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Paul Krugman weighs in on Citigroup bailout

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman isn’t rallying around the crummy idea for bailing out Citigroup, and other economists are not impressed with the deal either:


So many trillions to heist, so little time!

Bush and Paulson on the steps 11.24.08

This morning I was surprised with an interruption by ABC News breaking in with a Special Report and there on the steps of the Treasury Department building stood George Bush and Hank Paulson making a statement to the press. Bush and Paulson playing together on the Treasury steps!

Well, Bush was speaking and Paulson had his back, one supposes.

The Special Report appeared at 10:37 am est and missed the precise beginning of the statement so I caught Bush in mid-sentence. It was brief all the same, and as I peeked at an Astrology chart for Treasury (thanks, Solar Fire software!) I saw that at 10:30 am est, rising was 18Cap46 – the ’18Cap’ I often bark about as the NWO’s natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction degree of 1993.

I won’t bore you here with its Sabian Symbol in full, except to say that its keyword is POLITICAL POWER and that it relates to keeping order. I’m sure the Bush-Paulson performance this morning hoped to do just that as Bush announced he was rescuing, bailing out, or, as he put it: “safeguarding”  CitiGroup.

He also said defensively with his voice rising that they had made these decisions in the past and would do so again. (So shut up, American taxpayers. You have no say in the matter. And apparently Barack Obama, who was told of this rescue, Bush said, can take it or lump it.)

Anyway, with Sun (leader) 2Sag44 and Mercury (announcements; speeches) 2Sag08, the Sabian Symbol for ‘3Sag’ is informative:

Quoting from Rudhyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala’…’Two Men Playing Chess”…”keynote: The transcendent ritualization of conflict.

Essential to sociocultural living is the transmutation of man’s natural aggressiveness under most conditions of existence. Many rituals, sports, and games have no other basic aim. In chess the complex types of energies which in their togetherness constitute a human person are symbolized by six kinds of pieces (king, queen, bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns.)

The struggle between light and darkness (the Yin and Yang forces) is ritualized, ending in most cases with the checkmating of the king (the ego, the conscious self.) In a dualistic world such a contest between polarized forces is omnipresent.

The chess game trains men to be more objective, more careful, more aware of whole situations – and less impulsive and intent upon side issues.

This Symbol deals with conflict, but at the level of group culture and psychological symbolization. It brings to the objective consciousness the basic realities in interpersonal INTERPLAY.”

Marc Edmund Jones gives this Symbol with the same word picture but explains it as:

“Self confidence and authority which come to man through his refinement of skills and discipline of understanding, and of his capacity for mobilizing every potentiality of self at any point of challenge in events.

Here is emphasis on the individual’s effectiveness and profitable participation in a reality which he has been able to approach and master through the completeness of his perspective. His gift of concentration is his genius of self-fulfillment.

The keyword is: ABILITY…

positive: high sensitiveness to every possibility of accomplishment or broadened self-discovery;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: unsuspected bigotry or foolish exactitude.”

(The ‘unconscious/shadow side’ are my additions.)

Interesting that the Illumination Point – the opposite degree – has for a keyword: LUXURY. Its unconscious/shadow side is: “complete selfishness and a joy in lording it over others.”

On a side note: did you know Bush has pardoned more turkeys while at the White House than he’s pardoned men during his terms? And they’ve been bootleggers! But I suppose there’s still time for Scooter and Alaska’s Ted.

Now I do want to add the effect of the NWO’s Uranus-Neptune degree as it rises with a midpoint picture:

Ura-Nep = ASC: wearing anxieties on one’s sleeve; a person who is easily influenced; instability; hypersensitivity; depression.

Depression? Well, we do hear a lot now about a “crisis in confidence” which is a large part of America’s economic problems. But they never address fully the fact that our lack of confidence is due in large part to a criminality of leadership – in Washington, on Wall Street, in corporations, and in commercial and investment banks and insurance companies the world over.

And you know the crooked fatcats and their enablers won’t be stepping down any time soon – in spite of any hastily called press statements of ‘rescue on the way’ from the steps of the US Treasury.

So there he was this morning – George W. Bush, near the end of a long eight-year presidency, presiding over the Treasury steps with a ‘Master of the Universe’ as his sidekick, more lies on his lips, and the surplus his presidency began with only a distant memory.


George Washington has a few other ideas about what the government could do for CitiBank/Group on his Blog:


What Obama supporters don’t want to know

Western Progressive Opinion:
Bring on the Victims! Condemn the Fighters!

By James Petras

What has escaped public notice is the almost complete disappearance of the
peace movement and its absorption into the pro-war Democratic Party
electoral machine of President-Elect Barack Obama. Likewise, the vast
majority of US ‘progressive’ opinion-makers embraced, with occasional mild
reservations, the Obama candidacy and, in effect, became part of the ‘broad
coalition’ joining hands with billionaire Zionist zealots and Wall Street
financial swindlers.


Well, my reservations haven’t been ‘mild’…about Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden’s Zionist links, or others on Obama’s team whose names are confirmed or mere rumors. As a mother (and in my pre-mothering days) I continue to be pro-peace.

But tomorrow, Monday, Nov 24, 2008, at 11:00 am CST in Chicago, the president-elect is scheduled to announce his economic team.

Rising at 11:00 am will be 00AQ00, so Obama’s natal Jupiter 00AQ52, planet of expansion, will rise as he begins (if at 11:00 am or shortly thereafter); his natal Saturn 25Cap20 Rx will have arisen a few minutes prior to 11:00 am.

Transiting Jupiter is in the mysterious 12th house at a critical degree – 20Cap56.  Jupiter will conjunct BHO’s natal Saturn just after mid-December, ’08…

Saturn to Jupiter = economic growth and general prosperity are restricted (okay – we don’t need Astrology to tell us this); attitudes and thinking on economic matters become more serious; philanthropy is on the menu; knowledge and experience are shared with others; reality must be appreciated properly; returns on efforts may be slow but steady.

As you know, Barack Obama has a Jupiter Return coming in January…Jan 9, if memory serves (using his 7:24 pm chart.) One supposes that a Jupiter Return (a 12-year Reward Cycle) describes taking the Oath of Office as US president and the perks that will surely follow.

Now the Moon (the people or the public) is at a critical 29th degree…29Lib32 in 9th house at 11:00 am. Soon the Moon reaches 00Sco00 then, 1 Scorpio, the NWO’s natal Sun degree (1Sco19, Oct 24, 1993.)

Sun (the leader) and Mercury (announcements; the orator) are conjunct – ‘cazimi’ which strengthens the Sun at 2Sag47 with Mercury 2Sag14, both in 10th house, along with Mars 6Sag00. Mercury isn’t, however, strong in Sagittarius, but being cazimi the Sun should be an aid. (Perhaps he’s being somehow forced to make these anouncements before he’s ready. And Sun and Mercury Rx will be cazimi on Jan 20, 2009 -conjunct this Ascendant and Oabma’s natal Jupiter. Tomorrow’s Mercury is not retrograde.)

Obama will be making his point strongly and possibly overstating his case. Even so, the Monday markets should be overjoyed to hear a definite list of names for his administration especially since they reacted well on Friday to Tim Geithner’s name for Treasury Secretary.

BHO’s natal Mercury 2Leo20 is setting being in opposition to natal Jupiter, so basically his Mercury/Jupiter opposition will be an integral part of his announcement which (imho) may have been chosen astrologically (natal Jupiter rising!) That’s called ‘Election Astrology’ but not a political kind of election…a choice kind. (See Pages column in sidebar for ‘Using the Moon in Electional Astorlogy.’)

Funny thing about natal Mercury/Jupiter oppositions – they are not supposed to belong to good listeners – and don’t – unless counter-balanced by weightier placements. It may have a tendency to gain fragments of knowledge when more info is needed. Having a serious Saturn in his own sign of Capricorn is a great help to him and comes near providing him with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, out-of-sign, but obviously a counter-balance.

Mercury-Jupiter does, however, describe someone who needs (and as we know, he asks) for counsel, a trait I personally appreciate in a president. And as always, this contact expands (Jup) the mind and the speaking ability (Mercury.)

But hey! if the Bilderbergers are on Obama’s team, along with world bankers and other global elites, he’ll be expected to make decisions based on flimsy evidence – and be led in the process by the puppetmasters themselves.

Now I’m the same way about an Obama presidency as I was about the first George Bush term – that NO ONE could have wanted Bush to be good for America any more than I did – because America is my only nag in the race, and because my overriding concern is for the common good. An old-fashioned term, I know, but there it is.

Well, there’s more to say about Monday’s announcement chart, but the ’24’ premiere just came on TV so I’ll catch up in the morning if there’s more to add, and typos will be repaired, too!

Written by Jude Cowell

November 24, 2008 at 1:03 am

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