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Are you your Obama’s brother?

Astrology Mundo has a great astro-analysis about the rumor goin’ round about Barack Obama’s brother George living small, they say, in Africa, a circumstance which is being touted by his opponents as if it’s a new negative against the Dem candidate.

The word ‘desperate’ comes to mind, or perhaps it’s the steady drip drip method of political attackery where they hope something will stick by November.

Thing is, Obama identified something like 8 half brothers and sisters in his book and George is one of them.

Well, at least Obama knows who the 8 are. Are you completely certain you know who yours might be?

You’ll find a discussion of Obama’s Solar Return too at:


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  1. It’d be so great to meet you, Monica, but i fret that my B-Club invitation to the annual dance must’ve been lost in the White House email scrubber along with we-the-people’s record of their duplicities…er… communications…

    Just this morning i said, self, it’s past time to update the Page on McCain’s natal chart. But ‘when’ is the Q…

    Marrying well was his first move, and I suppose Pluto’s richest treasures could be said to come from a woman described by his Moon/Pluto opposition.

    That’s a first thought only and totally unencumbered by a re-study of his chart! As far as the # of houses, his wife has stated that even from the White House she will Never Divulge the extent of her fortune. She’ll be in with the in crowd and won’t have to, of course, and she knows it. Why tell now what you can’t be forced to tell later?

    Do you think most Washington politicians or their spouses give an honest accounting of their fortunes at any point in time? Puh! They didn’t invent offshore accounts for nuthin’!

    It would make for a somewhat fairer election process if they reported what industries their portfolios make dough from but that’s not going to happen either.

    And it would be more interesting to find out what corporations provided or helped provide which houses and for how much…i really don’t care how many anyone owns, it’s what they did that sold us out and get the goodies – and what sweetheart deals were made under The Family table – that seems more important, imo.

    So cynical, so Scorpio 3rd house brain! ;p



    August 21, 2008 at 11:31 pm

  2. Here is a link to more info on Obama’s youngest step-sib:
    However, the short article the Washington Post ran on Cindy McCain being an “only child” is also interesting:
    Few of us have come from an ideal family situation, but one should at least acknowledge existing family members.


    e in dc

    August 21, 2008 at 5:46 pm

  3. Jude — Thanks so much. I hope that we’ll be able to meet one day in person, perhaps at the next meeting of the Bilderberg Club! I’m afraid to leave my laptop today lest a vice-presidential candidate is announced while I’m at the grocery store. What do you make of the other political story du jour, that McCain doesn’t know how many houses he has? Can you see that in his natal chart? — Monica



    August 21, 2008 at 3:41 pm

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