both planets are connected to the scientific, futuristic sign of Aquarius…

Sun-Uranus = Asc: sudden experiences; easily excited persons; new associations.

Mercury-Uranus = Asc: organising ability; prudence or deliberation; circumspection; a sudden contact of thoughts with others (cell phones?); the application of practical principles in the creation of the environment;

Mars-Uranus = Asc: an upsetting event; accident; violence; an excitable  person inclined to commit violence; arrest.

Next is a rather squirrelly picture involving North Node, a joining point showing future direction or ‘the path’ or ‘destiny’…

Neptune-Asc = North Node: suffering from falsehood, fraud or malice through one’s association with disharmonious people (like Wall Street and Fed bandits? or pocket-lining politicians? more “bailouts” of the rich and dishonest?); an accessory to a malicious scheme (ahhh..now that echoes like the buzzing of wasps and hornets infesting Mumbai and elsewhere as they make their explosive point with cruelty – or: the world bank and investor crowd of thieves and crooks who have the money-lender scales tipped their way and Fort Knox wiped clean.)

We know the sociopaths and psychos are on the loose like wolves lying in wait (and proud of it!); meanwhile, a slightly different arm of the syndicate runs the political side of things – but they tend to split into factions – esp the D-Party whose edges are fraying as I type. Doltbrains. Egoism reigns!

Other midptpics with testy, testosterone-pumped Mars, the god of war who likes to blow things up while taking as many down with him as he goes… 

Pluto-Mc = Mars: great striving for the attainment of power; career crisis; the urge to dominate others; the misfortune to be forced into an uncongenial profession or occupation (‘occupation’ – of a country? profession – terroist? creative accountant who knows too much?);

Sun-Mercury = Mars: the will to fight life’s battles; thinking critically; agitated thoughts; excitement, upset, argument, or quarrel.

Midheaven has three planetary combos upon it so we know these duos of combined energies have a place to manifest…the Angular 10th house…

Moon-Saturn = Mc: sense of duty; self-control; feeling lonely or deserted; being ill or sad (don’t know about you but when I’m ill, I’m sad. And sad feelings can make people ill.)

Venus-Saturn = Mc: irritability; inhibitions; reserve; jealousy; separations in relationships; seeking solitude.

Jupiter-Saturn = Mc: fluctuating success; changes; losses; the philosopher; desiring solitude; love of seclusion; loneliness.

Obviously, Venus-Jupiter = Moon: charm, good nature, cordiality, and affection; the bride or mother.

So. As usual with our Lesson-Book-of-the-Universe planet, both good and bad are on our menus.

Last but not least, an Unaspected Pluto is tied into the energies of the chart bwo a midpoint picture (as it relates to Moon-Venus-Jupiter conj over Washington – or everywhere really), so we see the most expanded ego point of the chart (Sun-Jup) pointing to the god of Hades, lord of the Underworld…so distant and unaffected…

Sun-Jupiter = Pluto: acquiring wealth (at whose expense?); expectation of good fortune; pursuing happiness and fortune.

As you know, lone reader, I tend to use Pluto as a rep for the richest of the world’s denizens, those power elitist string-pullers who may be referred to only in hushed tones as…the secret hand. Distant royal cousins? Brethren in a super-secret alliance to ensnare the world’s masses? Both?

Thing is, they too will take as many down with them as they go. Innocents included.

That’s what really keeps me in a snit of miffdom about the propagandisticlly-named ‘WOT’…that, and the fact that the common good of humankind is no more than a joke to them, suitable for after-dinner banter and brandy…

In the library. With a candelabra.


Sunday Night Update: tomorrow, Monday, Dec 1, 2008, the president-elect is to announce his cabinet picks including, one presumes, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. The scheduled time I’m finding for his announcement is ’10:40 am ET’…three minutes into the Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunction! Wha-a-aaa?

Abraham Lincoln on forfeiting confidence

Now this quote from Abraham Lincoln would be a good one to tuck inside a group email and forward to each anti-social miscreant on or from Wall Street, Capitol Hill, the Fed, and to world bank managers and monetary funds all over the globe:

“If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.”

Abraham Lincoln
(1809 -1865) 16th US President

~To view Mr. Lincoln’s natal chart (with transits of his assassination) see Pages column in sidebar.~

Now that I think about it, you know how the last several years much has been said and written about Mr. Bush’s low approval ratings with the American public – and how we rated Congress even lower.

‘They don’t like us – they really really don’t like us,’ perhaps they moaned. ‘They don’t approve of the jobs we’re doing.’

But actually (funny story) – we don’t trust you. We really really don’t trust you. And you have justified our deep distrust several times over in the last year. You, sirs and madames, are not acceptable.

So Congratulations to the nearly-ended Bush administration and Junior. Poppa Bush with his New World Order dreams must be so proud of the job you’ve perpetrated about now.

‘New President’ Eclipse Jan 2009

As you know, a Solar Eclipse will greet our new president barely 6 days into the new adminstration’s term, on Jan 26, 2009, at 6AQ30.

>Update Oct 20: Page with ‘New President Eclipse 1.26.09′ now in sidebar…original post continues here:

At the moment I’m working on an article with chart image concerning this important occurrence, for not many US presidents have a Solar Eclipse (of any description) plopped upon their desks so soon after taking the Oath of Office.

A few minutes ago I managed to post a bit on the Eclipse and on the Sabian Symbols involved especially since 6AQ30 happens to be conjunct America’s natal South Node degree.

Amazing coincidence or sassy synchronicity? Is the universe playing with us? We’ve certainly allowed certain of our worst natures to hold us hostage – with the result that  Washington and Wall Street are persona non grata on many nations’ lists. And we have only Bush-Cheney, the Clintons, a gaggle of other politicians, corporate hogs, bankers, investors, and military syncophants to…credit.

Talk about ‘isolationism’ – their crooked and devious behaviors have put America practically into quarantine! Don’t know about you, but this life long American was raised better than what our governmental and financial systems-gamers have displayed. 

Replacing them is the “change we need.”

Well, look for my Stars Over Washington feed in the sidebar here…the new post should be showing up as “Leaving Iraq + the ‘New President’ Eclipse” any minute now, if all goes well with FeedBurner.

Aries Full Moon 10.14.08

As the Moon tonight grows in light I look at a chart of Tuesday afternoon’s Full Moon over the White House, Hour of Venus 25Sco13 in 9th house, Moon 21Ari51 in 2nd house, and Sun 21Lib51 and an unaspected Mars 7Sco14, in 8th house.

On TV behind me now is PBS’s ‘American Experience’ with Nixon under its microscope and Kent State students lying dead on the ground thanks to Richard M. Nixon. “An embattled Nixon faced the press as anti-war demonstrators continued to flock to Washington.”

Nixon said he agreed with them – get out of Vietnam, all of it…and inside the White House that night paced a sleepless Nixon. Famously, near dawn, he called for a car to take him to the Lincoln Memorial to speak to the demonstrators there.

One student told him, “I hope that you realize that we are willing to die for what we believe in.” Nixon said he hoped they realized that we are trying to build a world where people will not have to die for what they believe in. The usual bomb-to-bring-peace hogwash cynically spewed to keep wars going and the profits rolling in.

Divisions over Cambodia in his own Republican party made it impossible for Nixon to evade the ceaseless protests…that was my flower power generation, I’m proud to say. As you might expect, Nixon blamed problems with the war on his critics for not supporting it – you know – like Bush has done and probably will do in future. “American Experience” indeed.

Same hogwash, different administration, new generation being led to the slaughter by a trail of political lies. But that’s just me and yet I was there in my favorite city that Nixon stank up irretrievably. Deceit, deception, and dishonesty, that was the White House of Richard Nixon.

Anyway, Tuesday’s Full Moon occurs in Washington at 4:02:25 pm edt which is 2 minutes after the closing bell of the NYSE.

After NYSE’s Monday closing of 936 points, it will be interesting to see if the Full Moon, a culmination of things begun at the New Moon two weeks ago, highlights a partnership of some kind (Aries-Libra axis.) Of course Libra indicates values and money, too, but not the large amounts that Wall Street likes to handle, so we’ll see. 

Plus, Libra’s vengeful Venus is just as warring as Aries’ Mars when she wants to be.

Rising in DC at 4:02 pm is 23AQ43 so you know that Neptune 21AQ34 Rx has just risen, as have North Node 16AQ21 and Chiron 16:06 Rx.

Moneybags Jupiter 14Cap36 is in 11th house and in a separating trine with Saturn 16Vir51 – staid Saturn is in 7th house of Partnerships and Legal Affairs.

Pluto, now direct at 28Sag50, is just barely into 10th house, with the 11th cusp at World Point 00Cap26. The flucuating Moon and powerful Pluto are in an applying trine (6A59) from 2nd house to 10th house and Antares (‘obsessed with success’) is at Midheaven and thus elevated over Washington, a town that’s nothing if not obsessed with success.

This puts Aldebaran at Ic: ‘success through integrity’ (if we can find a shred of it left in Washington) –  Ic is the Foundation of the matter, and also The Drain.

Mercury still retrogrades in balance-seeking Libra 7:40 and has joined Saturn in 7th house from 8th.

All that’s left is The Witness, Uranus, a planet which in Astrology describes behavior…19Pisces30 Rx will be next to rise after the Full Moon’s perfection and we may expect the unexpected.

With Saturn as ruler of the chart – and co-ruler Uranus, as I think of it – we know that the old vs new, tradition vs progress, past vs future, status quo vs change, old fella vs whippersnapper themes will still be on everyone’s minds and on the menu. Noel Tyl says that Saturn-Uranus brings a ‘need to fight for gains’ which suggests finances along with Saturn-Uranus’ facility with numbers.

Of course, Uranus wants total freedom, while Saturn restricts and sometimes brings loss; there tends to be a brittle competition between them and neither are above undermining one other, yet if Saturn can open up to Uranian new ideas, and Uranus can respect Saturn’s stable ability to create form – which ideas need in order to become practical – much may be gained on both sides. It really is possible as well as wise to keep the baby while tossing out the bath water!

There are no planets out-of-bounds at the moment, yet as stated: traditionally speaking, Mars is unaspected but feeling at home in his sign of big business and betrayal – intense Scorpio, in 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, etc. What instigator-activist Mars will be up to on his own is anyone’s guess. He may be forced to improvise since everyone else is ‘busy.’

However, Mars here is ruthless and angry because he’s in an obsessive-compulsive *quindecile with the Moon (the People in a national chart, but also Publicity and Public Relations. Will will see more campaign tiffs? Does the pope love ermine? The last presidential debate is Oct 15!)

(So if you count quindeciles as major aspects, Mars is aspected after all – if not, he’s minorly so.)

And with Moon in Aries and politics involved, we may see a bit of the Robespierre Effect, the revolutionary terrorist born with an Aries Moon who liked to say, “I AM the people.” Yeah. Right.

Frustration, aggression, passion, and moodiness are features of Moon QD Mars, strong in Scorpio and in 8th house, Scorpio’s natural abode. Since so much of the news has been taken up with the economy (8th house matters) perhaps we’ll finally see action (Mars) from US financial “experts” who don’t seem to be able to act as quickly as they do in “old” Europe.

The people (Moon) will be angry and frustrated (Mars) for the money administrators and bankers to get their equivocating tushies in gear.

Now the Air-Fire blend of Sun Libra-Moon Aries is a sociable, lively, and restless mix, with independence vs dependence issues galore. This reminds me of the ‘socializing private institutions and debts’ debate, which is rather moot now, isn’t it? This is a diplomatic combination of energies, so perhaps efforts from two weeks ago will yield some useful results this week.

Yet **Sun Lib-Moon Ari may also indicate an awkward stubbornness when one’s limits have been reached, and rash judgments may result. But if the peace-making crusader aspect of this blend can be upheld, we may get somewhere with this feisty yet cool-headed Full Moon.

Now we know that Full Moons always relate to relationships in one way or another, and who can keep one going without compromise? Hence, the ‘Image for Integration’ for Sun Lib-Moon Aries:

“A little girl and a little boy barter while playing on a see-saw. She wants his toy gun; he wants her cream cake. They decide to share.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

Now there’s a successful negotiation for ya!

Let’s hope with the silvery rays of this Full Moon that Washington, Wall Street, and Main Street are able to obtain half so reasonable an outcome.


* quindecile = 165 degrees, details from Ricki Reeves’ “The Quindecile.”

**The Sun Lib-Moon Ari blend is the natal combo of poet e.e. cummings who knowingly said, “A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man.”

Lehman Bros chicks home to roost Oct 10 2008

As ‘George Washington’ and others are saying, Lehman Brothers’ derivatives are at the basis of much of the collapse going on here and abroad:


Earlier this evening I revisited the Solar Eclipse of Sept 11, 2007, the 9 New South Series (18Vir24) and got to thinking how difficult the Series had been for many people individually, and how its effects obviously brought along issues from past years including its initial manifestion on Jan 23, 1917 at 3AQ, the position of Inauguration 2009’s Jupiter.

Here are the dates and degrees of the other manifestations of 9 New South for reference’s sake from its 18.6 year cycle:

July 30, 1935 at 6Leo (conj US natal NN);

Aug 9, 1953 at 17Leo (Venus was at 18Leo on 9/11/01 triggering the Aug 11, 1999 Solar Ecl of Nostradamus);

Aug 20, 1971 at 27Leo (opposite US natal Moon);

Aug 31, 1989 at 8Vir, the position of Saturn on Dec 11, 2007 during the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (28Sag24); Jupiter/Pluto =  ‘the plutocrats’ (Ebertin) who can’t get enough power and wealth under their greedy, over-achieving belts.

The 8Vir connection between 1989 and 2007 gives a possible midpoint picture…see what you think:

Sun/Moon = Saturn: addressing problems; weakened system; inhibitions.

(1989 was the year of the Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Neptune, which began their approximately 36-year cycle for our era.)

Then the 9 New South Series manifested on Sept 11, 2007 as noted, and will next occur Sept 21, 2025 at 29Vir.

9 New South tends to bring to the surface long-term worries about loved ones, health concerns, and/or issues that concern paperwork or communications; responsibilities with paperwork or other forms of communications (stock tickers? accounting practices? oversight duties?) that come home to roost (Lehman’s chicks?), and I believe that Wall Street may have suffered some unfortunate circumstances ever since that have been brought into the open by this Eclipse…not caused by the Eclipse, but by people’s malicious and deceitful actions which can’t stay hidden forever. Peep eye!

Then on Feb 7, 2008 the ‘Unmasking Eclipse’ (10 North) came along at 17AQ45 where transiting Chiron and undermining, confused Neptune have so recently been – and 10N also has links with communications, news, and paperwork, with a tendency for inhibiting or frustrating events to occur.

Next is the Eclipse Series we’re now under, 10 South, from August 1, 2008 – the Series into which John McCain and the NYSE were born. (No! this is not a McCain’s-So-Old-How-Old-Is-He? joke)…one is a veritable institution with pretensions of grandeur, and the other one is the NYSE.

Okay, so it IS a McCain’s-So-Old joke hung upon a framework of late night TV’s Craig Ferguson’s comedy routine…

Speaking of which, did you see the Late Late Show tonight?

My favorites from the newly-minted American citizen: that AIG stands for Ain’t I Greedy…and even better: Craig played soundbites of McCain doing that odd sort of “henhh?” sound he barks juxtaposed with old footage of Burgess Meredith as the Penguin from Batman.

The scary part is that McCain and the Penguin character DO sound exactly alike…very disturbing, and apt to give penguins everywhere a bad rap. But that’s Politics – guilt by association.


Eclipse info: Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’

“And the other is___” lifted from Craig Ferguson’s monologue because I like Craig Ferguson jokeries.

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