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Wedding Day Astrology: Bill & Hillary Clinton

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Update: this post is being re-published as a Page so it will be on the sidebar list of Wedding Day Astrology Reports. Original report begins here:

Have you ever wondered what planetary influences were in the air on the day Bill and Hillary tied the knot and said, I Do?

Since the Moon was in Capricorn all day and evening, we can take a peek at the Sun (male)–Moon (female) details from ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ by Charles & Suzi Harvey with some confidence.

The Sun–Moon duo relates to relationships–esp the husband and wife, and marriage (Ebertin) so these details may be taken as a partial description of their longstanding union.

Sun Lib–Moon Cap may be seen as “the ambitious wife (Cap) and the philandering, shallow (Lib) husband. But that’s because hindsight is near perfect in the matter and their marriage issues have been canon fodder for gossip rags and political pundits for years. Wonder how would your relationship fare when displayed in such a fishbowl?

Some like to call the Clinton marriage ‘only a business arrangement’ but see what you think, and I’m quoting more of the Harveys than usual–only because they give Relationship info which we may find enlightening so I don’t want to leave out anything.

~;~Let’s begin with some general traits of this in-square duo, for Venusian Libra square Saturnian Capricorn indicates regular blockages which entail separation (Venus/Saturn) yet may also bring stability–or at least continuation–to the relationship (also Venus/Saturn.)

Libra is Airy, Capricorn is extremely Earthy and practical…perhaps there’s something to the idea that she drove him to succeed more than he would have without her, for Librans can be quite lazy, you know.

Still, the stable side of Venus/Saturn seems to have been in play and it has been up to Bill and Hill to decide whether to keep the marriage going under whatever terms they choose to honor. So far, so good.

~>”pragmatic; purposeful; orderly; tactful; diplomatic; powerful; controlling; skillful at managing people; persuasive; sophisticated; opportunistic; responsible; shrewd but likable; perfectionist and perhaps snob; the just politician.

Weaknesses: manipulative; cooperative spirit vs blatant self-interest; over-rational approach to relationships and emotional matters; desire to keep all matters of life comletely tidy; an over-sensitive ego which takes offense easily.

Sun Lib-Moon Cap Relationships: with the right person there is extreme devotion; a close relationship is important for a sense of well-being; adoration and respect are important; closeness vs aloneness; ability to adjust, adapt, and survive; love of control with a need to learn that being in a relationship is not the same as running a business.” #

Written by Jude Cowell

July 31, 2010 at 3:27 pm

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