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Obama’s budget inflates the baseline

Of President Obama’s newly presented budget, John Dickerson at Slate Magazine says we’ve seen this sort of budgetary flim flam before:


The president’s staid, conservative, rule-maker Saturn in his own sign of Capricorn (papa!) isn’t going to venture too far outside the lines even with moneybags Jupiter, happy in freedom-loving, egalitarian Aquarius, nearby and encouraging, “Anything is possible!”

But this demonstrates how life so often is: nothing is all good, and little is all bad…it’s the balance in between that puts ideals into form, and lifts our restrictive realities into higher realms, though made riskier when you’re tiptoeing on a highwire that’s being buffeted by heady winds of change.

Or by braying radio gasbags and other opponents who want you to fail. And for them, any misstep will do as political fodder.

Tiresome. Very tiresome.

How to blame Robert Rubin for the economic crisis

Well, if you think Rubin hasn’t been blamed enough, here’s Timothy Noah’s article on one of the many architects of the financial mess we’re stewing in:


And do remember to check out The August Review’s excellent and ongoing work on the financial crisis, the Trilateral Commission, and certain highhanded financial and political agendas:


Bush Bushisms the Great Depression

Bushisms! Everyone loves or is horrified by them. Does he mangle the English language on purpose? Who knows?

There have been times during the last eight years that I thought it was a useful diversionary tactic for a free-press-hatin’ propaganda-catapulter.

Be that as it may, you might wish to read this Bushism about the US economy and Great Depression, then follow a link to a video of the mangler spouting off in his own words:


Written by Jude Cowell

December 31, 2008 at 10:16 pm

Geithner Hero of the World?

Don’t even try!

Because you don’t want to miss Daniel Gross’ article, ‘Secretary of Saving the World’ concerning Tim Geithner’s daunting tasks within Barack Obama’s administration and our Bush-Cheney-torpedoed economy and with shredded social fabric in tatters:


If the American people have EVER had a right to file a grievance motion against an anti-social administration which has acted against the common good every chance they got, the Bush-Cheney gang o’gangsters would be that justification.

(Or gangstas, if you prefer.)

Eric Holder has a mess awaiting at Justice Dept


Over at Slate Magazine, Dahlia Lithwick has written an informative article on the mess being left behind at ‘our’ Justice Department by Attys General Michael Mukasey and his predecessor, Alberto Gonzales, a Bush compadre I have often referred to as a ‘weasel’ in previous posts…not that others haven’t, too, but I confess to being snugged deeply among them, primarily at my other blog, Stars Over Washington.

At one point, when forgetful Gonzo was mooning Congress with his ‘testimony’ about the politicizing of the DOJ, it seemed likely that the blog’s title would morph into Weasels Over Washington, but with Alberto’s resignation (given none too soon) I just barely avoided the change in time to save SO’W from its crooked-politician fate.

The only upside would’ve been being able to abbreviate its title to WO’W, and since I haven’t had pork in my diet for over 30 years, pehaps a WO’W would’ve been nicer than SO’W – especially with all the political weasels and other vermin infesting DC (my favorite city) these days.

More Disclosure: I have also been known to refer to Al Gonzales as ‘Gonzo.’ I just thought you should know, but don’t let knowing my Gonzo secrets keep you from reading Ms. Lithwick’s excellent article on what Holder – or whoever – is facing come January 20, 2009:


And as far as speculations going around about Eric Holder’s suitability as US Attorney General, I’m in my usual wait-and-see-what-they do-not-say mode until the new administration gets officially underway and the piper begins to play what may yet turn out to be much too similar a tune.


Image: the drawing above is a detail from ‘Dahlia’ by jude cowell 2008.

You may find a full view of ‘Dahlia’ and other examples of Chiffonery Art (for the 17+ers among us) at:


if you wish. So does my ‘Dahlia’ favor Dahlia Lithwick in the least? I doubt it but I can’t be certain!

Books on President Andrew Jackson, Freemason

How many times have I almost published the natal chart of President Andrew Jackson? He’s a fascinating specimen of Americana and still controversial after all these years.

He fought for the common man – unless you were a Cherokee. (Full disclosure: this blogger has what we call ‘Cherokee’ on both sides of the family although you’d think I was only Caucasion to look at me.)

He was anti-big-bank at a time when it wasn’t cool. An orphan and a fighter till the end, President Jackson makes an intriguing subject for the new bios about him, one by Jon Meacham who appeared yesterday on Meet The Press, ostensibly to tout his book, ‘American Lion.’

On MTP Meacham also said about Barack Obama that “The country is prepared to hear some eloquence.” And Doris Kearnes Goodwin added a Lincoln quote (I love it when she does that): “With popular sentiment nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.”

To my ears, this gives new insight into one of the reasons for Bush-Cheney to cherry pick Iraq intell…they needed popular sentiment – or the illusion of – as set up by the attacks of 9/11…at least long enough to invade Iraq and stir up the Middle East, changing the oil black market of Saddam Hussein and taking control (as they thought) of the region as a springboard for their next ‘conquest.’

So here’s an article on Jackson and the books written about him. Perhaps this will inspire me to publish Jackson’s natal chart when I get a chance (which is not this morning!):


Clock running out for an October Surprise

Republicans are desperate characters!

So what will the American ‘electorate’ (and I use the term loosely believing US presidents are chosen based on other criteria than citizens’ druthers) – what will the loosely-termed American electorate do if faced with NO October Surprise to sway them to the right by playing upon primal fears?


Puts me in mind of storybook reading days with my kids…pardon a smidge of Brer Rabbit but I got the most goosebumps out of reading this bit – misspelling may be off and I’m paraphrasing here:

‘Cos I de wull o’de wust

and YOU de one i’m after

i’m gon skin you jest fer fun

you better run – you better run!

cos i de wull o’de wust

and YOU de one i’m after.’

~:~Skeery, yes?

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