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Poll: shall there be perp walks on Wall Street?

The public knows that fraud and abuse of power took place on Wall Street and in banking and insurance boardrooms all over the nation…should perpetrators be held accountable?

Read more on this excellent subject here:


Update Oct 30: so far the ‘bandits in handcuffs’ selection is way ahead! Have you voted yet?

Update Oct 31 9:57 pm edt: perp walks’n’handcuffs winning by far, no contest really…

Update Nov 4 12:03 pm est: Whoaaa! Perp walks it is!

Written by Jude Cowell

October 29, 2008 at 3:03 pm

Ego games between France and Germany

France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and Germany’s Andrea Merkel have opposing views on what to do concerning the world economic crisis.

America’s Jude Cowell thinks it’s all part of a one-world-government script which is the ‘new economic order’ as called for by Bush Sr, Pope John Paul II, and many others through the decades. And they’re implementing it as the ‘only way’ to “Save The World.”

How else will the sheep accept it?

Sarkozy wants government to take over banks and just about anything else that moves and has money, while Merkel says no. So there’s kind of a he said-she said standoff in Europe…or least that’s the script they’re following for best effect:


These are the thespians who should have a writers’ strike – the world could use a break from their dramatic, dire histrionics.

Clock running out for an October Surprise

Republicans are desperate characters!

So what will the American ‘electorate’ (and I use the term loosely believing US presidents are chosen based on other criteria than citizens’ druthers) – what will the loosely-termed American electorate do if faced with NO October Surprise to sway them to the right by playing upon primal fears?


Puts me in mind of storybook reading days with my kids…pardon a smidge of Brer Rabbit but I got the most goosebumps out of reading this bit – misspelling may be off and I’m paraphrasing here:

‘Cos I de wull o’de wust

and YOU de one i’m after

i’m gon skin you jest fer fun

you better run – you better run!

cos i de wull o’de wust

and YOU de one i’m after.’

~:~Skeery, yes?

When Roubini speaks people listen

U.S. Should Enact $400 Billion Stimulus, Roubini Says

By John Brinsley

Roubini, who predicted the current financial crisis in 2006, said the
economy risks falling into “a self-fulfilling animal spirit recession that
is more severe than otherwise” because of the collapse of credit markets and
weak consumer and corporate spending.


“Animal spirit recession”? That sounds like primal fear to me.

Now Stop It! Hoarding is the worst thing to do right now and I know yo Mama told ya that just because a bank’s chairman of the board hoards us off a cliff doesn’t mean you should, too.

Have you seen ‘Palin As President’?

Have fun clicking!


And here’s a tale going round about Palin as a ‘whack job’ picked by a hothead sans vetting…


Rs to use legality to keep Obama from the ballot?

An American Patriot is telling a tale of GOP ballot trickery as expected pre-November 4:


Some varmints are So Predictable, aren’t they? Is this an (or the) October Surprise?

This relates to Obama’s ongoing birth certificate question about which I’ve always thought that he could’ve been born in Hawaii as stated in the current version, but if his Caucasian mother did what I would expect her to do in the early 60s – and considering Muslim traditions and laws – Obama’s Hawaiian-based birth certificate probably said: ‘Muslim’ for his religious affiliation.

Of course ‘Muslim’ is what would have been entered in that category…his father was of the religion with its paternalistic heavy-handedness – and it was the more paternalistic 60s. We were in process of ‘letting go the rule of the father’ but the mindset wasn’t in effect everywhere. And perhaps she hoped to continue their marriage so she wouldn’t have listed something that would provoke him, now would she?

So none of this convinces me that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii – that his birth seems shrouded in veils of mystery  – or, just as likely, in politically created veils of confusion and deceit by opponents who, as An American Patriot points out, have come too far and done too much to give up now.

‘The ends justify the means’ creed covers a multitude of sins and crimes…just not very convincingly.


Alaska’s Senator Ted Stevens has been found guilty on all counts…first in 27 years.

Obama’s speech Canton, OH 10.27.08

If you look under ‘Speeches’ in my sidebar you’ll find a link to Barack Obama’s Closing Argument speech delivered today in Canton, Ohio – full text courtesy of Time’s The Page.

A constitutional lawyer as president? Yeah, I could get used to that, as long the US Constitution is being upheld so that America can be. Isn’t that what a US president’s Oath of Office SAYS he will do?

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