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Can Bush pardon himself?

Will the Obama administration pardon George W. Bush and his partners in crime with a ‘blanket pardon’?

My lands!! It will have to be a gi-huge blanket.

Since Ford pardoned Nixon it’s seemed to me that the new prez pardons the old so when the new is the old, he may expect the same treatment.

Things are not so simple, however, and the article linked below details the arguments that are on the rise as to whether Obama will pardon the outlaw with a blanket (which won’t fool anyone), or whether Bush can pardon himself and what sort of precedence this would set.

As usual with Bush, it would be a negative one, with no incentive for abiding by the law (although he apparently had no incentive in the first place…remember how Dubya promised to bring “integrity” back to the White House? How he and his minions must chuckle over that one now. Integrity!)

Yes, when you inhabit the White Lodge…er, House, there’s a serious need for whole lot of pardoning so it will surprise me if the Obama administration holds Bush accountable for his many crimes against humanity, the US Constitution, our used-to-be Bill of Rights, or for his emptying of the US Treasury. And that’s not mentioning torture and pre-emptive war.

It’s not a question of ‘vengenace’ as Obama has intimated, it’s a question of law. By refusing to hold Bush accountable, is Obama lowering our expectations as he prepares to do similar things that Bush did against us?

It seems the Nixon model, “it isn’t illegal if the president does it” is alive and flourishing in Washington, but you’d think the new film ‘Frost-Nixon’  would point out the hubris of the kingly attitude well enough for anyone to marvel if Bush-Cheney receive a Get Out Of Jail Free card from the Obama administration.

For eight years Bush, Cheney, and their attorneys ran riot over US laws and freedoms…can Barack Obama believe it’s in the American people’s best interest to let the bandits go scott-free?

Or has a deal been made which only presidents can understand and appreciate?


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  1. Hey thanks, p!

    I returned an hour ago to find the video of Olbermann on Bush’s legacy but haven’t had time to check it out…now i can later with ease, thanks to you leaving its link…

    …right now I’m writing up a small post because i just found the 1958 interview with Aldous Huxley on YouTube where he predicts the future of America too accurately for comfort.




    December 10, 2008 at 11:02 pm

  2. Keith Olbermann’s recent take on Bush’s true legacy should be archived as a historical point of reference just in case there is a concerted effort to change history


    p roberts

    December 10, 2008 at 9:47 pm

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