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Homeowners may find mercy from MERS

A big bank invention of the early 1990s meant to make property titles easier while getting around local titling fees, MERS may be of help to some troubled homeowners by making it the pittard upon which to hoist a few mortgage institutions!

The MERS dilemma sounds like a mighty big mess to me but if making use of it keeps families in their homes rather than putting them out on the streets, let’s have a huge helping of MERS for America’s sake and for the common good.

US Moon Return tonight 10.27.09

Tonight at 10:05:47 pm edt over the White House, the US natal Moon returns to her natal degree: 27AQ10 in the Sibly chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia.)

Our freedom-loving Aquarian Moon will be posited in the transiting 9th house where we may gain new understanding in religious, philosophical, educational, or foreign fields. Some of us may realize a need – or a renewed need – for moral and spiritual values during the month as this Lunar Return chart is in effect. A caution is to not let emotions (Moon) limit the depth of our spiritual understanding or cause prejudices from past emotional biases to interfere with our evolutionary progress.

(Return charts are good until the planet or luminary in question ‘returns’ to its position once again – a Moon cycle is approximately 28 1/2 days, as you know. Our next Moon Return is Nov 24 with Moon in 4th house in DC; Sibly.)

Ascending tonight is the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer indicating domestic and security matters on the front-burner, along with nurturance issues such as diet and health care (the astrological Moon links to the physical body, the unconscious and the mind-body connection, and to childhood and the past.)

Neptune @ 23AQ42 Rx is in 9th house as well, indicating that someone will be traveling over water. Is this you? Not me!

The Neptune-to-natal-Moon transit is giving the populace a sense of rootlessness, though if you prefer the Sibly chart I use here, it won’t be exact until Neptune’s 3 conjunctions to US Moon in 2010 into 2011, on or about:

1. March 13, 2010
2. August 25, 2010
3. Jan 14, 2011 — that’s if you use the Sibly Moon. Other versions of America’s natal chart have Moons in earlier degrees so we could say we’re feeling the rootlessness already – especially with housing foreclosures, homelessness including living under bridges, etc.

This use of events for timing a chart may be a reasonable justification for using other natal charts for the US such as the Franklin chart (2:21 am LMT) with Moon @ 18AQ14, a degree currently being triggered by transiting Jupiter 17AQ30/32, a contact that may be somewhat responsible for the recent and current uptick in prices in the real estate market. Yet Jupiter conjuncts Neptune again in December so the bubbly speculative feelings are still there – or forming anew considering the news reports on the housing market that I’m hearing lately.

Tonight the chart-ruler Moon makes two lovely applying aspects in the Sibly Moon Return chart but with one clunker in the midst:

1. trine Mercury 29Libra26 (2A16), 5th house; 29 is a critical or crisis degree as is Saturn 29Vir49 in 4th house (domestic scene; real estate.)
2. inconjunct Saturn (2A39)
3. trine Sun 4Sco48 in 5th house (7A38.)

If we divide the ‘month’ of this Return chart according to the Moon’s applying aspects – to see how things proceed – we get a week+ of continued meetings and speeches concerning health reform and its money issues, both at critical points.

Then coming to the fore is a sense of being exploited by authorities (Saturn inconj Moon) bwo of intimidation and guilt, when those in charge (Saturn) will put their needs (Moon) first. Typical, I agree.

Yet obviously adjustments (inconj) must be made as limits in obligations are defined and Saturn’s delaying tactics are more fully revealed to the people (Moon.) The inconj between these two may indicate a worsening of H1N1 cases as well, possibly peaking during the first half of November, but hopefully their occurrence will lessen soon after unless another factor enters the picture.

Then, about one week or so prior to Nov 24, we begin to enjoy the Sun/Moon trine (symbolically speaking based on this Moon Return chart for the month.)

Sun trine Moon is lovely! If you have this aspect in your natal chart, fortunate you, for there is balance between the conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) which gives ease in relationships and harmony with authority. A caution would be a tendency toward apathy which the American people should avoid on these fatiguing yet critical issues.

For we remember that sometimes Capitol Hillers drag things out on purpose because they know it doesn’t take much to distract us and they can legislate what and how they want – and our needs and pocketbooks be da*med!

Written by Jude Cowell

October 28, 2009 at 12:28 am

Paulson turns gaze to US housing market

Yes, Treasury secretary and bailout czar, Hank Paulson, has turned his raptor’s gaze toward a new plan for bolstering the US housing market – but his plan is subject to “change.”

Paulson, now in China talking to the largest US creditor, the Chinese government, is showing more straw-clutching ability than anyone ever knew he had, and China is anxious over his ever-morphing plans and schemes which are reportedly geared toward helping the US and thus the world economy.



If you haven’t, you may wish to check out a previous post on Hank Paulson’s natal chart here:


America’s Mother Complex squalls again

With America’s natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in the nuturing sign of Cancer, it’s understandable that we as a people would be a little on the obsessed side when it comes to Mama and her babies. Sun-Venus together gives self-satisfaction while Jupiter greatly expands what he touches – and Cancer loves home, family, and roots.

The recent bruhaha over Massachusetts’ Gloucester pregnancy ‘pact’ is an example of how our Mother Complex can take over the airwaves and run away with the day as it feeds (Cancer) into our neuroses and weaknesses.

Such is this week’s Sara Palin story especially when added to LAST week’s suspicions about her infant son’s parentage. Now it’s true that my last post of a few mintues ago says, Leave the babies alone!

Yet if America could honestly hold its mothering obsessions up to the light, perhaps things could become more realistic AND compassionate simultaneously as we faced our deepest fears and honored our most basic needs without the interference and manipulations of Politics. 

Family life would certainly benefit, that’s for certain, and now we see current Cancerian issues playing out in homelessness (foreclosures, vets on the streets, etc) and the migration of almost 2 million people from the Gulf States.  

There’s a more veiled expression of our Mother Complex, of course, and that’s the abortion issue –  perhaps that’s part of why we try so hard to hide it from our consciousness (the astrological Moon rules the Unconscious…Mama Mia!)

Perhaps America’s Mother Issues will never improve much, but you can learn more about them in an excellent article by Monica at Astrology Mundo and I urge you to click and read before your freshly-baked American Apple Pie grows cold! 



Don’t be scared, little baby, but here’s a link to two of my favorite drawings of the Moon Art variety, ‘Night in Celadon Forest’ and “Moonrise at the Crossroads’:



Art can be very nurturing, you know!

McCain birthday 2005

Here you’ll find a link to a YouTube video of stills from John McCain and George Bush happily sharing McCain birthday cake on Aug 29, 2005 while Neptune washed New Orleans’ Saturnian levees away and Katrina victims drowned:

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2008/08/mccains-hard-hearted-cake-gone-stale.html#links along with my grumps on the subject of a McCain White House tenure.

This is a priceless montage of what a future McCain White House will be reminding us of if the neocons get their Beltway again in November.

John McCain. Common gooder he ain’t.

Ron Paul vs Bob Barr on Fannie-Freddie question

Austin Cassidy’s Independent Political Report has this:


That Ron Paul believes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be allowed to fail seems a predictable stance from this former candidate but I want to find out more of what Dr. Paul thinks would result from the crash and how it would affect all the mortgages and families involved.

Perhaps the newly created homeless from such a failure can move in with the Paul family…?

My innate mistrust of the Fed says that their “help” with Fannie/Freddie is more a power play for their own purposes especially considering that they and other financial ‘experts’ had to have known that the subprime meltdown with its homelessness would result from squirrelly lending practices which Wall Street pretended were such a good (short-term) idea.

That these financial mavens have played fast and loose with the common man’s home, livelihood, and credit rating these last BUSH and CLINTON years amounts to fraud, imho. But I was raised by a father born in 1908, a man who never cheated another person out of a penny in his entire life. No fancy degrees for him from Harvard or Yale, just honesty and integrity.

My dad could’ve taught these whippersnappers a thing or two about how to treat their fellow men but somehow these varmints (and their political enablers) insist that they’re morally above the common man. Yet many of us know just how wrong they are as they wallow in their hubris – hubris which invites and assures the divine retribution of nemesis to one’s doorstep.

Listen and you can hear a future George Bush with boots kicked back on the porch of the Bush Family compound in Paraguay as he chortles over his ill-gotten gains and all the wool he pulled over the eyes of the common man.

The upcoming US Secondary Progressed Full Moon in December indicates going as far as we can go and pull back must be the result. The Republican Party had the same progressed lunation pre-November elections 2006 and we hear in the news about the GOP’s need to rebuild and improve their image if they hope to shine brightly again.

That the R Party is waning is no loss in my political book, but the waning of America – and with the US Mars now Rx by progression for the next 80 years (which supports the ‘gone as far’ factor and a stressed out, over-used military) – is  a different situation altogether.

No, Third World status isn’t the worst thing in life if materialism can take a more honest position within the national psyche…down there with the power elite’s true condition before their Maker – no better than anyone else and culpable for much larger crimes than the common man could ever imagine, let alone willingly perpetrate.

Okay, I’ll hush my populisms for now. It IS Frisky Friday after all!

~see my Page-in-progress on the US Progressed Full Moon in Virgo:


Wondering what FDR would do?

Decades ago a lawsuit was brought against the Fed by Louis McFadden and the case may still be pending! Or perhaps it ought to be. Read more here:


And here’s a quote from FDR from his second inaugural address of Jan 20, 1937:

“I see one third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, and ill-nourished. The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” –Pres. F. D. Roosevelt

He’s seeing what i’m seeing! But can you imagine a GOPer with that kind of social conscience? Or an elist snob of any stripe or spot?

Now you know that Compassionate Conservatism can’t and won’t allow a “welfare state” such as Christ teaches in the Bible, charity being a dirty word to make ‘brother’s keeper’ merely a quaint anachronism to be dispensed with in today’s ‘modern’ world.

“30s to 08″…

New Deal are you for real?

just tell old Rosie how you feel

tummy dry? don’t you cry

Bush and Cheney standing by.

4.3.08 jc

Bwa-ha-ha!!! it’s Souplines Across America! (insert black cape of usury.)

Let’s see…on Bush’s Watch America is experiencing:

9/11 attacks engineered by his family’s associates, failure and loss, overextension, misdirected war efforts, fraud, violence and revenge, and I’m sure you can think of things to add to this list.

And you know I’m inclined to take Cheney at his word: things are going very successfully–for the rich.

So what are the odds that Cheney is one of the bettors who caused the subprime housing foreclosure/credit squeeze/market’n’dollar meltdown we enjoy today?

Toxic investments made with no regulation or oversight–brought to us by Congress, world bankers, the Fed, Wall St, and White House wheeler-dealers…scams now known as Credit Default Swaps. And the odds are in Dead-Eye’s favor that he’s one of the gambling bandits behind the mask and raking it in.

Breedy gasdards.

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